Program Director Workshops and Upcoming Events

Program Director Workshops

The three-part workshop series is designed to guide faculty and staff through the planning and implementation process of running a faculty-led program. If you are unable to attend the workshops listed below, please contact the  Office of International Programs to meet individually to discuss your program ideas.

Workshop #1 - Introduction to Leading a Faculty-Led Program  
This workshop will provide a starting point for faculty and staff who are interested in exploring the possibilities for leading a travel/study program. The workshop will cover important dates and deadlines, proposal guidelines and tips, working with logistics partners, budgeting, and recruitment strategies.

Workshop #2 - Accepted Programs: Next Steps  
After a travel/study program has been approved, this workshop will provide the framework for the next steps in the planning process. The workshop will cover application review and selection criteria, finalizing budgets and working with the Business Office, required forms, insurance, risk management preparedness and emergency planning, and important dates.

Workshop #3 - Program Director Pre-Departure Orientation  
This workshop provides information needed to prepare program directors for departure. Topics covered will include emergency management and reporting protocols, health and safety travel information, support contacts and communication, insurance, program wrap-up and case study discussions.