Loyal Terrier Society

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What do you think of when someone says “loyal Terrier?” Of course, the college mascot comes to mind, but we also define loyal Terrier as someone who has made a gift to the college for three consecutive years.

Loyal Terriers understand the importance of investing in Wofford’s mission of preparing students for meaningful lives as citizens, leaders and scholars. Loyal Terriers understand the power of collective philanthropy to fund scholarships, inspire innovation, provide programmatic support and so much more.

When you give to Wofford for three consecutive gift years (Jan. 1-Dec. 31), you are counted in the Loyal Terrier Society, which celebrates Wofford's most loyal donors. Loyal Terrier Society members are a community of more than 3,000 like-minded alumni and friends, all committed to ensuring that Wofford students have abundant opportunities to learn, grow and excel in and outside of the classroom.

Whether you are new to the Loyal Terrier Society or have been a part of the Wofford College donor community for years, securing your membership is easy-- simply make a gift using this form!

Make a Gift

Wofford College is grateful for the commitment Loyal Terrier Society participants make each and every year. Recognition of loyal donors includes special gifts upon reaching three years of consecutive giving and every one-year giving milestone thereafter.

2020 Loyal Terrier Society

Chester A. Abee and Gini I. Abee
Stephanie M. Ackerson '15
D. Mark Adams III '64 and Dianne M. Adams
Helen H. Adams
Jenny L. Afkinich '10
Wil M. Alderman '17
Michael O. Allen
Richard E. Allen '71 and Lynne G. Allen
Robert L. Allen '78 and Carmela V. Allen
Michelle W. Anderson '87
Ronald A. Andrews '81 and Toni C. Andrews
Jack Armstrong and Margaret T. Armstrong
Gregory J. Atkins and Lisa J. Atkins
Rhonda B. Atkinson '82
William E. Bagwell and Cathy M. Bagwell
S. Ruth O. Bailey '12 and Vollie C. Bailey
Elizabeth L. Bakker '09 and James F. Bakker
B. Terrell Ball
Daniel J. Ballou
Kenneth J. Banks and Tracey K. Rizzo
Marilyn W. Barmore
Eddie L. Barnes and Judith R. Barnes
Zachary C. Barnes '14
H. Walter Barre and Carol C. Barre
Margaret M. Barrett '96 and Daniel P. Barrett
Elise E. Barrett
Mercedes P. Bartow
John S. Beard and Sarah C. Beard
Robert J. Beckley and Allyson P. Beckley
Elizabeth M. Beecy '18
Philip A. Beene '08
Timothy A. Beeton '70 and Elizabeth R. Beeton
Cornelia R. Bell
Jennifer N. Bell '94 and Lee Bell
Hans D. Bengard '91 and Nicole Bengard
Beth Bernstein
Boyce M. Berry '62 and Patricia W. Berry
Thomas W. Black '92
Chesley C. Bolick '16 and Trex Bolick
Russell W. Booker and Sheryl M. Booker
Martin W. Borden and Elizabeth R. Borden
Jack C. Borders Jr. '84
Scott S. Boswell and Robin A. Boswell
Michael G. Bourean and Lisa M. Bourean
Angus M. Brabham '94 and Heather R. Brabham
Salley S. Bradford
Catherine W. Bradley '16 and John P. Bradley
John F. Bradley and Lynn G. Bradley
Dannye O. Bragdon '67 and Bonnie P. Bragdon
W. Allen Bridgers '01 and Jenna S. Bridgers '01
Michael A. Bridges '90 and Marilyn Bridges
T. Jackson Bright
Travis A. Brightbill '00 and Kristen D. Brightbill
Dawn W. Brinson '81
Thomas N. Brittain '47
Jimmy L. Brock '54
William W. Brothers and Angie S. Brothers
Freddie Brown III
Holly E. Brown '15
Kenneth A. Brown '78 and Jackie P. Brown
Anne H. Bruce
John S. Bryant '91 and Celeste A. Bryant
Carlton E. Bunn '17
J. Weyland Burns Sr. '57 and Margaret W. Burns
Elizabeth B. Burrell
Elizabeth H. Buterbaugh '16
Connor J. Callais '18
J. Robert Calliham '75 and Flo B. Calliham
Emily O. Campbell '00 and David A. Campbell
Elizabeth W. Cantey
Jennifer P. Cantrell
Michael J. Carter '88 and Renida S. Carter
Garrett H. Cash '09 and Katherine L. Cash '06
C. Donald Center
Jack W. Chandler and Catherine W. Chandler
Hilda S. Chapman
James A. Cheek '73
James E. Cheek and Tracy T. Cheek
Beau M. Christ
Andrew B. Coburn
Theron G. Cochran '60 and Velma Cochran
Lauren C. Coker '99
Cecille C. Coleman '93 and Sean J. Coleman
Raiford E. Collins '10
Lindsay E. Cooke '17
S. Kevin Cooley
Michael G. Coonan and Mary S. Coonan
Elliott B. Cooper '04 and Paul A. Cooper
Wiley B. Cooper '64 and Emily L. Cooper
Hayne C. Cope '95 and Marie Cope
Judy A. Copes
George H. Corn '69 and Lynda B. Corn
Henry S. Cornelson '18
Edward B. Cottingham '80 and Lisa M. Cottingham
Gary L. Cottrell and Leslie T. Cottrell
R. Patrick Counts '69 and Lee B. Counts
Frederick G. Cousins and Janet W. Cousins
Stephen M. Cox and Lisa M. Cox
Miles B. Coxe '92 and Regan S. Coxe
Timothy C. Cronister and Debra A. Sampey
Josh P. Crotzer '96 and Amy O. Crotzer
Garrow H. Crowley '80 and Christopher M. Crowley
John E. Cuttino '79 and Sarah R. Cuttino
John P. Dam '16 and Kealey O. Dam '16
Henry M. Davis '15 and Ashlee M. Davis '15
Jill R. Davis and Alric Blake
Jon P. Davis and Gennine B. Davis
Daniel P. Deeter
Christopher N. Dekle '94 and Susan S. Dekle
N. David Demaree '76
Kathleen C. Dempsey '09
Laura E. Depko '09
L. Jerald Derrick and Betty H. Derrick
Eric T. Deutsch '04 and Naomi Deutsch
F. James DeVine '65 and Nancy P. DeVine
Robert Y. Dewar '76 and Sarah S. Dewar
Audrey M. Doman
G. Connor Donohue '18
Matthew P. Dorighi and Sydnee B. Dorighi
W. McNeil Doyle II '12
Hugh H. DuBose '04 and Erin H. DuBose
James J. Dudley and Sloan M. Dudley
Benjamin G. Dunlap '10
Jason S. Dunn
J. Madison Dye Jr. '82 and Lisa W. Dye
James E. Edwards III
Marion B. Edwards '62 and Dianne M. Edwards
Emily A. Eisenstadt '13
W. David Ellis and Susan Ellis
Lydia E. Estes '20
Margaret S. Evans '18
Phylicia E. Fant
J. Brian Farley and Nancy B. Farley
Wesley H. Fay +
James L. Fay Jr.
Bonnie C. Ferguson
Gary C. Ferguson '79 and Patricia Ferguson
L. Wayne Ferguson and Gloria Ferguson
Adrienne H. Fink '09 and Matthew Fink
Austin M. Fitch '09 and Leah G. Fitch '08
J. Read Folline and Lura S. Folline
Iwalani J. Foster '93 and C. Carroll Foster
W. Lang Foster '90 and Gretchen L. Foster
Ronald M. Fowler '71 and Barbara S. Fowler
Jean Cecil Frick '04
Edwin W. Fuller and Carolyn S. Fuller
Steven C. Fulmer '73 and Miriam Fulmer
Mary A. Funderburk
Amber W. Furnas '93 and Chase E. Furnas
Douglas A. Gadd and Nancy B. Gadd
John H. Garrett '03 and Kay T. Garrett '03
James J. Garrity and Jennifer J. Garrity
John C. Gault '09
Jon N. Gault '15
Angela L. Gemmell '89 and Robert M. Gemmell
James O. Gilliam '82 and Rhonda K. Gilliam
B. Shawan Gillians '04
David L. Glontz and Anne E. Glontz
Margaret E. Godowns '13
Wesley Goings and Dolly M. Goings
P. Lane Goolsby '77 and Susanne H. Goolsby
D. Cole Gore '18 and Brenna J. Gore '18
Antoinette Graham
Jessica E. Graham '16
Robert E. Graham Jr. '79 and Susan S. Graham
Robert E. Graham '79 and Susan S. Graham
G. William Gramling '98 and Catherine P. Gramling '99
J. Stanfield Gray
Kristin S. Gray '03 and William J. Gray
Anne T. Greene
Michael C. Greene '07 and Leigh H. Greene
Steven E. Greene '79 and Diane Greene
Scott R. Gregory '90 and Catherine W. Gregory
Zachary A. Grey '08
David R. Groce '90 and Kelley G. Groce
Kristian P. Gusmer '00 and Bethany Y. Gusmer
Richard L. Guthrie
Caroline H. Habib '17
Robert T. Hackl and Jo W. Hackl
Kevin P. Hady '16
Robert L. Hale '80 and Terri L. Hale
Randolph R. Hall '90 and Kimberly M. Hall
Christopher Halligan and Sarah Halligan
James A. Ham '90 and Annie E. Ham
David H. Hames '68
Tanya B. Hamm '89 and Benjamin R. Hamm
James A. Hardison V '13
Laren Harmon and Jinna Harmon
James C. Harper '91 and Katherine R. Harper
James C. Harper Jr.
Anthony R. Harris and Letra M. Harris
Chrys J. Harris '73 and Judy Harris
Daniel K. Harris '08
Caitlin S. Hastings '13
Daryl G. Hawkins '76 and Susanne A. Hawkins '79
Donald R. Hayes '77 and Cynthia B. Hayes
M. Elton Hendricks '57 and Jerry Ann Hendricks
Kathryn S. Hendrix
Fred P. Herren '58 and Lucy F. Herren
Zachary D. Hinton '06 and Sarah G. Hinton '06
Harold L. Hintz and Dorothea S. Hintz
Mary H. Hipp
David T. Hix and Paula M. Hix
Davidson R. Hobson Sr.
