Hall Opening & Closing

Fall 2022

Saturday, August 27 First-year Move-in Day
Monday, August 29 & Tuesday, August 30 Upperclassmen Move-in Day
Friday, November 18 All halls close at 6 pm for Thanksgiving Break
Sunday, November 27 Halls reopen at noon
Friday, December 16 All halls close at 6 pm for Winter Break

Interim & Spring 2023

Sunday, January 8 Halls open at noon
Sunday, February 5 Move-in for spring arrivals
Friday, March 31 All halls close at 6 pm for Spring
Sunday, April 9 Halls reopen at noon
Friday, May 19 All halls close at 6 pm (graduating seniors may remain)
Sunday, May 21 Seniors depart by 6 pm

Break Housing

Residence halls close for Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring breaks. Residence halls typically close at 6 pm on the Friday before breaks and reopen at noon the day before classes resume. Students who have not request and been approved for break housing are required to vacate their residences between these times.

Residence halls remain open for the Fall Academic Holiday, usually held in October.

Break Housing Requests

Students who require an accommodation due to late departure or early return must complete the break housing request form available through the housing portal by noon on the Wednesday before the break begins. Students who remain on campus without approval may be charged a daily fee.

Campus During Breaks

Students remaining on campus during a break should remember that campus dining options are typically closed throughout breaks. College offices may also be closed or open on special schedules. Students requiring assistance or experiencing emergencies during a break should contact Campus Safety, which is available 24/7, at (864) 597-4911. All students on campus during a break continue to be bound by the rules and policies of Wofford College, failure to abide by these may result in immediate loss of break housing among other sanctions.


Preparing for Move-Out

We encourage students to plan ahead by making a timeline for packing, cleaning, and moving out, and planning for storage needs or travel. Students are asked to pack and remove all belongings and clean their room before departure.

Donation boxes, and dumpsters will be available around campus during the move-out period.

Storage Options

There are no on-campus options for storage. For several years, the Office of Residence Life has partnered with an independent company – Storage Scholars – to provide an option for student storage. Students who choose to partner with Storage Scholars are responsible for all fees/charges.

Check-out Process

Students will be able to obtain a check-out envelope from their RA or the Office of Residence Life located in the Mungo Student Center. In order to check-out, students should complete the form on the envelope, place their key inside it, and return it to the Office of Residence Life or the secure drop-boxes located in the Campus Safety lobby. Students should lock their door before checking out and returning their key.

Students who choose not to complete the check-out process, or who do not follow check-out instructions may be fined. Students who do not return their key following the check-out process will be charged $100 for a replacement key.

Common Charges to Avoid

  • Remaining on-campus without permission: $100 per day + possible conduct sanctions
  • Improper or late check-out: $100
  • Missing key: $100
  • Missing furniture: $100 minimum (final cost dependent on the specific item)
  • Additional cleaning fee: $50 minimum (final cost dependent on condition of the room)
  • Personal furniture removal: $100 per item
  • Wall painting: $50 minimum
  • Room Damages: dependent on the specific damage students should notify their RA or place a maintenance request if their residence hall requires maintenance work. Some facilities work can be done before move-out and students may avoid some damage charges in some cases if maintenance requests are submitted.