English Department Upper-level Course Projections

This table lists the upper-level courses in literature, creative writing, film and digital media, and communications that the English Department will be offering over a three-year span. While some courses may change, the department tries to ensure that at least one course from each category (A-F) is available each semester. Updated: September 2019.

Fall 2021
301 British Medieval Literature (Grinnell) A
304 Spenser, Milton, and the Renaissance Epic (Sweitzer) A
343 History and Varieties of English (Ware) E
371 Short Story Workshop (Kocher) F
373 Poetry Workshop (Whitfill) F
379 Screenwriting Workshop (Sexeny) F
388 Public Speaking (Smith-Tyus) F
413 Early English Novel (Chalmers) B
414 The Later English Novel (Hitchmough) B
421 Early American Popular Novels (Voeller) C
437 South African Literature after Apartheid (Rostan) D
480A The New Black South (Harper) C
480B Topics in World Cinema (Kunapulli) D
Spring 2022
310 Arthurian Literature, 500-1800 CE (Grinnell) A
322 American Literature Post Civil War (Voeller) C
327 Contemporary American Poetry (Whitfill) C
330 Black Arts Movement (Neighbors) C
337 Later European Masterpieces (Hitchmough) D
335 Picaresque Naratives (Ware) D
339 Race, Gender, Empire (Rostan) D
341 Literary Theory (Chalmers) E
376 Playwriting Workshop (Ferguson) F
387 Business and Professional Writing (Wilson) F
388 Public Speaking (Smith-Tyus) F
438 Greek & Roman Drama (Ferguson) D
445 Sexuality in Film (Sexeny) E
479 Advanced Screenwriting Workshop (Sexeny) F
480A The South According to Toni (Harper) C
481A Star Studies: An Overview (Kunapulli) D
ENVS 327 Major Themes in Environmental Literature: Writing for Social Justice (Brorby) F
Fall 2022
307 English Renaissance Poetry (Sweitzer) A
412 18th-Century Prose and Poetry (Chalmers) B
415 The Modern Novel (Wilson) B
320 African-American Literature (Neighbors) C
428 Slave Narratives as Resistance (Voeller) C
340 African Literature (Rostan) D
342 English Grammar and Usage (Ware) E
345 Literature & Gender Theory (Hitchmough) E
350 Digital Media Theory (Hall) E
480 Black Feminism (Harper) E
371 Short Story Workshop F
373 Poetry Workshop (Kocher) F
377 Digital Filmmaking (Sexeny) F
388 Public Speaking (Smith-Tyus) F
Spring 2023
302 Chaucer (Grinnell) A
305 Shakespeare’s Comedies and Histories (Sweitzer) A
312 The Victorian Period (Hitchmough) B
316 Contemporary British Literature (Chalmers) B
321 American Literature before the Civil War (Voeller) C
388 Public Speaking F
411 Restoration and 18th-Century Drama (Ware) B
427 Queer Black Literature (Neighbors) C
433 Modern Drama (Wilson) D
436 Literature and Human Rights (Rostan) D
446 Screen Surveillance: Film, Television, and Social Media (Sexeny) E
447 Digital Literature (Hall) E
471 Advanced Short Story Workshop F
473 Advanced Poetry Workshop (Whitfill) F
477 Advanced Digital Filmmaking (Sexeny) F

* NOTE: At discretion of instructor