Wofford in Milan Withdrawal Policy

Participants[1] intending to withdraw from Wofford in Milan must submit a notice of their withdrawal via email to the Office of International Programs at internationalprograms@wofford.edu. The effective date of the withdrawal will be based upon the Office of International Programs’ acknowledged receipt of the email. The Office of International Programs is open 8:30 am – 5:00 pm on Monday through Friday, except for observed holidays.

In the case of a participant’s voluntary withdrawal from Wofford in Milan prior to departure, the following policy applies to payments made by a participant:

The following actions may result in administrative withdrawal from the program. In cases of administrative withdrawal, participants will be responsible for a percentage of the program fee in accordance with the below schedule: 
  • Failure to pay the program fee[2] by the deadline indicated by the Business Office[3] 
  • Failure to complete required program confirmation materials by the deadlines indicated by the Office of International Programs and IES Abroad
Participants withdrawing from Wofford in Milan will be responsible for program fees in accordance with the below schedule:


Date of Withdrawal

Student Responsibility

November 13-24, 2023

10% of the total program fee

November 25-December 13, 2023

25% of the total program fee 

December 14, 2023-January 3, 2024

50% of the total program fee

January 4, 2024, or later

100% of the total program fee

Wofford College reserves the right to cancel or modify study abroad programs, including Wofford in Milan, if, solely in their best judgment, College officials conclude that unforeseen and/or immediate circumstances (including, but not limited to, natural disasters, political turmoil, global pandemic, or indisposition of sponsor) pose a risk to students, staff, or the integrity of the program. In such a case, the College will refund any monies not already disbursed or otherwise required to be paid. The timing of any such decision will be solely at the discretion of the College and will supersede the above withdrawal schedule. Participants are responsible for sharing information about the Wofford in Milan program (including billing information, program policies, material requirements, signature agreements, etc.), as needed, with any party(ies) financially responsible for their participation in the program.

I have read and understand the above. I acknowledge it is my responsibility to share this information with those financially responsible for my participation in the program.

 A participant is a student who has been approved for admission to a program by the Office of International Programs and Dean of Students (if applicable) after completing and submitting the requisite program application.
[2] See wofford.edu/milan and click on the "Costs, Financial Aid, & Terms" tab.
[3] See the Business Office’s Billing & Key Payment dates here.