James D. Hodge and Laura S. Hodge
Regina N. Hoffman '89 and W. Ryan Hoffman
Alfred E. Hogan and Yvette J. Hogan
Ashley A. Holbrook
I. Rhett Holden Jr. '94
Meghan R. Holland '14
L. Jonathan Holston and Felecia Holston
Matthew W. Houchins '13
R. Carter Houchins and Carlie B. Houchins
Richard A. Howle '56 and Elisabeth D. Howle
Kenneth T. Hubbard and Cynthia M. Hubbard
C. Edward Huggins '65 and Mary E. Huggins
Melanie W. Huggins
Tom Hughes and Debaran Hughes
Justin J. Hunter '10
William T. Hurst '72 and Tommye M. Hurst
Mason A. Huss '16
Richard E. Hussey '83 and Holly B. Hussey
Kevin D. Hutchenson '78 and Christine L. Hutchenson
John Isgett
Jean L. Ivey
Jimmy O. Jacobs '69 and Deborah P. Jacobs
K.J. Jacobs and Marion W. Jacobs
Connor T. Jasso '17
Caleb B. Jennings IV '13
Brooke J. Johnson '06
George C. Johnson
Glen R. Johnson
Suzanne W. Jones '06 and James B. Jones
Donald C. Jones '61 and Patsy F. Jones
Jay Jones and Tamara R. Jones
Madison W. Jones '17
Thomas C. Jones '53 and Sue M. Jones
William G. Jones and Susan S. Jones
Cierra N. Kaiser '17
Danny M. Kaminer '72
David W. Kay '63 and Linda B. Kay
David L. Keisler '68 and Deborah P. Keisler
J. Randy Kelley '76 and Susan R. Kelley
Alexander M. Kelly '16
Harrison E. Kennedy '17
J. Whitner Kennedy '09 and Sarah H. Kennedy '08
T. Stewart Ketchin '98 and Nicole P. Ketchin '99
Katherine A. Ketner '00 and Bo Ketner
James W. Kilbourne Jr. '93
Mary Grace V. Killmer '17
James W. Kimmell '80 and Karol K. Kimmell
Eric Kincaid and Faye B. Kincaid
Kelly A. King '07 and Mason King
Stephanie A. King '02 and James G. King
Ralph A. Kirchenheiter '61 and Andrea G. Kirchenheiter
Robert D. Klomparens '99 and Whitney S. Klomparens
Wilfred B. Knox and Vivian W. Knox
Daniel J. Konrad and Angela W. Konrad
David H. Koysza
David W. Kudravetz and McCrea S. Kudravetz
Brianna J. LaFontant '17
Bridget Laird
Fleetwood T. Lane and Margaret Lane
Paul D. Lee and Jennifer A. Lee
P. Gregory Lee and Cheryl B. Lee
James K. Lehman
Atlee J. Lenes '14
Stefan P. Leonhardt '13
George J. Leventis '73
Dewey E. Lewis '86 and Bonnie L. Lewis
David P. Lewitt '18 and Natalya K. Lewitt '18
Usah Lilavivat and Pusadee L. Suchinda
Kelley Linder
Todd Linder and Shelly Linder
Mary K. Linn '19
Robbie D. Littlejohn '81 and Wanda H. Littlejohn
Luther A. Lockwood and Jane M. Lockwood
R. Barry Lockwood and Katherine G. Lockwood
David M. Lominack
J. Patrick Longest III '17
Dale A. Losey Jr. '64
Amy E. Love
R. Gregory Low and Deborah H. Low
Jennifer H. Lucas '93 and Jean-Baptiste S. Lucas
Michael G. Lufkin and Selina T. Lufkin
Erika W. Lusk '95 and John A. Lusk
Dr. J. Bryan Lyles
Lewis A. Lynch Sr. '61
Natalie G. Lynch '10
Shawn J. Lyons
Edward B. Mabry '77 and Suzan F. Mabry
Stephen B. Macon '80 and Robin B. Macon
S. Nathan Madigan '08 and Kelly D. Madigan
Brenton J. Mahaffey '13
John P. Malsch and Phyllis M. Malsch
Matthew L. Mancini and Alice D. Mancini
Christian I. Marshall
Joan E. Martin
David T. Marvin '17
Peter S. Maurides '83 and Lisa L. Maurides
Charles R. May '84 and Emily K. May
Robert C. McAdams
S. Rodney McCants Jr. '17
William G. McConnell and Heather S. McConnell
Drake H. McCormick '18
Amy W. McCoy '89 and Russell M. McCoy
Ellison F. McCoy and Jeanne W. McCoy
Benjamin W. McCraw '06 and Melia B. McCraw '06
Everett J. McCubrey and Julie W. McCubrey
Everett J. McCubrey '09 and Anna P. McCubrey '09
Robert G. McCurdy '69 +
B. Devan McCurry '15
John C. McDonald and Emily R. McDonald
Brittany N. McDowell and Trey McDowell
Harriet P. McFadden and Frank H. McFadden, Jr.
Michael P. McIntyre and J. Diana McIntyre
Jodie W. McLean and Pierre de Lucy
Cassandra B. McLeod
Scott F. McMahan '95 and Kristie W. McMahan '94
Avery M. McMillen '20
Richard B. Mcneal and Sally McNeal
David E. Mead and Melanie B. Mead
John P. Meadors '83 and Patricia A. Meadors
Keith M. Megginson '88 and Lori Megginson
Barbara B. Merritt
Matthew J. Milburn '16
Lauren C. Miller '18
Owen R. Minter and Lucy C. Minter
M. Jordan Moeller and Daniel Moeller
John D. Montgomery and Belton W. Montgomery
David M. Moore '13 and Sari I. Moore '15
E. Timothy Moore '68 and Scottie T. Moore
Beverly A. Morris '82
Terrance M. Morris Jr. '17
Thomas L. Moses '91 and Laura D. Moses
Asgar H. Motiwala '15
Tahirali H. Motiwala '11
William W. Mount
D. Livingston Moyd '12 and M. Grace Moyd '13
Harold W. Muir '98 and Meredith A. Muir
Butler B. Mullins '71 and Grier G. Mullins
Wayne Murphy and Dorothy S. Murphy
Baxter R. Murray '19
Harris C. Murray
Laura E. Murray '08
H. Zach Nabers III '67
Rudolph M. Newman '84 and Lisa T. Newman
William G. Nichols '06 and Kelsey Nichols
Kurt A. Niemeyer '93
Alexander J. Nolan '17
James A. Nunamaker Jr.
Lewis T. Nunnelee IV '00
Georgia L. O'Daniel
Gregory A. O'Dell '92
William R. Oldham and Susan H. Oldham
Meredith K. Oliver '99 and John Oliver
Ryan P. O'Loughlin '12 and Ellen E. O'Loughlin '12
Timothy P. Ormand '88 and Nancy L. Ormand
G. Kenneth Orndorff and Tiffany R. Orndorff
J. Patrick O'Shields and Leigh C. O'Shields
Vanessa C. Overbay '87 and Lewis S. Overbay
Michael R. Owens '19 and Molly E. Owens '19
Gadsden S. Owens '17
Darryl F. Owings
Kelsi K. Pack '08 and William T. Pack
Grant C. Page '19
Richard A. Painter '95 and Kelly P. Painter
W. Bradley Painter '93 and Lauren J. Painter
James R. Palmer '17
Nicholas A. Papadea '94 and Meredith L. Papadea
David A. Parler and Elizabeth W. Parler
James M. Parrish '99 and Sarah L. McKune '99
Remsen B. Parrish '00 and Rebecca R. Parrish '99
W. Fennell Pate and Dawn B. Pate
Devan J. Patel '05
Margaret L. Payne '17
David B. Pearce
William H. Pegram '68 and Carole M. Pegram
Oscar A. Perron '72 and Ann M. Perron
Jane W. Peze
Tyron D. Picard and Elizabeth L. Picard
Justin C. Pinckney '08 and Lauren Jamison Pinckney '10
Justin C. Pinckney '08 and Lauren J. Pinckney '10
Nicholas J. Pinckney '80 and Sharon Pinckney
Edward H. Pitts and Christina R. Pitts
George M. Plyler and Mary N. Plyler
Faith L. Polkey and Raynard N. Polkey
Coker G. Powell '00 and Alexander B. Powell
J. Patrick Prothro '96 and Traci K. Prothro
Mark H. Prothro and Dianne Prothro
Matthew M. Putnam '94 and Heidi A. Putnam '93
Grace Ellen Putney '15
Benjamin A. Quick '09
Dorothy S. Randall
William F. Randall '19
Marion P. Ratliff Jr. '69
Wilbur H. Reames Jr. '66
Vincent K. Rees
J. Robert Reynolds Jr. '76 and Sallie C. Reynolds
Charles F. Rhodes '04 and Frances H. Rhodes
Mr. Jerome J. Richardson, III (Johnson) '10
Ricky W. Richardson '97 and Holly H. Richardson '97
Carter J. Rief '19
William E. Rivers '68
Michael J. Roach '18
Neil H. Robinette '10 and Catherine H. Robinette
Gail D. Rodgers
Amelia G. Roehl '11 and Andrew Roehl
Virginia S. Rogers '94
Randolph A. Rogers '88
Lynze L. Roos and Matthew R. Roos
Alec W. Rosenberger and Alison F. Rosenberger
Jeanette H. Ross
T. Anthony Rowland IV '12 and Kristin Rowland
Thomas C. Rowland and Jane G. Rowland
Richard A. Rubel '79 and Julie W. Rubel
Carlos H. Rubio and Sequin A. Rubio
Wendie L. Ruffner '93 and Christopher W. Ruffner
Benjamin W. Rush '11 and Marie C. Rush
Nathaniel R. Sanders '18
A. Padget Satterwhite '18
Michael B. Sauvain '73 and Janice H. Sauvain
Paul M. Savko and Mary M. Savko
Robert H. Saylor and Margaret R. Saylor
Renee Y. Schneider
Brett P. Schulman '86 and Laura J. Schulman
John G. Seabrook Jr. '68
March E. Seabrook '82 and Anne R. Seabrook
Jaclyn E. Sease '03
Peter A. Sereque and June B. Sereque
Keith R. Shambaugh
Bryan R. Shick '98 and Ingrid G. Shick '98
Gwen M. Shoneke
Melissa L. Shook '91
Edward H. Shuford '66 and Anne W. Shuford
Paul R. Siceloff '79
Nicole B. Siebert '11
John L. Simpkins
Lindsay L. Skelton '04 and Thomas E. Skelton
Joel B. Skodnick
C. Trippe Slade and Wilfrieda D. Slade
Joseph D. Sloan '72 and Candice Y. Sloan
Pamela G. Sloss '93
Brian V. Smith and Charlotte A. Smith
Lamond J. Smith '95
Louis J. Smith '82 and Carter W. Smith
Patricia A. Smith
Carl Sobocinski
Michael J. Sosulski and Corinne P. Crane
Jonathan E. Spitz '09 and Jescelyn T. Spitz
Gale B. Sprow
A. Frank Steinkruger and Melinda Steinkruger
Eliot Stone and Michel S. Stone
Harold C. Stowe
Palmer J. Straughn '04 and Sara B. Riggs Straughn '10
MaryEdith W. Stricklen and W. Simon Stricklen
Bonnie E. Stroup '12
F. Mason Sullivan '72 and Leanita C. Sullivan
David R. Swank '00 and Jennifer J. Swank '03
Ann D. Taylor '18
Jack M. Telle and Terri H. Telle
Robert L. Tennyson '67
Charles L. Terreni and Patricia Y. Terreni
Mark A. Thomas and Susan H. Thomas
Alexander S. Thompson '17
Mary L. Thompson
D. Dean Thornton and Tracy T. Thornton
Walter P. Tiedeman '59 and Carole B. Tiedeman
Wendy W. Tiegreen '91 and Carl H. Tiegreen
Deann R. Tigges
Taylor J. Till '16
Walt Tobin
William D. Tolstedt and Trish P. Tolstedt
V. Carlisle Traywick III '11
Robert F. Turner '62 and Joyce G. Turner
William N. Turrentine and Janis B. Turrentine
Megan P. Tyler '14
Richard M. Ulmer and Lisa T. Ulmer
John D. Uprichard
Unita M. Usher
Laura A. Valleni
Eve L. Van Harpen '05 and Jeffrey L. Stoxen
Alexander E. Vary '16
Letitia H. Verdin
Joseph T. Vermilya '17 and Ellen R. Vermilya '15
D. Katherin Janulis Villani '82
R. Dale Villeponteaux '68 and Gail C. Arneke
Thomas W. Vinegar Jr. '76
Roger Waddell '72 and Judy M. Waddell
Cleon Walden and Billie S. Walden
Carson M. Waln '17
Theodore H. Walter '56 and Pegilie P. Walter
Jack L. Waters '73 and Cynthia D. Waters '83
Melanie D. Watson '98 and W. Andrew Watson
Denise S. Watts
Thomas M. Weber '09 and Liz O. Weber
Jed P. Welmaker '93 and Bree N. Welmaker
William G. Wheeler '06 and Allisyn C. Wheeler
William O. Whetsell '62 and Anne E. Whetsell
David H. White and Therese A. White
Dean B. White and Jane E. White
Martin L. White and Heather R. White
Phillip M. Whittle '87
Fredrick C. Wichmann and Madeleine S. McGee
Allen N. Wilkerson '10 and Elizabeth G. Wilkerson
John G. Wilkinson and MegHan N. Wilkinson
Gregory H. Williams '93 and Laura M. Williams
Kim E. Williams '80 and Gail B. Williams
Patrick J. Williams '18
Scott M. Williams '91 and Katherine D. Williams
Stephen P. Williams '78
Kenneth L. Wilson '64 and Marianne C. Wilson
James N. Winfrey and Sara R. Winfrey
Stewart P. Winslow
Timothy C. Winslow and April M. Crider-Winslow
L. Anthony Wise '90 and Lynn R. Wise '89
