Frequently Asked Questions

(1) All first-year students are required to take a seminar introducing them to college-level study in humanities. While not strictly interdisciplinary, the seminars are taught by faculty members from the various humanities departments at the college.  
(2) Advanced courses are offered by faculty who have interdisciplinary interests and training.  
(3) An interdisciplinary major is provided by the selection and integration of work in several departments. 
The humanities major is intended for students with specific interests which cut across the existing majors offered in humanities disciplines:  

  • Art History 
  • English 
  • Foreign Languages 
  • History 
  • Philosophy 
  • Religion 
  • Theatre 

It offers students who have this interest the opportunity to design their major, but it also requires of these students extra initiative to do so. Students considering this major should understand that it is not intended for those who simply have a broad interest in the humanities; such students should major in one of the humanities departments and take electives in the others. 
Any student interested in this major should see the coordinator, Anne Rodrick, who will discuss the suitability of the major for the student’s interests and will help in selecting faculty members who might appropriately serve as a committee to direct the student’s major.