Memoirs of Sandor Teszler

I want to give my eternal thanks to Dr. Philip N. Racine for his endless patience and help. Without his devotion to this effort the memoir would never have been written. I wish to thank Ms. Amy Henry for beginning this project and especially for her willingness to struggle with my interviews.

The following is taken from interviews of Mr. Sandor Teszler conducted during the Spring of 1990 by Ms. Amy Henry for an Honors Project in the History Department, Wofford College under the direction of Dr. Philip N. Racine. The initial interviews were supplemented by conversations which took place between Mr. Teszler and Dr. Racine from the summer of 1990 through the summer of 1991. The tapes of Ms. Henry's interviews are on deposit in the Sandor Teszler Library, Wofford College. The interviews and this memoir are under the control of Wofford College and Mr. Sandor Teszler; duplication of any kind is prohibited. Use of the material is allowed only by permission of Mr. Sandor Teszler, during his lifetime, and Dr. Philip N. Racine, during his lifetime, and with the written permission of the Wofford College Librarian.

Chapter 1 - Youth

Chapter 2- Productive Years- Europe

Chapter 3 - Productive Years- America

Chapter 4 - Retirement