Paige M. Wolfe '07 and Andrew R. Wolfe
Scott M. Wollam and Nancy M. Wollam
Thomas Wood '13 and Lindsay M. Wood '13
Bonnie H. Wright
William D. Yarbrough '94 and Jennifer A. Yarbrough
Kyle H. Yelton '15 and Jennifer A. Yelton '14
Steven R. Zahn and Angela L. Zahn
Mindelle R. Ziff
Mary Hurston Zuelke '17
Lauren W. Addy '15
H. Grady Adkins '00 and Karla K. Adkins
Kit G. Adkins
David R. Albright and Judy B. Albright
Lea Elizabeth Allen '13
Sterling R. Allen '71 and Jane L. Allen
William L. Allen Jr. '57
Marcus D. Antley '83 and Betsy M. Antley
Jason M. Ardito '96 and Wendi R. Ardito
Peter F. Asmer '88 and Camille D. Asmer
David M. Atchley '88 and Kelly Atchley
Paul S. Atkins '80 and Sarah J. Atkins
Jennings L. Austin and Marilyn S. Austin
W. Frank Bacon '71
Sara P. Balthazor '94 and Richard L. Balthazor
William Barnet and Valerie M. Barnet
Clay D. Bartee '99 and Ann T. Bartee
April G. Baur and Greg Baur
Jae A. Beasley '91 and Jay K. Beasley
Steven J. Beecy and Mary Martha Beecy
Kyle W. Behrendt '10 and Lauren R. Behrendt
Austin M. Bergstrom '16
Elaine F. Bermudez '82 and Juan Bermudez
Ward E. Best and Thelma D. Best
Gregory D. Bethard '95
Sandra N. Billups
J. Layne Birdsong and Claire L. Birdsong
Clark C. Bishop '10 and Jillian R. Bishop
E. Liston Bishop III
W. Robert Blackledge and Jane H. Blackledge
McKenzie D. Blanton '16
Gary A. Blount '10 and Stephanie C. Blount
W. Lorantz Bogan '58 and Barbara J. Bogan
Frank M. Bostick and Phyllis M. Bostick
Denise J. Bottoms '82
Patrick C. Bowie and Lori S. Bowie
Pascal S. Boyd '00 and Jamie J. Boyd '00
A. Barnes Boyle '83 and Donna W. Boyle
Margaret M. Brabham '02 and Will W. Brabham
John Charles Bradbury '96 and Rachael S. Bradbury '95
Carolyn L. Bradley '03 and Hebert W. Bradley
David E. Brannock '87 and Mary E. Brannock
W. Miller Brice IV '86 and Elizabeth Kelleher Brice '91
Walter P. Bridges and Jennifer W. Bridges
L. Briley Brisendine '92 and Elena C. Brisendine
A. Preston Brittain '02
Steven R. Brook and Nina M. Brook
R. Christopher Brooker '91 and Jessica H. Brooker
Charles A. Brooks '73 and Karen A. Brooks '82
John J. Brooks III '14
Anna F. Brown '86 and Robert W. Brown
Darren E. Brown '02 and Heather L. Brown
Robert A. Bryant and Leigh A. Bryant
Tonya K. Bryson
Kyle G. Buckley '98 and Roger N. Buckley
Mark O. Bundy '89 and Cindy E. Bundy
William H. Burton and Lynne W. Burton
Robert Buterbaugh and Karen Buterbaugh
Stephen E. Byas '90 and Jony M. Bolinger '90
Kristin S. Callaghan '11 and Drew Callaghan
N. Taylor Carlson and Claire P. Carlson
William T. Carpenter '58 and Carol S. Carpenter
Margaret A. Carraway '15
L. Frederick Carter and Florence R. Carter
Timothy A. Carter '99 and Heather R. Carter '97
Steven H. Casey '04 and Maggie Casey
Scott W. Cashion '90
Kathleen M. Cates
Randall K. Chambers and Sarah P. Chambers
Norman H. Chapman and Muffet Chapman
Lawrence R. Chewning '71 and Jo E. Chewning
J. Michelle Childs
Niles A. Chumley '71 and Jackie B. Chumley
Natalie E. Clark '15
A. Lynn Clary '86 and William W. Garey
Ricky W. Cloninger '79 and Lori S. Cloninger
James G. Cochran and Mary A. Cochran
Charles E. Coffey and Mya Zapata
M. Justin Coffey
R. Howard Coker '85 and Rhonda T. Coker
Rachel S. Cole '04 and John Cole
Scott A. Collie and Amy Z. Collie
Scott L. Collins '09
Ellis D. Colvin '83 and Cynthia S. Colvin
Andrew C. Cooper and Carol C. Cooper
Robert H. Corley '73
James L. Correll '69 and Evelyn M. Correll
Valerie L. Coté '86
Katie M. Cowart '14
Ann B. Coy-Johnston
Austin L. Craine '13
Andrew M. Crane '02 and Anita C. Crane '04
James C. Crawford IV '10
E. Dixon Crenshaw Jr. '69 and Ann M. Crenshaw
Edward G. Crosswell '05 and Anne Marie A. Crosswell '07
Amanda M. Dailey '07 and Zachary B. Dailey
Christopher J. Daniels and Teri J. Daniels
Perrin Q. Dargan Jr. '60
Peter J. Darling '71 and Rebecca S. Darling
Connor J. Davis '16
Edith M. Davis
Jeffrey G. Davis '78 and Wanda T. Davis
Zachary S. Davis and Vanesa Vaquero-Vara
Loretta A. Deaner '83
J. Tanner DeFreitas '16
William G. DeLoache '80 and Janet R. DeLoache
Grace B. DeMarco '15
Richard A. Dextraze and Elizabeth W. Galloway-Dextraze
Travis P. Distefano and Cynthia R. Distefano
Eunice H. Dobbins
Helen R. Dovell '01 and William S. Dovell
Christopher P. Downs and Mary Alane Downs
T. Vernon Drew '70 and Leslie Aucoin
Timothy L. Drummond
Kathleen P. Dumitru '03 and Jon K. Dumitru
Charles S. Duncan and Rebecca S. Duncan
Eleanor B. Dunlap
Joe Dunlap '79 and Ardeth W. Dunlap
Darrell S. Dutton '92
Allen W. Edgerton '72 and Trish H. Edgerton
Thomas B. Ellis '67 and Winna K. Ellis
Samuel L. Erwin
Lillian G. Fant '17
Phillip E. Fant '74 and Margaree C. Fant
Charles G. Farley '99 and Diane S. Farley '05
Brian L. Fast '07 and Patricia J. Fast '08
P. Gavin Fawcett Jr. '14
J. Luke Feisal '14 and Alexandria H. Feisal '14
Thomas W. Fenner '11
Ronald M. Fields '80 and Robin P. Fields
Robin E. Flack '00 and Jonathan B. Flack '00
Elizabeth A. Fleming and Edward I. Weisiger
Lawrence E. Flynn and Anne P. Flynn
Ruth Lawson Fowler '15
Cynthia T. Fox '76
Catherine W. Free '94 and David A. Free
Julie L. Freeman '87 and J. Robert Freeman, III
Teresa P. Freeman
Benjamin S. Friday '08 and Katie P. Friday
Daniel J. Fritze '84 and Katherine G. Fritze
D. Lynn Fulton '89
C. Kevin Gainey '83
Laura K. Gamble '14
Stacie T. Gardner '05 and Christopher L. Gardner
Vernon L. Geer and Connie F. Geer
John P. Gettys and Candace L. Gettys
Henry C. Giles '68 and Nancy M. Giles
Allen R. Gillespie
Jacob L. Godwin '13
Sammy J. Goodson and Falita Goodson
C. Tolbert Goolsby and Mary F. Goolsby
Winford A. Gordon '77 and Heather S. Gordon
Darrin Goss '93 and Martetha L. Goss
Eric K. Graben and Helen S. Graben
Mark H. Graham and Elizabeth D. Graham
William H. Greer '62 and Martha H. Greer
David D. Grier '93 and Kim Grier
Benjamin T. Griffeth '91 and Amanda P. Griffeth '91
Kevin D. Grove and LouAnne P. Grove
Rhame A. Guyton '71 and Janet T. Guyton
David A. Hadden and Mary K. Hadden
J. Randal Hall '83 and Virginia B. Hall
Betsy P. Hammet
James B. Hampton '91 and Tiffany M. Hampton '95
Joel W. Hand '90 and Debbie Herron H. Hand
Mary E. Hanna '11
Shelby P. Hardee '12
Walter A. Hardin '77 and Jane C. Hardin
Frances L. Hardy '82
Kenneth W. Harrell and Jeannie Harrell
Andrew M. Harrill '95 and Emma C. Harrill
John A. Harrill and Lou A. Harrill
William S. Harrill '71 and Constance Y. Harrill
Joshua W. Harris '09 and Cassandra M. Harris
Steve E. Hartley '80 and Neva Hartley
Elisabeth E. Hayes
Glorian E. Hayes
J. Mark Hayes II '80
Mary P. Hayes '04 and R. Cates Hayes Jr.
Olen G. Haynes '95 and Kristy H. Haynes
Colin G. Hayton '17
Robert E. Hedrick '69 and Caroline L. Hedrick
Frank H. Herndon '80 and Jodi D. Herndon
Bret M. Higginbotham and Pamela C. Higginbotham
R. Jeff Hix Jr. and Sandra S. Hix
Hunter G. Hobson '11 and Kelly B. Hobson '13
Charlotte G. Hodge '12 and Adam Hodge
Anthony D. Hoefer '00 and Kate C. Hoefer
Allison H. Hoffman '11 and Seth R. Hoffman
Cynthia L. Holland '76 and Robert M. Holland
James M. Holland
Neal H. Holmes and Paula J. Holmes
Shirley M. Howell
Billy Howell '51
Matthew M. Howell '17
L. Brannan Hudson '15 and Lauren C. Hudson
Joshua J. Hudson '01 and Erin L. Hudson '01
Seth L. Hudson '98 and Cecily T. Hudson '01
Megan C. Huff '96
Jonathan D. Hufford '10
H. Bailey Humphries '89 and Tammy S. Humphries
W. Randolph Hursey '71 and Susan M. Hursey
Sarah V. Hurt '12
Rebecca D. Husted '90
Paula D. Hutto '91
James C. Inabinet IV '16
Annie O. Inman
Conner V. Jarrio '17
Deadra L. Jefferson
Emily M. Johnson '99 and Christopher Johnson
Katherine H. Johnson '97 and William A. Johnson
Stewart H. Johnson and Ann M. Johnson
Emily C. Jones '17
Katherine J. Jones and Jeremy L. Jones
Sam W. Jones '64 and Evie T. Jones
Julian C. Josey '60 and Dorothy C. Josey
J. Alexander Joyner '11
Kia M. Kaiser '19
Michael J. Kane '77 and Jennifer R. Kane
Andrew H. Kang '57 and Ellen S. Kang
Gary L. Keisler '79 and Louise C. Keisler
James W. Kellett and Gail J. Kellett
F. Stafford Kelly '07 and Wendelyn L. Kelly '08
James O. Kempson and Denise C. Kempson
Calhoun L. Kennedy and Beverly F. Kennedy
Masatoshi Kida '82 and Reiko T. Kida '82
Joseph H. Killian and Nancy T. Killian
Hannah L. King and C. Bailey King, Jr. '02
R. Chris Kinnas and Mary Jane Kinnas
Jerry D. Koon '89 and Lynn G. Koon
Richard W. Krapfel '78 and Jean S. Krapfel
Katie E. Krebs '14 and Paul Krebs
Seth S. Labovitz and Diane W. Labovitz
Othniel W. Laffitte '10 and Katherine O. Laffitte '10
D. Trent Lancaster '91 and Stephanie C. Lancaster
Sara H. Lavelle
K. Graham Lawrence '73 and Paula J. Lawrence
Graham E. Lenes '15 and Haley E. Lenes
William H. Leonard and Helen R. Leonard
Arthur E. Lesesne and Mary W. Lesesne
Julia R. Lesesne '81 and Donn T. Dack
D. Lee Lester '89 and Janet F. Lester
Michael R. Lindley '61 and Carolyn H. Lindley
J. Allen Lollis '15
Edwin K. Long '65 +
Judy L. Lowry
Robert N. Maddox '80 and Kay C. Maddox
C. Randolph Mahaffey Jr. '61 and Lana T. Mahaffey
James L. Mahaffey '68 and Linda D. Mahaffey
James K. Mancke '71
Matthew J. Martin '00
Carl L. Mason
John H. Matthews '86 and Regina R. Matthews
W. Furman Mauldin '68 and Carol M. Mauldin
Janice F. Mayhew
John W. McAlhany III '16
Russell A. McCoy '76 and Dorothy C. McCoy
Mark J. McCreery and Sharon O. McCreery
Andrew G. McDowell and Catherine C. McDowell
Elizabeth H. McGehee
John R. McGinnis '94 and Pamela W. McGinnis '93
Marvin E. McMillan '79 and Kelley S. McMillan
Robert L. McMillen and Margaret A. Rooney-McMillen
Daniel E. McNiel and Elisabeth K. McNiel
P. Curt McPhail '96 and Molly D. Chappell-McPhail
William G. Medich and Julie Medich
M. DuBose Medlock Jr. '82 and Darlene S. Medlock
Rita A. Meeks '78
S. Workman Meeks '97
Glen R. Melton '61 and Peggie L. Melton
Michael A. Merrill and Molly P. Merrill
Charles C. Mickel and Rachelle E. Mickel
John D. Milburn and Carolyn G. Milburn
Graham S. Miller '11 and Patterson I. Miller '11
Annie S. Mitchell
John J. Mitchell and Sherri T. Mitchell
David J. Moody '84 and Lisa J. Moody '84
James W. Moody '74 and Rebecca S. Moody
Gene F. Moore '71 and Jean C. Moore
Charles W. Moren '89 and Mary Kathryn J. Moren
Erin N. Morgan '13
Robert R. Morgan Jr.
