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The collections listed below represent some of the college's rich holdings in manuscripts and photographic collections.

Memoirs of Sandor Teszler

Sandor Teszler was a long-time member of the Wofford community. Born in Hungary in 1903, Mr. Teszler and his family survived the Holocaust and moved to the United States after World War II. He was a textile executive in Europe and the United States, and his son, Andrew, was a Wofford trustee. The college's library was named in his honor in 1971. In retirement, Mr. Teszler audited courses at Wofford, was awarded an honorary doctorate in 1987, and was appointed an adjunct professor of humanities in 1996 He died in 2000. These memoirs were published in 1990.

Chapter 1 - Youth
Chapter 2 - Productive Years - Europe
Chapter 3 - Productive Years - America
Chapter 4 - Retirement

James H. Carlisle Jr., Memories of Wofford College

James H. Carlisle Jr. was the son of Wofford's third president, James H. Carlisle. The younger Carlisle grew up on the Wofford Campus, graduated from the college in 1885, and spent most of his life in Spartanburg. His memories of his father, of life on campus, and of faculty members give modern readers an inside look at life around the campus in the 19th century.

Digitized College Materials

Wofford College Catalogues
The Bohemian - the College Yearbook
The Journal - the College Literary Magazine

Wofford College Illustrated

Wofford College Illustrated

An early Wofford College viewbook, published in 1898, with photos of the campus, of student groups, and of Spartanburg scenes. This viewbook contains about 32 images of classrooms, labs, the dining room, class photos, literary society room photos, and pictures of the faculty and trustees.

History of the Class of 1891: The class of 1891's biographies and history.

A Business Review of the City of Spartanburg, 1895: An almanac with information about Spartanburg, published in 1895.

Wofford College Calendar, 1910. A campus calendar for that year.

Wofford Bulletin, 1929. This document talks about the history and plans of the college around the time of its 75th anniversary.

Interim Catalogue, 1968. The project descriptions for Wofford's first Interim term.

To Improve Quality, 1987. Wofford's strategic plan that guided much of the college's growth through the 1990s and early 2000s.

Wofford Photographs

Wofford Campus Aerial Photographs
This is a collection of photographs taken of Wofford's campus at various times between the 1920s and the early 2000s. (Link will open in a new window)
Campus Album (1930)
This is a collection of photographs taken of the campus and used in the 1930 Bohemian, the campus yearbook.

Wofford Scrapbooks

W. H. Lander Wofford Fitting School Scrapbook. Scrapbook maintained by William Hall Lander, who was a student in the Wofford Fitting School from1917 to 1919.

Methodist Materials

The William Wynn Mood Photo Album
This album contains 131 photos of late 19th century Methodist bishops, ministers in South Carolina, and some lay individuals who were connected with the Mood family. Researchers may find the photograph of a minister who served their church, and they are able to be downloaded.
Twentieth Century Sketches photos (1901)
These photos come from the first pictorial directory of Methodist ministers in South Carolina. Local church historians may want to search through the directory for photos of their ministers. (Link will open in a new window)
Twentieth Century Sketches, revised photos (1914)
These photos come from the second pictorial directory of Methodist clergy in South Carolina. It was prepared by the same editor who compiled the first edition.
Builders: Methodist Ministers in South Carolina (1932)
These photos come from the 1932 pictorial directory of Methodist clergy in South Carolina.
Methodist Ministers in South Carolina (1942)
These photos are from the 1942 pictorial directory of Methodist clergy in South Carolina.

Digitized Methodist Booklets

The Southern Christian Advocate, An Historical Sketch, by Mason Crum
The Advocate Centennial, June 24, 1937. This is the centennial issue of the Southern Christian Advocate, the Methodist Newspaper for South Carolina.

Ben Hill Brown Photographic Collection

Ben Hill Brown

A 1935 Wofford graduate, Brown was a State Department official and an ambassador. These photographs document his interactions with leaders in American foreign policy.

John Beverly Montgomery Photographic Collection


John Beverly Montgomery graduated from Wofford College in 1933 and rose to the rank of major general in the U. S. Air Force by the time he was 40 years old. He became head of the Eighth Air Force in 1953 after serving as director of operations for the Strategic Air Command. After leaving the Air Force in 1955, he took positions with American Airlines, General Electric, Daystrom, and Schlumberger.

Benjamin Wofford's Bible

Benjamin Wofford's Bible

Samuel Dibble's Diploma

Samuel Dibble's Diploma