Business Office Staff

Chris Gardner

Christopher L. Gardner

Chief Financial Officer EMAIL: PHONE: 864-597-4236 OFFICE: Snyder House
Brittany McDowell

Brittany McDowell

Associate Vice President for Finance EMAIL: PHONE: 864-597-4226 OFFICE: Snyder House
Jason Burr

Jason H. Burr

Associate Vice President of Facilities and Capital Projects EMAIL: PHONE: 864-597-4231 OFFICE: Cumming Street Facility
Sheena Anderson

Sheena C. Anderson

Executive Assistant to the CFO / Office Manager EMAIL: PHONE: 864-597-4233 OFFICE: Synder House
Dan Deeter

Daniel P. Deeter

Director of Business Services and Risk Management EMAIL: PHONE: 864-597-4232 OFFICE: Snyder House
Lani Foster

Lani Foster

Director of Special Projects and Financial Systems EMAIL: PHONE: 864-597-4223 OFFICE: Snyder House
Sherri Gossett

Sherri Gossett

Accounts Payable Specialist EMAIL: PHONE: 864-597-4222 OFFICE: Synder House
Kathy Kelley

Kathleen Kelley

Student Accounts Administrator EMAIL: PHONE: 864-597-4228 OFFICE: Snyder House
Maria Means

Antionette Maria Means

Budget Director EMAIL: PHONE: 864-597-4224 OFFICE: Snyder House
Kathleen Mekdara

Kathleen Mekdara

Sr. Accountant EMAIL: PHONE: 864-597-4243 OFFICE: Snyder House
David Phillips

David Phillips

Accounts Payable Accountant EMAIL: PHONE: 864-597-4225 OFFICE: Snyder House
Raymond Ruff III

Raymond Ruff

Director of Constituent Management Systems and Process Improvement EMAIL: PHONE: 864-597-4171 OFFICE: Snyder House
Michelle Smith

Michelle Smith

Controller EMAIL: PHONE: 864-597-4235 OFFICE: Snyder House