Steven D. Morgan '71 and Phyllis E. Morgan
J. Frank Morris '68 and Lynda K. Morris
Erin A. Moses '05 and Robert Moses
Garry T. Motter and Betty D. Motter
Randal E. Mulkey '75 and Marti H. Mulkey
Vickie R. Muller '83
Phillip G. Mullinnix '08
R. Mitchell Newman Jr. (Mitch) and Lisa T. Newman
Ryan W. Newton '02 and Camilla M. Newton '02
D. Clinton North III '79 and Amy B. North
Wiley W. North '16 and Alexandra M. North '15
Dorothy A. Norton
Dan W. Olds and Betty P. Olds
Mark S. Olencki '75
Marzettis A. O'Neal '81 and Cynthia H. O'Neal '83
Kevin A. Osornio '16
C. Bryan Overcarsh '89 and Christine B. Overcarsh
Jeffery E. Owen '04 and Ashley M. Owen '06
A. Kentrel Owens '11
Ashley M. Owens '88 and Kevin T. Owens
Jerry P. Park '65 and Julia C. Park
Michelle C. Parks '93 and W. Troy Parks
Sanjay V. Patel '89 and Devi Patel
W. Jason Patrick '95 and Lindsay Harrell Patrick '99
Jerry W. Peace '73 and Delores W. Peace
Jay W. Peay '17
Wilson E. Peden '07 and Claudia M. Winkler '08
Anne P. Perrin +
Phillip F. Petros '95 and Jamie Petros
John W. Pfaudler '64 and Susan M. Pfaudler
Joe H. Pickens '80 and Linda P. Pickens
Zachary P. Pittman '06 and Mallory B. Pittman '06
Charles K. Polk '78 and Lessie A. Polk
Jan H. Postma and Sara L. Postma
G. Lynn Powell '72 and Jessie B. Powell
Harry M. Price
Mary Frances E. Price
Edward B. Pusey '75 and Martha P. Morton
Harriet Willimon Putman '99 and C. Garrett Putman
E. Chrestman Rainey '90 and M. Kate Bolt
Daniel C. Randall and Leigh F. Randall
Jeffrey D. Randall '88 and Elizabeth H. Randall '89
Isaac D. Rankin '11 and Rebecca B. Rankin '10
M. Tyler Ratterree '16
Adam G. Regenthal '05 and Katie Regenthal
John S. Reid '65 and Julia G. Reid
Megan J. Reno '13 and Christopher Reno
Paul E. Reynolds and Joyce A. Reynolds
Arthur W. Rich '70 and Sallye Rich
Steven A. Richards '08 and Caroline S. Richards
Jeffrey R. Richardson '77 and Patricia Richardson
Jonathan C. Richardson '08 and Amanda K. Richardson '08
W. Eddie Richardson and Dee G. Richardson
Derek C. Riggs
Mary Catherine M. Riner '08 and Michael A. Riner
William J. Rivers '65 and Nancy Rivers
Cheryl A. Roberson '84
Conrad A. Roberts and Annalise G. Roberts
Dina K. Roberts and Thomas W. Roberts
Brandon M. Robinson '12 and Amy E. Robinson '13
Elijah Robinson and Patricia B. Robinson
Amanda B. Romance '90 and Kenneth A. Romance
Michael L. Rudasill '69 and Judy Rudasill
Raymond H. Ruff III
Claudia A. Ruffin '11 and Stuart C. Ruffin
James M. Ruffin and Lorre C. Ruffin
G. Kent Saad '80 and Judith J. Saad
William R. Saffold '80 and Marcia Waldron
Nayef H. Samhat and Prema R. Samhat
W. Fred Sams and Pat W. Sams
Jeffrey Sanchez '97 and Mary D. Sanchez
Henri D. Sandifer
Michael A. Sandifer '68 and Elaine M. Sandifer
William C. Sawyer '87 and Gina M. Sawyer
James J. Schmidt
Mary F. Schroeder '12 and Jeffrey J. Schroeder
Lauren K. Schultz '10 and David Schultz
Sarah C. Schumann '14
James M. Scott '97 and Carmen S. Scott
James E. Seegars and Shirley T. Seegars
Tyler J. Senecal
Will W. Sharp '89 and Elaine E. Sharp
K. Brett Shelley '92 and Lisa B. Shelley
Drew S. Sheridan '11 and Kathleen A. Sheridan '11
Michael M. Shetterly '93 and Suzanne S. Shetterly
J. Matthew Shouse '91 and Elizabeth B. Shouse
Steven R. Shrum and Amanda D. Shrum
Marshall J. Shuler '01 and Amanda C. Shuler
Ralph W. Simons '67 and Linda E. Simons
Mary R. Simpson
George W. Singleton III
Nicholas G. Skenteris '91 and Patricia S. Skenteris '91
Patrick S. Skinner '78 and Gwendolyn B. Skinner
Arthur J. Slayton '65 and Alice H. Slayton
Charles P. Smith '70 and Lana K. Smith
Cynthia F. Smith
Miles S. Smith '86 and Margaret F. Smith '87
Ronald G. Smith and Caroline B. Smith
Saint Julien L. Springs '08 and Mary L. Springs '09
Caroline G. Stanek '16
Richard A. Steadman '76 and Sarah S. Steadman
Constance L. Stephenson
T. Michael Stephenson and Julia M. Stephenson
Johnny P. Stevens and Lisa H. Stevens
Edward B. Stewart '86 and Shelley S. Stewart
Julie S. Stowe '02 and Patrick B. Stowe
Wesley E. Strawn '09
Eric D. Sullivan '87 and Valerie B. Sullivan '87
William I. Sunderland II (Bie) '76 and Judith L. Dunn Sunderland
Azim E. Surka '96 and Lucy A. Surka '00
Wayne Tankersley and Linda Tankersley
Ashley E. Tate '10
Julia H. Taylor
Annette C. Taylor '14
Madelyn F. Thomas
Taylor M. Thomas '13
Caroline C. Thompson
Harold D. Thompson '60 and Catherine H. Thompson
Laura Douglass Marion '13
Jerry E. Todd and Sheryl C. Todd
Joshua C. Turner '12 and Sydney C. Turner '12
John W. White '12 and Julia L. Tyson '13
J. Michael Vandever '74
Samuel A. Veremchuk '17
Mary A. Vickers '89
Lauren L. Wagner '14 and Ben Wagner
Matthew D. Waldman '16
Natalie H. Walker '06 and Robin Walker
Phillip E. Walker '66
Robert C. Walldorf and Jena Walldorf
Mr. Robert C. Walldorf (Chad)
David G. Waln and Jana L. Stevenson-Waln
C. Todd Walter '88 and Lori L. Walter '89
E. Tyler Wang and Simon Wang
Allen B. Ward and Kimberly Ward
John L. Ward '55 and Eugenia A. Ward
Grantham D. Warren '95 and Karen W. Warren '95
Julie Anderson Washburn '89 and Kenneth S. Washburn
G. Patrick Watson '81 and Sheridan M. Watson
Mayleng S. Watson '98 and Alec Watson
W. Burr Weatherly '80 and Sidney Q. Weatherly
James L. Welch '92 and Ricci L. Welch
J. Randall Welchel '76 and Renae S. Welchel
Kathleen S. West
Lewis A. Westbrook and Catherine W. Westbrook
Thomas H. Westbrook '85 and Anne R. Westbrook
Dennis S. Whatley '80 and Lisa K. Whatley
Clayton J. Whisnant and Megan C. DeMoss
George W. Whitaker '67 and Jessie R. Whitaker
Janna L. White '03 and Torey White
George H. White '72 and Elizabeth R. White
Tammie E. White '82
W. Church Whitner Jr. '64
Edmund M. Wiener III
Craig S. Williams '75 and Jacquelyn Brown-Williams
Herbert P. Williams and Cathy Williams
John C. Williams '60 and Jane S. Williams
Robert S. Williams '07
Octavia P. Williams-Blake and Charlie J. Blake
Harvey M. Williamson '69 and Julie B. Williamson
Beth M. Wilson
Robert M. Wood and Annette Wood
Mitchell L. Worley '11 and Alyse L. Worley '10
Paul W. Wright '72 and Penelope M. Wright
Hubert E. Yarborough '94 and Lee C. Yarborough
George W. Yarbrough III '83 +
James D. Yarbrough '89 and Elizabeth V. Yarbrough
Andrew P. Young '96 and Courtauld M. Young
William J. Zweier '10
Matthew A. Abee '10 and Kinli B. Abee '08
James A. Adams '50 and Michelle B. Adams
DeLois Alexander
J. Wiley Alexander +
Ashley R. Allen and Steven E. Allen
M. Purvis Anderson '61
Aikaterini Andrews and Bille Giannopoulos
James M. Arakas and Brenda M. Arakas
Robert M. Ariail '69 and Susan S. Ariail
Randolph N. Armstrong and William A. Armstrong
Caleb A. Arrington and Jane M. Arrington
Roger A. Atkinson '77 and Gail S. Atkinson
Benjamin D. Austin '08 and Carrie H. Austin
Vic C. Bailey and Lynn N. Bailey
Kathryn J. Bair '08
Stefanie H. Baker and Greg K. Baker
Colleen M. Ballance
Jack G. Ballard and Delores W. Ballard
Robert A. Barber '71 and LaNelle D. Barber
Charles M. Barr '73
Jenny J. Bem
Aundie L. Bishop '02
J. Mark Blackman and Lynne F. Blackman
Bryan S. Blackwell and Leslie K. Blackwell
James T. Bland '74 and Amy Bland
Steven C. Blanton '04 and Anna R. Blanton '09
Nicholas D. Blosser and Melinda T. Blosser
Robert S. Blount and Rebecca Blount
A. Mattison Bogan '01 and Katherine C. Bogan
Robert T. Boineau '77 and Maggie C. Boineau
Matthew B. Bolton '81 and Leecia B. Bolton
John D. Bowles and Sandra S. Bowles
John C. Brandt '07 and Casey G. Brandt
Elizabeth M. Brannan '06
Harold A. Bridges '69 and Cynthia P. Bridges
Boyce F. Brooks '60 and Kathie Brooks
Caroline G. Brown '93 and Michael C. Brown
Jane M. Brown
Kelan J. Brown '00 and Christi O. Brown '97
T. Gary Brown '79 and Heath W. Brown
Wilkins S. Brown '07 and Paige H. Brown
Thomas S. Bruce '63 and Brenda R. Bruce
Joe W. Brunson and Ann W. Brunson
Furman L. Buchanan '88 and Katherine D. Buchanan
Robert H. Buchanan Jr. '64
Adam B. Buckner '01 and Kellie N. Buckner '01
Nancy W. Burks '81
Frances P. Burroughs
Karen F. Callahan '82 and Dennis F. Callahan
J. Robert Cantey, Jr. (Bob) '91
James F. Carraway and Claire B. Carraway
Jackson W. Carroll '53 and Anne E. Carroll
MacFarlane L. Cates and Margi M. Cates
Bethany S. Cecil '78
John P. Checkovich '65 and JoAnn S. Checkovich
W. Terry Chisholm '69 and Deidre A. Lee
Chase M. Christopher '87 and Suzette M. Christopher
C. Thomas Clapp and Kathryn M. Clapp
J. Ronnie Clayton '68 and Deborah B. Clayton
Van G. H. Clouse '70 and Molly M. Clouse
Samuel A. Clowney
Robert A. Cochran '74 and Janeen E. Cochran
Donald C. Coggins and Joyce C. Coggins
Sarah R. Cohen '88 and Mark Cohen
Robert L. Coker and Sylvia C. Coker
James E. Colbert '84 and Alice T. Colbert
F. Del Combs '58
Leon M. Cook '73 and Beverley F. Cook
Boyd A. Correll '76
W. Ralph Covington '67
David S. Cross '96
W. Mac Davis and Carole V. Davis
Craig K. Davis '69 and Mary T. Davis
George W. Dawson '68 and Rosemary C. Dawson
Raul S. de la Vega and Jo Anne K. de la Vega
C. DuBose DeLorme '61 and Doris D. DeLorme
Thomas W. Dorn '82 and Jennifer Y. Dorn
Jo A. Drinkhahn
Chelsea S. Dropik '10 and Victor Dropik
Kelly A. Dwyer '10
William S. Ebert and Becky C. Ebert
J. Trevor Ellison '99
Andrew C. English '95 and Kelly W. English
Thomas M. Faile '69 and Meg W. Faile
D. Greer Falls III '75
Frances O. Farmer '09 and Joseph L. Farmer
J. Philip Feisal and Katrina M. Feisal
David T. Fenner and Paula M. Fenner
Bernard Fields and Donna Fields
Samuel C. Foster '74 and Janie K. Foster
James W. Fouché '95 and Yancey Fouché
Paul K. Fowler and Susan S. Fowler
Kenneth E. Frick and Jean R. Frick
W. Wallace Fridy '62 and Dorene Fridy
William G. Fuqua and Marcia Fuqua
John H. Garrett and Rose G. Garrett
Betty F. Garvin '81
John H. Gieser and Anita G. Gieser
Summer K. Gilmer '00 and Thomas J. Gilmer
B. Ronald Gilmer '68 and Donna K. Gilmer
Kimberly J. Gooden
Nancy R. Greene '09 and Patrick O. Greene
R. G. Griffin and Sandra F. Griffin
Franklin D. Guerrero Jr. '97 and Tiffany S. Guerrero '97
W. Dana Haithcock Jr. '68 and Nancy L. Haithcock
William F. Halligan and Pamela L. Halligan
George O. Hallman '79 and Mary Margaret G. Hallman
R. Warren Hammond '90 and Mary Ellen Hammond
J. Russ Hannon Sr. '87
Jay R. Harding and Julie A. Harding
Ashley M. Harmon-Poston '09
Richard B. Harwell +
Thomas V. Heard '70 and Catherine C. Heard
Stacey R. Hettes
Carol F. Hipp
John W. Hipp '75 +
Jessica M. Holcomb '10
Jeff Horney and Claire Horney
Laura J. Hoy and W. Winston Hoy
Russell A. Hughes '61 and Ann R. Hughes
Mylene A. Humphries '96 and W. Bryan Humphries
Margaret K. Hunt '84
Roberto M. Inclan '73 and Charlene D. Inclan '75
Todd J. Interdonato
James A. Jacobs '68 and Brenda P. Jacobs
David G. Johnson '98 and Louise B. Johnson
William R. Johnson '02
Carleton A. Jones III '67
Henry W. Jones and Mary J. Jones
Robert E. Jordan '72 and Susan L. Jordan
James T. Kandl and Kathleen A. Kandl
R. Andrew Kelly '81 and Nancy Grace Kelly '81
R. Bates Kennedy '69 and Sara K. Kennedy
David W. King '93
Kathryn R. King
Li Q. Kinnison
Thomas O. Klauber '74 and Elizabeth H. Klauber
Kenneth B. Knox and Mary L. Knox
J. Michael Kohler Jr. and Lilly Kohler
Jane M. Krastel
David I. Kusher and Michelle Carney
T. Ryan Langley '02 and Leigh Anne C. Langley
Christopher P. Laux '84 and Gail W. Laux
Philips H. Leach '10 and Alyssa M. Leach
John C. Lefebvre and Lisa M. Lefebvre
T. Mikell Leland '90 and Ashleigh C. Leland
T. Mikell Leland '90 and
William W. Lesesne and Emilie K. Lesesne
Mark D. Line and Pamela J. Line
John W. Lomax and Jane C. Lomax
Steven T. Lott '90
Richard M. Lowe '75 and Sandra W. Lowe
R. Brady Lowry '99 and Lindsay Johnson Lowry '01
Sonny B. Lyles '70 and Gail H. Lyles
William F. Lytle Jr. '60
Paula S. Magargle '94 and M. Brian Magargle
James P. Mahaffey and Nora D. Mahaffey
William F. Malambri '98 and Sally Gray Malambri '97
H. Reid Malcolm '07 and Elizabeth Switzer Malcolm (Lizzie) '07
Kenneth H. Maloy and Dottie Maloy
Malcolm L. Marion '72 and Jeannie M. Marion
Dan B. Mathewson
Raymond A. Maultsby '72
Bradley J. McAbee '93 and Lesley B. McAbee
J. Richard McAlister '59
Ryann K. McCall '13 and Andrew C. McCall
George L. McCoy and Judith McCoy
Melissa R. McCue
Robert C. McIntyre '71 and Carolyn T. McIntyre
Lori T. McMillan '83 and M. Stanford McMillan
Lynn B. McMullin '02 and Kyle S. McMullin
Ronald A. McWhirt '62 and Jane S. McWhirt
Charles H. Mercer '40
Hannah K. Metts '02
Anthony P. Miles '91
Hunter L. Miller '07 and Catherine L. Miller '07
James O. Morphis '86 and Elizabeth Morphis
Jerold L. Morris '65 and Joanne D. Morris
Jason A. Moser '95 and Robin W. Moser
Paul E. Neil '85 and Deborah M. Neil
J. Stevens Nettles '59 and Mary J. Nettles
George S. Nicholson '64 and Robin C. Nicholson
Mitchell L. Nimmich '05 and Elizabeth B. Nimmich '05
Cecile M. Nowatka and T. Christopher Nowatka
Daniel R. O'Connell Jr.
