Returning Home

There will be a period of re-adjustment, but this can also be the time when, while recounting stories and sharing photos, the real significance of the experience becomes obvious. 

Recognize that your son or daughter will not be exactly the same person who left several months ago. Not every student will change in the same way, and not all changes are permanent, but you might prepare for some of the following possibilities. You may see a new hair style, a new way of dressing, maybe even a weight gain or loss. Sometimes you will notice that your child may have a craving for different foods. This situation offers an ideal opportunity to share the international experience by preparing some new dishes. Occasionally your son or daughter may have difficulty finding the right words in English. Students who make a sincere effort to immerse themselves in a new language will have developed key phrases that they use in certain situations. Above all you will find that your son/daughter wants to talk about the experience. Take time to listen, not just during the first day but for weeks or even months.