21st Century Boarding Pass

The Wofford College 21st Century Boarding Pass provides scholarships for intensive language study during the Interim term. Students who are enrolled full-time and are engaged in language study at the 200 level and who apply for JAN 440: Language & Culture through Study Abroad are eligible. Recipients must plan to return to the 202 level of language study immediately following Interim. The funds are designated for students who have completed the 200 or 201 level before the start of the study abroad experience.

Students who have not yet reached this level or who have surpassed it are encouraged to apply for other Wofford Travel Grants.

Applicants must demonstrate the following qualifications:

  • Successful completion of 200 or 201 at the time of study abroad
  • Successful completion of 202 upon return from study abroad
  • High level of motivation and interest in language immersion
  • Be in good standing with the College

Qualified students must complete the online application. This application includes:

  1. An academic statement of purpose
  2. One recommendation from Wofford College professors (to be requested online via the application; recommendation should be from the 200/201 instructor. Note: first-year students applying during their first semester are exempt from this requirement)
  3. 250-word sample of composition skills in the foreign language

Applications will be submitted for review to the Wofford Travel Grant Award Committee. Selection will be based on overall academic qualifications and commitment to improving proficiency in the language. Scholarship funds will be applied as a credit toward the program fees. 

For more information regarding Wofford Travel Grants, please click here.