William F. O'Dell '66
Richard L. Odiorne '72 and Karen I. Odiorne
James A. Ovenden '85 and Jane A. Ovenden '86
John E. Palmer '86 and Deanna K. Palmer '86
W. Fred Palmer Jr. '65 and Laura C. Palmer
Fred D. Pearson '74 and Deborah P. Pearson
P. Carter Pearson '05 and Molly F. Pearson '07
William E. Penny '56 and Betty S. Penny
Franklyn W. Perkovich and Elizabeth F. Mack
Adam H. Perrow '04 and Stacey W. Perrow '04
Megan S. Petrik '06 and Christopher M. Petrik
Michael B. Phillips '95 and Elizabeth R. Phillips '97
David W. Pittman '94 and Sharyn B. Pittman '92
William R. Plaster '93 and Cassie L. Plaster
Gregory S. Plemmons '87
Donna C. Plexico
Albert S. Porth '02 and Jennifer B. Porth '02
Charles Posterick and Marleen Posterick
Elizabeth M. Pressley (Libby) '85
Norman F. Pulliam and Jo C. Pulliam
Michael O. Rankin '76
Elizabeth L. Rast '03
Vanessa W. Ray '83 and Elijah Ray
Nathan W. Redding '11 and Krista J. Redding '11
Heather T. Reedy '92 and William S. Reedy
Jeffrey D. Reichard '96 and Margaret R. Reichard '97
Charles F. Reid '90 and Taj B. Reid
Seth C. Reynolds '95 and Emily L. Reynolds '99
John W. Rhee and Barbara R. Rhee
David L. Richardson '65 and Elise D. Richardson
C. Terry Robbins '81 and Ann M. Robbins
R. Lee Robinson and Betsy W. Robinson
Ronald R. Robinson '78 and Heidi L. Campbell-Robinson
John W. Robison Jr. '72
Marshall C. Rogers '95 and Shannon E. Rogers '94
Jeffrey L. Sarvis '80 and Paula G. Sarvis
Frank G. Satterfield '67 and Denise N. Satterfield
Keith A. Schiff '01 and Bari O. Schiff
C. Bradford Sears '72 and Carolyn S. Sears
Steven S. Shay '69 and Anne W. Shay
Ronald B. Shealy '71 and Sharon A. Shealy
Charles F. Shepard '67 and Kate R. Shepard
Jeffrey E. Silliman and Julie A. Silliman
F. Clark Simpkins Jr. and Krista C. Simpkins
Teresa R. Sims '86 and Chris Sims
Phillip K. Sinclair '75 and Vicki B. Sinclair
L. Wallace Sink '59 and Betty Sink
Paul R. Skidmore '69 and Kathleen P. Skidmore
Russell O. Slayton and Susan L. Slayton
M. Anthony Smith '75 and Jane E. Smith
D. V. Smith Jr.
Lee C. Smith '58 and Lillian B. Smith
Kenneth P. Sommerkamp and Susan S. Sommerkamp
Stanley W. Sparks and Carolyn B. Sparks
Jack C. Sprott '69 and Sheran D. Sprott
Rodney M. Stalheim '67 and Susan B. Stalheim
Kimberly D. Stanko '02 and Michael A. Stanko
R. Anderson Steadman III '10
Kenneth L. Steen '80
Thomas M. Stokes '67 and Mary C. Stokes
Joseph S. Stowe and Janice W. Stowe
Richard L. Strasburger and Norwood R. Strasburger
Steven M. Stroup '77 and Page R. Stroup
Craig A. Sudduth '09 and Heather U. Sudduth
James K. Sullivan '66 and Gayle H. Sullivan
R. Robert Sutherland III '94
Abraham Switzer and Jo A. Switzer
Bruce D. Switzer '93
Jean F. Sydnor
Robert V. Sytz '81 and Elizabeth W. Sytz
Burrell C. Taylor '55 and Donna L. Taylor
Derek J. Tiller '07 and Sarah R. Tiller
Melvin D. Timmons '64 and Beth L. Timmons
W. Alfred Tisdale '75 and Leonora T. Tisdale
C. Gregory Toney '74 and Mary O. Toney
Joseph B. Traywick '67 and Donna W. Traywick
Jeanne O. Tuerk '98 and Daniel C. Tuerk
George S. Tyson '72 and Anne G. Tyson
Philip C. Van Hale and Harriet Van Hale
Jeffrey M. Venables '94 and Randi A. Venables
Benjamin D. Waldrop '93 and Lindsay H. Waldrop '02
Patricia C. Ware
Barry J. Warthen '79 and Karen L. Warthen
Erin P. Watson '91 and Thomas Watson
Stanley B. Watson '69
T. Michael Weber Sr.
Robert N. Welling and Elizabeth W. Welling
Henry F. Welter and Simons B. Welter
Samuel F. Wheeler Jr. '73
David S. White '08 and Sarah S. White
Stephen M. White and Elaine S. White
Kirk A. Whitehead '10
Suzanne G. Wilkie '81 and William J. Wilkie
S. Palmer William '99 and Elizabeth Williams
D. Brent Williamson
William H. Willimon '68 and Patsy P. Willimon
Patrick O. Wilson '81 and Pauline P. Wilson
William D. Witmer '67 and Rita M. Witmer
Wilbur T. Zettler '66 and Mary D. Zettler
Yongfang Zhang
Dorothy M. Acee
Dennis R. Adams '87 and Candace C. Adams
Rosemarie Aguilar
James H. Amick '83 and Kathy Amick
W. Marshall Anderson Jr. '67
Paula B. Baker and Stanley W. Baker
David C. Battles and Nancy J. Battles
John E. Bauknight '89 and Laura C. Bauknight
Ryan L. Beasley '96 and Sarah O. Beasley
Kenneth W. Bedenbaugh '70 and Sylvia T. Bedenbaugh
Christopher B. Benfield '87 and Lisa A. Benfield '88
Taiwanna N. Billups '97
J. Roy Bishop '62 and JoAnn M. Bishop
Chris G. Boukedes '77 and Lorye P. Boukedes
Erman F. Bradley '51 and Janet M. Bradley
O. Leonard Brewington and Barbara S. Brewington
Robert A. Brinson '72 and Ann W. Brinson
L. Briley Brisendine, Jr. '92 and Elena C. Brisendine
Michael S. Brown '76 and Tammie P. Brown
Elijah C. Burnett '64 and Jami G. Burnett
Jason H. Burr '01 and Christina Burr
W. Edward Butler '84 and Kimberly Y. Butler
Christopher P. Carpenter '90 and Catherine C. Henson
Oliver K. Cecil '76 and Teresa Cecil
Alan D. Chalmers and Sally A. Hitchmough
Jerry T. Charles '64 and Peggy Charles
Michael L. Chewning '92 and Reed M. Chewning '93
Allen O. Clark '01 and Jennifer E. Clark
Allen O. Clark '76 and Debbie M. Clark
William R. Cobb and Linda K. Cobb
Thomas H. Coker '73 and Jill R. Coker
Russell D. Cook '83 and Gloria Cook
Marion L. Cooper '69
Michael J. Copps '63 and Elizabeth M. Copps
Daniel H. Cude '95
Braxton M. Cutchin III '64
Michael J. Davenport and Sharon F. Davenport
Mary Alice Davidson
Melanie T. Davis '96 and Brandon S. Davis
J. Kenneth Davis '65 and Gail W. Davis
Carleise S. Deluca '04 and Albert J. DeLuca
William E. DeMars and Therese DeMars
Antonio V. Dillon '77 and Patricia A. Dillon
Beverly J. Doster
John W. Drake
Graham S. Dukes
Aaron C. Ellett '93 and Catherine M. Ellett
W. Scott Farrell '00 and Mary Ellen Farrell
Elizabeth M. Fields and Jeff G. Fields
Timothy P. Finch '89 and Alice J. Finch
Herbert J. Fleming '96 and Kay H. Fleming
Oscar J. Fletcher Jr. '60
Barry R. Flood '69 and Elizabeth B. Refshauge
Crawford E. Foy Jr. '63 +
Elaine T. Freeman
Gale C. Galloway
William E. Galloway '56 and Sarah A. Galloway
Troy B. Gamble Jr. '76
James D. George '64 and Jackie L. George
James A. Gibson '62 and Jackie D. Gibson
Anthony A. Gilliam '90 and Jacquelin Gilliam
Nicholas Gilman '00 and Amanda F. Gilman '99
Robert R. Glenn Jr. '69
Melissa E. Goings '11 and Robin L. Goings
Franklin Goldwire and Cheryl R. Goldwire
Lillian E. Gonzalez '91
Andrew D. Gowan and Pamela J. Gowan
Katrina H. Grier '90 and Calvin K. Grier
John W. Hackney '04
Edwin N. Hall '60 +
Karen S. Halt '92 and Bryan E. Halt
Charles B. Hames '82 and Margaret J. Hames
G. Christopher Hammet '82
F. Jay Hammond Jr. '56 and Christine W. Hammond
Charles A. Hardin '66 and Mary K. Hardin
Jay E. Harris '93
James I. Harrison and Kathryn B. Harrison
R. Scott Heath '80 and Pamela G. Heath
Thomas M. Henson '96 and Perry V. Henson '96
Thom M. Henson '96 and Perry V. Henson '96
J. Capers Hiott '60 and Suzanne A. Hiott
Arthur H. Holt '72 and Penny N. Holt
Betty L. Holt
Keith W. Hoy '69 and Brenda S. Hoy
T. David Hoyle '02 and Erin B. Hoyle
Elizabeth J. Hrubala '93 and Michael A. Hrubala
Lora W. Hulse
J. Earle Sullivan and C. Leigh Hutchinson
George B. Hyatt and Margaret M. Hyatt
Ann B. Johnson '04
C. Roland Jones '67 and Charlene N. Jones
R. Bunky Joyce '90 and J. Lyn Joyce '90
Wesley R. Keever '97 and Mary M. Keever '97
Thomas R. Kelly '64 and Laurie S. Kelly
Albert G. Kennedy and Pamela S. Kennedy
Milton G. Kimpson '83 and Audra S. Kimpson
