Dual Degree Program

Students in the Dual Degree Program spend three years at Wofford developing a liberal arts foundation before continuing their studies in engineering through either Columbia University or Clemson University. After three years at Wofford, successful students will transfer to one of the partner institutions to complete the engineering curriculum. Upon completion of the program, students will receive a bachelor's degree from Wofford and a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from the partner institution.

To receive a recommendation from the Wofford pre-engineering committee for enrollment in the engineering portion of the program, students must complete the following:

  1. All general education requirements for a Wofford degree.
  2. All requirements for a major at Wofford. Some departments allow a course from the engineering school to fulfill major requirements.
  3. All required courses for the institution-specific Dual Degree Program.

Courses required for the Dual Degree Program depend on the choice of partner institution. Students should consult partner institution websites and talk with the Wofford liaison officer as soon as possible to begin the proper sequence of courses.

  1. Columbia University Combined Plan with links to Curriculum Guide
  2. Clemson University Dual Education Program
    (Wofford Clemson Curriculum Guide)