Student Research

Students who study in the Sociology and Anthropology Department conduct research as independent scholars as well as in research teams. Students select from projects involving original data collection through ethnographies and surveys, archival analyses, experiential activities, public scholarship and community engagement. Opportunities for research occur in a variety of fall and spring semester courses and through collaborative research projects undertaken during the summers. Learn more in the videos below where Sociology and Anthropology students describe their research.

The Racism and Classism Mexico Does Not Want to See: Mestizaje, assimilation, and national identity
Nefi Aguilar ’21

Changing the Narrative: An Investigation into the Neurodiverse Community
Hana Barazi ’21

Maternal Death Disparities Among Black Women in the US South
Brandy Barnes ’21

I Am Both: The Filipino American Experience
Ally Branzuela ’23

Examining Racial Battle Fatigue Amongst African American and Black Students at Wofford College following the #BlackLivesMatter Social Justice Movement of 2020
Jalen Carter ’21

Mental Health Among Students at Wofford College: Correlation between College Life and Depressive Symptoms
Liz Dorn ’21

A Look Into Childhood Trauma and the Value of Play Therapy
Ashlyn Fox ’21

Beauty in Southeast Asia and the United States
Alycia Gould ’21

The Bisexual Experience
Allie Griffeth ’21

Understanding Underfunded Schools: The Causes of Underfunded Schools and the Impacts They Have on the Children That Attend
Alexandria Hill ’21

Observing Racial Inequality in the United States Public Education System
Tray Hollowell ’21

The Role of FoodShare Spartanburg in Providing Food Access During the Pandemic
Channing Houser ’21

Gender Socialization the Process That Teaches
Omari Johnson ’21

Examining factors that fueled Black voter turnout in Georgia
Jurnee Jones-Holcombe ’21

Prevention of Progression: US Social Framing and Competency in Human Trafficking
Louissa Pfundt ’21

The motivations and influences future U.S. Army 2LTs have and have faced when choosing to join the Military Profession
Elizabeth Thomas ’21

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Asian American Students at Wofford
Samantha Wei ’21

The Emphasis of Gender and Racial Bias in Artificial Intelligence
Ben Zeigler ’21