Gary C. Kimsey '75 and Roberta A. Kimsey
Terry A. King '78 and Wanda T. King
R. Montague Laffitte III '00 and Lauren B. Laffitte
Hugh C. Lane and Croft W. Lane
S. Sterling Laney III '91
William J. Lawing '61 +
Boyce M. Lawton and Amy Y. Lawton
Julie D. Layne '84
Thomas J. Leclair '71 and Lucy S. Leclair
Stephen K. Ledford '81 and Kim H. Ledford
Randolph K. Liggitt '82 and Kelley M. Liggitt
Vic H. Lipscomb '70 and Sandra K. Lipscomb
Walter R. Long '96 and Julie K. Long
Mark C. Lynn '01 and Robyn G. Lynn
Katherine S. Mabry '93 and Billy H. Mabry
Stephen L. Majure '87
Dale F. Mamele and Terry G. Mamele
R. Kevin Martin '90 and Diana Q. Martin
C. Lee Mason II '96 and Dana C. Mason
John W. McAlhany '88 and Pamela L. McAlhany
Matthew C. McCoy '97 and Jeannette P. McCoy '97
Thomas F. McLeod '65 and Susan E. McLeod
James C. Meadors '81
R. Ayden Meyer '01 and Brooke Meyer
Peter J. Michel
William H. Mitchell '75 and Pamela C. Mitchell
Robert H. Mobley '71 and Susan W. Mobley
Walter S. Montgomery Jr. and Betty J. Montgomery
J. Michael Montgomery '03 and Beth F. Montgomery
John P. Moore '04 and Martha A. Moore '08
John A. Morton '69 and Paula C. Morton
Marion M. Moses '97 and Ashlee C. Moses
David S. Murphy '74 and Jane L. Murphy
Jeffrey P. Muthig '07 and Kathleen M. Muthig
Richard B. Neches '76
C. Phifer Nicholson '82 and Lisa L. Nicholson
Jonathan W. Norwood '91 and Susanne J. Norwood
Robert F. O'Dell '66
Clyde T. Padgett '60 and Rett W. Padgett
Manoj Pariyadath '98 and Kristine M. Pariyadath '99
Rubina J. Patel
P. Carter Pearson '05 and Molly France Pearson '07
J. Jay Peay '84 and Donna A. Peay
Carrie Shultz Peck '05
Margaret M. Peebles '07 and Ty Peebles
Brian R. Pletcher and Ann M. Pletcher
Frank S. Poe Jr. '70
Dwight W. Polk and Julia A. Polk
Stanley E. Porter '89 and Jennifer P. Porter
Anthony C. Prestipino '02 and Elizabeth S. Prestipino '02
James T. Rambo '00 and Courtney H. Rambo '01
Charles M. Redfern and Gay A. Redfern
Bennie H. Reynolds '99 and Katrina L. Reynolds '97
Randal M. Reynolds and Anne T. Reynolds
James M. Richardson Jr. '77
Angela J. Ridgeway
Dan W. Rigby '67 and Charlotte M. Rigby
Kenneth R. Robinette and Claudia S. Robinette
Robert H. Ropp '62
D. Paul Rudisill Jr. and Carol P. Rudisill
Donald T. Sasso and Janice B. Sasso
J. Grigsby Sawyer '94 and Stephanie E. Sawyer
Julia P. Schmidler '96
Robert M. Sellars and Christi v. Sellars
Harriet A. Sessoms
Jennifer F. Shealy '97 and Travis Shealy
William M. Smethie '67 and Mary K. Smethie
R. Ferrell Smith Jr. '76 and Sharon D. Smith
William A. Smith Jr. '71
Sarah E. Sprinkle '06 and Stephen Sprinkle
A. Pierce Stockman III (Chip) '83 and Lorraine S. Stockman
George A. Stone Sr. '48 +
Harriet R. Strait and George E. Strait
David A. Sykes and Susan E. Sykes
Joseph B. Traywick '92 and Marianne C. Traywick '93
Rosemary M. Van Metre '87 and Christopher Van Metre
Kent P. Vannier and Diane L. Vannier
Delton A. Vereen '97 and Carrie W. Vereen
Leon L. Wagnon '59 and Carolyn K. Wagnon
James L. Walker '45 and Betty K. Walker
Walter J. Wallace '64 and Kathryn W. Wallace
Stanley G. Walsh '96 and Megan P. Walsh '97
J. David Wansley and Ann W. Wansley
John W. Ware and Lisa M. Ware
Brian A. Weatherby '98 and Kim N. Weatherby
H. Todd Webber '84
Frederick P. Welch Jr. '64
Lauren R. West '04 and Joseph R. West
Joshua S. Whitley '05 and Cowles G. Whitley '05
Luke J. Wilburn III '88
Janice M. Wilkins and Luther Wilkins
Kenneth A. Williams '69 and Kay H. Williams
Timothy G. Williams '77 and Ryan W. Williams
W. Randolph Wilson '79 and Carol B. Wilson '81
Rosemary D. Yarwood '01 and Craig M. Yarwood
Joyce P. Yette '80
Roger C. Young and Tamyra S. Young
Robert W. Zweier and Myra W. Zweier
B. Phillip Adams III '65 and Peggy R. Adams
Larry T. Andrews '60
Robert D. Atkins '65 and Susan C. Atkins
Gary N. Babcock '72 and Sherry M. Babcock
Paul M. Bagwell '68 and Sara S. Bagwell
Raymond Z. Bateh '77 and Donna S. Bateh
V. Lynn Beaty '80
Britt S. Becknell '89 and Eugenia P. Becknell '95
Kingsland W. Bland '94 and Rebie M. Bland
J. Robert Bradham '65 and Barbara R. Bradham
Billy S. Bradley and Lesly P. Wilson-Bradley
Brandon E. Brown '96 and Sally Sue G. Brown '96
Elizabeth A. Brown
Essley B. Burdine '76 and Kathryn P. Burdine
Richard K. Carlisle and Kay M. Carlisle
Paul J. Chambers '91 and Jeanna Chambers
Mary H. Cherry '93 and Dawson L. Cherry
Beth Y. Clardy and Michael D. Clardy
Charles W. Clementson '99 and Blair W. Clementson '02
Leland G. Close and Gloria W. Close
Eric L. Cole '99 and Susan R. Cole '98
Justin A. Converse '96 and Anna B. Converse '95
Travis W. Crocker '99 and Mary M. Crocker
Eugene L. Curry '64 and Caroline D. Curry
Christopher M. Davis '97 and Lucy G. Davis '95
James C. Davis '65 and Judy F. Davis
Charles C. Dixon '92 and Marquesa H. Dixon
Robert D. Dodson '95
Wallace D. DuPre and Emily D. DuPre
William B. Ellis '67 and Patsy R. Ellis
Jack C. Ellison '57 and Anne D. Ellison
Elliott F. Epps '94 and Amy R. Epps
Patrick C. Fant '88 and Jennifer B. Fant
Henry F. Floyd '70 and Cindy C. Floyd
Arthur M. Fowler '68 and Virginia C. Fowler
Melton L. Francis '73 and Lisa F. Francis
James S. Fulmer '92 and Katherine C. Fulmer
James Gipson and Eula M. Gipson
Thomas P. Giudice '87 and Joanna E. Giudice '88
Reginald E. Gosnell '77 and Cheryl F. Gosnell
David G. Grant '90 and Lisa Grant
Anthony H. Green
Jack D. Griffeth '73 and Nancy E. Griffeth
R. Warren Hammond '90 and Mary E. Hammond
Andrew W. Hedgepath '95 and Elizabeth N. Hedgepath '94
D. Todd Heldreth '65 and Carolyn J. Heldreth
Judson L. Heldreth '93 and Tracy B. Heldreth '93
John P. Hendrix '61 and Janice B. Hendrix
H. Neel Hipp Jr. and Scott Timmons Hipp
James A. Hipp '00 and Pamela R. Hipp
Van D. Hipp '82 and Jane G. Hipp
David A. Holt and Myrta W. Holt
Archie V. Huff '59 and Kate T. Huff
James E. Hulse '90 and Jennifer L. Hulse
Charles J. Hupfer '96 and Nicole S. Hupfer '96
David G. Ike and Harriet D. Ike
Hansel D. Irick Jr. '78
Albert L. Johnson III '66
C. Birnie Johnson Jr. '53 and Virginia B. Johnson
Mary F. Jowers '97 and Jerry D. Jowers
Paul S. Julienne '65 and Marietta L. Julienne
Robert B. King Jr. '81
Sarah J. Kuszaj '99
Mr. John T. Land (Tal) '77
Dennis R. Lee '68 and Marsha L. Lee
Anthony J. Leigh '99 and Wendy T. Leigh
Joseph M. Lewis '59 and Jill D. Lewis
Lee W. Logan and Eleanor G. Logan
Joe N. Long '73 and Kathy K. Long
Jimmy A. Maners '57 and Mary W. Maners
Caroline A. Mark and Andy Mark
Laura T. McCarty '88 and Phillip K. McCarty
Susan S. McCrackin
Monique McDowell '92
Margaret G. McIntyre '92 and Samuel F. Pelton
Caroline S. McLain
James M. McLeod '61 and Heide M. McLeod
T. Travis Medlock Sr. '56 and Laura O. Medlock
Nathanial C. Miller '98 and Nell G. Hinchey '97
Milton P. Moore '67 and Jean A. Moore
W. Harold Nixon and Jo Nixon
Corry W. Oakes '89 and Amy N. Oakes
Wilson H. Oldhouser '85 and Deborah C. Oldhouser '87
P. Lynwood Pace '99 and Amira S. Hernandez
Robert W. Page '70 and Anna C. Page
Michael R. Parades and Cissy J. Parades
Craig H. Parks '97 and Amy M. Parks '97
Dwight F. Patterson III '92
Marion B. Peavey '65 and Jo V. Peavey
F. Bynum Perkins '78
Jerry L. Phillips '64 and Hazel S. Phillips
Mia H. Phillips '91 and Phillip T. Phillips
Ray H. Price '74 and Ann R. Price
William P. Price '75 and Ann M. Price
Elizabeth W. Rabb '01 and Marc D. Rabb
Roderick A. Ray and Merritt Ray
Mr. John E. Reeves, Jr.
