Frequently Asked Questions

Government and international affairs majors and minors study a variety of domestic and international topics. These topics include seminars on the American Presidency, classes on Middle Eastern foreign policy and political theory seminars about great leaders like Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill. You will begin your studies with two foundational courses – Foundations of American Politics and Foundations of World Politics. Following satisfactory completion of these two courses, you are ready to dive into exciting course offerings uniquely designed by our expert faculty to exemplify the liberal arts education. 

Many government majors decide to deepen their study and select one of two optional concentrations – American Politics or Political Theory. By choosing to further your study with an optional concentration, you will be able to combine theoretical framework learned in the classroom with practical, real-world experience. International Affairs majors can also further their study with opportunities abroad or in specialized programs at Wofford. 

Whichever path you choose, a Wofford government or international affairs degree will equip you with the writing, speaking and critical-thinking skills necessary to succeed in graduate school, public service or any other career path.