Faculty and Staff

Kenneth Banks

Dr. Kenneth Banks

Associate Professor of History EMAIL: bankskj@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4055 OFFICE: 101 Main Building
David Blanks

David Blanks

Adjunct Instructor of History EMAIL: blanksdr@wofford.edu OFFICE: Main Building
Mark Byrnes

Dr. Mark S. Byrnes

Professor / Chair of History EMAIL: byrnesms@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4591 OFFICE: 107 Main Building Mark Byrnes' website
Tracy Revels

Dr. Tracy Revels

Professor of History EMAIL: revelstj@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4592 OFFICE: 109 Main Building Tracy Revels' website
Dr. Anne Rodrick

Dr. Anne Rodrick

Reeves Family Professor of History EMAIL: rodrickab@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4552 OFFICE: 106 Main Building Anne Rodrick's website
Timothy Schmitz

Dr. Timothy Schmitz

Interim Provost EMAIL: schmitztj@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4551 OFFICE: 108 Main Building Timothy Schmitz's website

Biography +

Susan Thomas

Susan Thomas

Administrative Assistant EMAIL: thomassm@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4058 OFFICE: 02 Main Building
Dr. Jessica Tomkins

Dr. Jessica Tomkins

Assistant Professor of History EMAIL: tomkinsj@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4056

Dr. Clayton Whisnant

Chapman Family Professor of Humanities EMAIL: whisnantcj@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4550 OFFICE: 105 Main Building Clayton Whisnant's website