J. Edward Richardson and Revé M. Richardson
Bobby C. Roberts '71 and Dixie F. Roberts
Richard F. Rouquie Jr. '73
G. Alf Ruff Jr. '66 and Becky S. Ruff
John T. Rush and Elaine W. Rush
C. Ronald Russell '62 and Linda C. Russell
William E. Russell
W. Allen Simpson Jr. '65
W. Collier Slade '87 and Teka D. Slade
Bradley A. Smith '77 and Cindy C. Smith
G. Murrell Smith '90 and Macaulay W. Smith '00
Park B. Smith and Margaret Smith
Roy M. Smith '96 and Barbara W. Smith
Stuart L. Smith '84 and Stephanie R. Smith
Walton B. Stamper '58 and Nancy N. Stamper
John A. Stone '64 and Charlotte P. Stone
Henry T. Stroman Jr. (Rod) '67
F. Terhune Sudderth '74 and Denise D. Sudderth
Michael D. Trammell '85 and Janna M. Trammell '85
Don E. Turner '59 and Linda Turner
Richard L. Walker '80 and Allie P. Walker
T. Lyn Walsh '90
Paul R. Walter '92 and Jennifer T. Walter
David M. Whisnant and Linda L. Whisnant
Ann White
Mark W. Wilcox '99 and Andrea T. Wilcox '99
Woodrow W. Willard '74 and Sarah M. Willard
E. Brent Williams '99 and D. Penn Williams '99
Robert C. Williams '67 and Patricia Williams
C. William Wimberly Jr. '65 and Pat H. Wimberly
David S. Wood and Judith W. Wood
Michael B. Wren '98 and Amanda P. Wren '98
Charles K. Yorke '80
Stuart W. Yothers '99
Carl A. Young '96 and Angela S. Young
Michael J. Arakas '84 and Wendolyn H. Arakas '85
Allyson H. Arrington '94 and Shawn M. Arrington
Alvin R. Bailey '76 and Lisa L. Bailey
Evans T. Barnette '74 and Lynn T. Barnette
Bailey B. Bartee '96 and Brandi G. Bartee
James H. Belcher '82 and Nora L. Belcher
Robert B. Bradley '66
Julie S. Bryant '93 and G. Scott Bryant
Kenneth H. Buffington '64 and Joan Buffington
Charles A. Bundy '51 and Margaret J. Bundy
Michael D. Canty '77
Nicholle P. Chunn '92 and Kevin T. Chunn
E. Stephen Clark '69 and Caroline S. Clark
David A. Clyburn and Eloise M. Clyburn
Barbara K. Cobb
Danny K. Crout '69 and Mary Ann B. Crout
Gregory K. Davis '91 and Julia Davis
G. Dial DuBose Sr. '83 and Katherine Nalley Dubose '84
Benjamin B. Dunlap
James H. Ellis '70 and Louise D. Ellis
Thomas M. Ellison '60 and Gail Y. Ellison
Alfred B. Garr '69 and Debra M. Garr
Jimmy I. Gibbs and Marsha Gibbs
Joseph C. Good '67 and Virginia C. Good
J. Coke Goodwin Jr. '59 and Dorothy H. Goodwin
James M. Grimes '57 and Gay S. Grimes
James R. Hackney '77 and Scott Haight
T. Truman Harris '67 and Linda W. Harris
Frank A. Hayes and Iris B. Hayes
James F. Henderson Jr. '66 +
John R. Hickman '89 and Kimberly M. Hickman '89
James H. Hipp '73 and Edith V. Hipp
George W. Hudson '66 and Sherry W. Hudson
Matthew Iovanna X '82
Amy H. Jarrett '93 and Clifford R. Jarrett
James M. Johnson '71 and Sallie R. Johnson
Blanding U. Jones '92
James C. Joyce '75 and Linda S. Joyce
William P. Keesley '75 and Linda B. Keesley
Glen D. Kelley '78 and Cathy O. Kelley
Sarah H. Kemm
Julian H. Lazar '51 and Shirley Ann Lazar
Michael J. Leahy and Sharon K. Leahy
J. Lindsay Leviner Jr. '65
T. Norwood Lide Jr. '66 and Joan M. Lide
Kenneth L. Loftis '65 and Florence S. Loftis
Forrest B. Long '77 and Jane Dove C. Long
J. Louis McCraw '75 and Linda L. McCraw
Milton L. McGuirt '59 and Betty M. McGuirt
G. Robert McKenzie '82 and Alice F. McKenzie
Melvin D. Medlock '54
Richard S. Miller '67 and Dianne N. Miller
K. Ray Monroe '74 and Theresa R. Lamb
James W. Moseley '79 and Nivine D. Moseley
William F. Nettles '58 and Moylan D. Nettles
Jessica W. Patterson '95 and Charlie Patterson
Heather O. Perrygo '92 and Doug Perrygo
Miriam L. Pettigrew
John H. Poston '77 and Kaycee C. Poston
O. Eugene Powell '62 and Mary Lou C. Powell
Philip N. Racine and Frances M. Racine
W. Lee Roper II '88
Carol E. Scoggins '60
Minor M. Shaw and Harold E. Shaw
Michael M. Shull '80 and Betty C. Shull
R. Grant Smith '74 and Anne M. Smith
Henry S. Spann '69 +
R. Phillip Stone II '94
Joseph E. Taylor '80 and Amanda W. Taylor
Dorothy A. Thomas '96 and R. Scott Thomas
Louise M. Todd '96 and Samuel Y. Todd
Earle K. Trone '67 and Emily F. Trone
Alicia N. Truesdail '94 and Mike Cole
Helen R. Ware '83 and Lawrence G. Ware
Robert B. Way '73 and Rosalyn F. Way
Marvin W. Weathers '58 and Gertrude M. Weathers
Margaret G. Young '92 and Michael K. Young
Howard T. Anthony '54 and Betty Anthony
Ruthanne N. Arrington '78 and James T. Arrington
Sally Nan Barber '78
James L. Beck Jr. '66
W. Edward Biggs '72 and Elizabeth W. Biggs
David J. Bishop '66 and Nancy C. Bishop
William R. Bouknight and Gloria P. Bouknight
William M. Brasington '89 and Jo Ann M. Brasington '89
Thomas C. Brittain '75 and Katherine S. Brittain
William S. Brown '88 and Lauren W. Brown
Ralph M. Burns '73 and Susan C. Burns
Anne-Marie A. Callcott '83
Frank D. Callcott and Mary Ann Calcott
James R. Ciesla '87 and Marlyn C. Ciesla
Jeffrey M. Craft '81 and Maxine F. Craft
Ladson G. Cubbage and Thelma R. Cubbage
Loraine W. Cusaac '67 and Peggy S. Cusaac
William H. Davidson '73 and Patricia J. Davidson
Robert C. Deale III '69
David A. Dees '63 and Sonya H. Dees
Pablo DeFreitas '87 and Lisa H. DeFreitas '88
Pete G. Diamaduros '83 and Gia K. Diamaduros
Arthur R. Dodd '90 and Kristi R. Dodd
John R. Dombroski and Julie A. Dombroski
Thomas E. Foster and Jane H. Foster
Lee Ann I. Greene '82 and Michael L. Greene
Joe L. Greenlee '76 and Martha T. Greenlee
Alex Gundry '64 and Ann Gundry
Marion P. Hamilton '58 and Patricia N. Hamilton
William W. Hammill '84 and Campbell W. Hammill
Thomas E. Hannah and Carolyn F. Hannah
Polly G. Harper
Joseph B. Haynes and Susan A. Haynes
Happy P. Henry
Jason L. Hill '89 and Jameica B. Hill '88
Peter B. Howell '70 and Zelda M. Howell
Ivory J. Hugee '86 and Alicia M. Hugee '87
T. Alan Hutchins '84
Richard A. Johnson and Carol D. Johnson
Weldon R. Johnson '66 and Elaine M. Johnson
Barney L. Jones '76 and Bridget M. Jones
W. Malcolm Jopling '70 and Marsha S. Jopling
Wade P. Keisler '80 and Mary W. Keisler
Calhoun L. Kennedy '89 and Traci H. Kennedy
J. Michael Lackey '81 and Susan M. Lackey '81
Walter W. Lanford '61 and Huiet T. Lanford
Paul D. Lansberry and Sue W. Lansberry
Joab M. Lesesne and Audrey B. Lesesne
Mark G. Lewitt '87 and Terri L. Lewitt
George W. Lynn '72 and Eleanore G. Lynn '72
Milton B. Maness '41
Elizabeth O. McAbee '91
Joel J. McAbee and Rebecca G. McAbee
T. Patrick McAbee (Pat) '62 and Amelia Sue McAbee
Foster B. McLane '69 and Lynda B. McLane
Harold M. McLeod '88 and Becky S. McLeod
Peden B. McLeod '62 and Mary Waite H. McLeod
Henry T. Medlock '71 and Joanne F. Medlock
James R. Miller
Robert E. Mitchell and Karen H. Mitchell
M. Hayes Mizell '60 and Kate S. Mizell
Mark D. Monson and Cheryl S. Monson
William R. Moody Sr. '53
Wayne K. Myers '70 and Dana S. Myers
Douglas B. Nash '64 and Maxine F. Nash
Costa M. Pleicones '65 and Donna S. Pleicones
Mack C. Poole '55 and Bert A. Poole
Graham H. Rights
Peter A. Rowe '71 and Margie L. Rowe
Olin B. Sansbury '59 and Mary Ann Claud
John L. Satterwhite and Willette P. Satterwhite
William E. Sentelle '61 and Jane B. Sentelle
George W. Shiflet and Angela B. Shiflet
William D. Stewart and Patti A. Stewart
Brand R. Stille '86 and Laura E. Stille
Clarence O. Stokes '75 and Josie R. Stokes
Edwin H. Story and Brenda H. Story
Dudley F. Strange and Vicky C. Strange
Donald C. Suessmith '85 and Valerie S. Suessmith
Thomas M. Sumerel '67 and Janet T. Sumerel
E. Hood Temple '86
W. Bonner Thomason Sr. '58
Douglas N. Tinsley '66 and Martha A. Tinsley
George C. Todd '77 and Sarah H. Todd
Deno P. Trakas and Kathy J. Trakas
Benjamin F. Varn and Sharon L. Varn
Susan G. Vitaris '83 and Gary W. Vitaris
Michael W. Waddell '88 and Christina W. Waddell
Edward C. Watford '67 and Sallie H. Watford
James K. Weingarten '74 and Linda B. Weingarten
Jake W. Williams '57
J. Kendree Williams '58
John K. Williams '59 and Jean D. Williams
Robert L. Wynn and Carolyn M. Wynn
Steven K. Young IV '73
Joseph W. Allen III '79
Nancy E. Barr '84
Robert M. Barrett '82 and Angela D. Barrett
Kenneth R. Barton '58 and Peggy N. Barton
John S. Benfield '78 and Carol D. Benfield
Henry L. Bethea '75 and Barbara L. Bethea
Michael C. Bigger '80
H. Kenneth Boucher Jr. '66 and Miriam M. Boucher
Charles J. Bradshaw '83 and Virginia N. Bradshaw
Charles N. Brookshire '74 and Lathian M. Brookshire
Timothy H. Burwell '80 and Lisa H. Burwell
Jerry L. Calvert '74 and Robin C. Calvert
Jerry P. Campbell '60 and Janice R. Campbell
Steven R. Cannon '72 and Karen Y. Cannon
Peter A. Cantrell '79 and Donna T. Cantrell
Charles H. Carr '80
Guy M. Dabbs '78 and Patricia O. Dabbs
Robert W. Derrick '85 and Kelly S. Derrick
Edward R. Drayton '60 and Linda D. Drayton
Michael J. Fisher '84 and Erin E. Fisher
James R. Fowler '83 and Julie G. Fowler
Theodore W. Gage '80 and Nancy S. Gage
John W. Gandy '76 and Rachel J. Gandy
W. Scott Gantt '83 and Pamela G. Gantt
Perry H. Gravely '83 and Kathryn C. Gravely
James Ellis Griffeth '64 and Elizabeth A. Thompson
Tommy L. Griggs '54 and Sybil D. Griggs
Thomas C. Hadwin '63 and Susan W. Hadwin
