Students interested in entering the business world have a wealth of course choices at Wofford. Faculty members have backgrounds in business, nonprofit and academic areas, and finance students enjoy a well-rounded education through Wofford’s liberal arts core.

The department honors outstanding seniors with an accounting academic award. Professors select the recipients based on a variety of criteria, including academic excellence.

Previous Accounting Academic Award Winners

Riley Coonan, 2021
Sydney McHugh, 2020
Mason Barrett, 2019
Matthew S. Martin, 2018
Claire J. Hinshaw, 2017
Martha G. Nayfa, 2016
Shonté L.D. Campbell, 2015
Sarah A. Parker, 2014
Cameron A. Kimber, 2013
Ashley E. Lawrence, 2012
Allison B. Holmes, 2011
Paulo Bonfim, 2010
Brandon W. Grigg, 2009
MacKenzie McCraw, 2008
Eric J. Lance, 2007
Michael L. Crocker, 2007
Meghan M. Gasmovic, 2006
Diane L. Slider, 2005
Julie Fishman, 2004
Amber R. Roby Goodpaster, 2003
Kalen Walton, 2002
Kim Allen, 2001
Brian Bodor, 2001
Kristian Gusmer, 2000
Claire E. Culp, 1998
Courtney A. Howe, 1997
Curtis L. Nichols, Jr., 1996
Robert M. Jones, 1995
Karen M. Geddings, 1995
Aaron C. Cole, 1994
Jason I. Smoak, 1993
Charles C. Dixon, III, 1992
Amanda Lewis Davenport, 1991
April L. Hughes, 1990
Laurie M. Turner, 1989
Coleman L. Glaze, 1988
Deborah L. Chandler, 1987
Robin L. Johnson, 1986
Jane E. Abernathy, 1986
Daniel J. Fritze, 1984
Wade H. Jones, III, 1984
Hannah S. Olive, 1982
George P. Watson, 1981
John R. Harley, 1981
William F. Thomas, Jr., 1980
Linda Gail Bragg Ball, 1978

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