Jeffrey C. Hall '68 and Ronda S. Hall
J. William Hamilton '83 and Elizabeth K. Hamilton
W. Carlisle Hamrick '75 and Virginia P. Hamrick
James C. Hardin '69 and Katharine C. Hardin
C. Wallace Harper (Wally) '50
Edward G. Hart '74 and Laura C. Hart
Kenneth H. Hefner '59 and Janice Hefner
Granville A. Hicks and Cynthia J. Hicks
Richard E. Hollis '58 and Jacqueline H. Hollis
A. Lee Huggins '61 and D. Penney Huggins
Roberta L. Hurley '81
Thomas P. Hutchens '75 and Katherine A. Hutchens
Jack L. Kaplan Jr. '69
Angela B. Kelly '86 and Francis Kelly
James N. Kirby '61 and Shirley T. Kirby
R. Monty Laffitte Jr. '73 and Carol W. Laffitte
Peter M. Larsen '70 and Nancy B. Larsen
Jack W. Lawrence '65 and Kathleen J. Lawrence
Stanley B. Littlejohn '73 and Teecy Littlejohn
Timothy E. Madden '85 and Cami M. Madden
John W. McAlhany and Norma A. McAlhany
James W. McCabe '70 and Cathy H. McCabe
Mary A. McCrackin '85 and Rick Hurley
W. Gary McCraw '77 and Julie M. McCraw
D. Laurence McIntosh '56 and Frances B. McIntosh
Ray A. McLees III '64
John M. G. McLeod '79 and Beth A. McLeod
Daniel B. Morrison '75 and Margaret B. Morrison
M. Stewart Mungo '74 and Deloris Mungo
Steven W. Mungo '81 and Maria K. Mungo
G. Thompson Myers '66 and Harriett M. Myers
David L. Neugent '74 and Sandra S. Neugent
D. Andrew Nivens '68 and Mary Ann W. Nivens
Louis L. Norcross '68 and Rebecca Norcross
John M. Parham '60 and Stephanie F. Parham
Gilbert E. Parker '85 and Stacy S. Parker
D. Smith Patterson '67 and Susie N. Patterson
Curtis F. Powell '63 and Joy Powell
Hunter C. Quick '71 and Leslie V. Quick
Timothy A. Remaley '69 and Monte D. Remaley
William H. Riley III '69
Ted J. Roper '56 and Linda A. Roper
F. William Scheper IV '81 and Jill R. Scheper
P. David Sloan Jr. '64 and Billie F. Sloan
Henry M. Smith '63
Leslie H. Smith '86 and Michael S. Smith
G. David Smoak Jr. '59 and Shelby W. Smoak
Sharon B. Staton '82 and Christopher D. Staton
Randall B. Stewart '83 and Stacie E. Stewart
Thomas A. Summers '56 and Marilyn B. Summers
H. Dean Thompson Jr. '81
John D. Todd '74 and Joan S. Todd
Thomas W. Tolbert '67 and Judith K. Tolbert '77
Jesse M. Turner '70
John T. Varner '64 and Patricia G. Varner
Charles F. Walton '67 and Anne B. Walton
J. Calhoun Watson '84 and Cathy M. Watson
Charles F. West Jr. '50 +
Clifton L. Williams '75 and Jo Anne C. Williams
Stephen O. Williams '80 and Lee Anne D. Williams
Arthur W. Yex '84 and Rhonda M. Yex
Riddick Ackerman '70 and Deborah B. Ackerman
Dennis C. Adams '68 and Joan G. Adams
Mitchell H. Allen '60 and Sarah E. Allen
C. Witsell Anderson '52 and Frances C. Anderson
Wade E. Ballard '79 and Karen S. Ballard
Robert Barr
William J. Bates '66 and Cheryl L. Bates
Charles E. Baxter '60 and Joan K. Baxter
Ross H. Bayard
David M. Beacham '77 and Cynthia C. Beacham
A. Emerson Bell '70
Sion A. Bell '65 and Debbie M. Bell
John G. Black '72 and Anne E. Black
Thomas L. Bower '74 and Maria S. Bower
Charles J. Bradshaw '59 and Judy B. Bradshaw
Charles W. Brockwell '59 and Mary S. Brockwell
Monnie L. Broome '64 and Jackie G. Broome
Harry S. Bryant '64 and Bettis W. Bryant
Ansel C. Bunch '74 and Jean P. Bunch
Leland E. Burch '61 and Margaret G. Burch
William D. Byars '72 and Ylva C. Byars
Victor C. Campbell '60
J. Robert Cantey '63 and Paulette A. Cantey
Robert N. Carlisle '59 and Cheryl L. Carlisle
Charles E. Cauthen '52 and Hazel P. Cauthen
J. Harold Chandler '71 and Delores W. Chandler
Marion C. Chandler '66 and Penny A. Chandler
James W. Childers '66 and Toni C. Childers
Cermette J. Clardy '57 and Anne M. Clardy
David R. Clark '65 and Carole C. Clark
Jerry A. Cogan and Sally J. Cogan
Jerome R. Cogdell and Cecilia J. Cogdell
James J. Cooksey '64 and Elizabeth J. Cooksey
Joseph R. Cross '67 and Mary R. Cross
A. Kennedy Dawson (Ken) '69 and Janet G. Dawson
C. Warren Derrick Jr. '58
Neal W. Dickert '68 and Floride C. Dickert
M. Richard Dowdeswell Jr. '55
Andrew C. English '63 and Ann M. English
William N. Epps '65 and Terry B. Epps
Mark R. Erbe '75 and Virginia S. Erbe
William B. Evins '56
Billy J. Farrow '58
Gaines M. Foster '71 and Mary M. Foster
J. Gilbert Foster '69 and Joan K. Foster
Carol F. Fowler
Donald L. Fowler '57 +
John G. Fulmer '66 and Barbara G. Fulmer
James V. Funderburk '64 and Judy B. Funderburk
Ted H. Gaines '58 and Mary L. Gaines
Thomas J. Gasque '59 and Alice T. Gasque
James R. Gettys '68 and Elizabeth T. Gettys
Roddey B. Gettys '80 and Jeanne T. Gettys
Gerald W. Gibson '59 and Rachel P. Gibson
Franklin D. Goodale '55 and Linda W. Goodale
John E. Goode '61 and Anna M. Goode
W. David Gravely '54
William A. Gray '63 and Robbie Gray
H. Davis Green Jr. '59 and Virginia M. Green
Robert E. Gregory '64 and Marie H. Gregory
Donald J. Greiner '62 and Ellen B. Greiner
John T. Guthrie '68 and Patricia Guthrie
Roger A. Habisreutinger and Marianna B. Habisreutinger
Edwin N. Hall '80 and Cynthia A. Hall
Robert A. Hall Jr. '51
Edward J. Hamilton '70 and Joyce E. Hamilton
Dennis W. Hammack '58 and Malinda P. Hammack
Samuel E. Harmon '69 and Barbara D. Harmon
John A. Hendrix '68 and Becky H. Hendrix
William T. Hendrix '65 and Charlotte L. Hendrix
William H. Hester '59 and Betty B. Hester
James M. Hines '68 and Edith H. Hines
Robert R. Horger '72 and Ruth G. Horger
R. Michael James '73 and Katherine H. James
William F. James '72 and Brenda M. James
Jacob H. Jennings '50 and Jane M. Jennings
Albert L. Jeter '74 and Ann C. Jeter
George D. Johnson '64 and Susan P. Johnson
Charles W. Jones '73 and Elizabeth B. Jones
Larry G. Joyner '76 and Leslie W. Joyner
John N. Kellett '56 and Dorothy M. Kellett
Michael P. Kellett '66 and Joan D. Kellett
R. Lee Kernell '50 and Judith L. Kernell
William L. Kinney '54 and Margaret P. Kinney
F. Edward Kirkley '68 and Davie M. Kirkley
E. Bert Knight III '73 and Ruth M. Knight
William P. Lancaster '67 and Martha C. Lancaster
Cecil F. Lanford '55 and Mary Jane B. Lanford
Rowan J. Langford '81 and Alice T. Langford
Joab M. Lesesne and Ruth O. Lesesne
Chauncey W. Lever '75 and Martha Z. Lever
Terry W. Lipscomb '66
C. Linwood Littlejohn '67
Armando G. Llorente '78 and Lauren S. Llorente
J. Grady Locklear '65
Paul S. Lofton Jr. '61
Robert S. Loryea '56 and Carolyn T. Loryea
G. Douglas Lowe '75
John D. Lowry '64 and Pat C. Lowry
John B. Lunday '69 and Kathleen K. Lunday
Robert F. Martin '68 and Katherine F. Martin
Dan B. Maultsby '61 and Katherine L. Maultsby
Samuel H. Maw '56 and Sylvia M. Maw
Jonathan V. Maxwell '71 and Caroline C. Maxwell
Rex A. Maynard '69 and Louise B. Maynard
Rachel Q. McCalla
Earl W. McCrackin '51 +
Johann M. McCrackin
Harold M. McLeod '58 and Ruthie S. McLeod
Ralph R. McMillan '71 and Sara H. McMillan
Marshall L. Meadors Jr. '55
John F. Miller '75 and Valerie H. Miller
John T. Miller '67 and Anne T. Miller
L. Budreau Mingledorff '68 and Shirley Mingledorff
Roy C. Moore '61 and Janice B. Moore
John A. Morrow '64 and Trudy M. Morrow
William L. Murrah '71 and Susan H. Murrah
Calvin R. Myers '52 and Sara M. Myers
Walter D. Parris '62 and
W. Keith Parris '55 and Louise M. Parris
Dwight F. Patterson Jr. '61
James F. Patterson '62
L. Leon Patterson '63 and Barbara B. Patterson
Mary Ann Phillips
Lanier B. Phillips '67 and Sheilah M. Phillips
Frank M. Pickens '69
Robert V. Pinson and Dixie L. Pinson
Harold E. Plaster '65 and Martha B. Plaster
Kenneth C. Porter '59
L. Perrin Powell '69 and Kay A. Powell
John F. Rhem '71 and Georgia H. Rhem
Richard H. Rhodes '69 and Mary H. Rhodes
Jerome J. Richardson '59 and Rosalind S. Richardson
Benjamin Richter '76 and Carol G. Richter
William G. Sandifer '60 and Patsy S. Sandifer
Bates L. Scoggins '58 and Pat G. Scoggins
Marilyn F. Scruggs
W. Jay Seay Jr. '80 and Malissa W. Seay
C. Allen Senn '59 and Rosa M. Senn
Joy G. Shackelford
Louis E. Shepard '64 and Shirley A. Shepard
Robert K. Shuler '57
Beverly K. Skinner
C. Michael Smith '75 and Nancy O. Smith
Dantzler E. Smith '68 and Melissa F. Smith
James V. Smith '68 and Virginia E. Smith
Connie M. Snipes Jr. '71
Bobby G. Stephens (B.G.) '57 and Sandra W. Stephens
W. Grady Stewart '50
Joseph W. Stickle '59 and Peggy D. Stickle
Allen H. Stokes Jr. '64
Richard B. Sturkie '69 and Susan S. Sturkie
T. Reginald Thackston '56 and Yvonne C. Thackston
T. Carter Thomasson Jr. '68 and Dixie L. Thomasson
Thomas L. Tiller '59 and Lucy M. Tiller
Bill F. Tinder '60 and Martha M. Tinder
Buford E. Trent '54
Robert D. Wade '69 and Henri B. Wade
Marshall T. Walsh '71 and Deborah P. Walsh
W. Carl Walsh Jr. '62
J. Ronald Ward '69 and Susan C. Ward
William J. Ward '65
Edward Warren '70 and Katherine Warren
J. Spratt White '63 and Sandra H. White
John B. White '72 and Karen M. White
Donald B. Wildman '71 and Alanna I. Wildman
Edward B. Wile '73 and Vera K. Wile
Harry P. Williams Jr. '42
Ronald W. Williamson '66 and Sherry J. Williamson
Billy W. Wood '50
John M. Younginer '53 and Lal M. Younginer
Russell D. Zimmerman '65 and Rose H. Zimmerman