Financial Scholarship

Wofford’s Bonner Scholars in good standing with the Program receive the following financial scholarships and stipends:

  • 100% of their demonstrated financial need (DFN = cost of attendance minus your estimated family contribution as derived from the FAFSA) is covered through grants, scholarships, and/or loans. If a Bonner doesn’t have any demonstrated need, he/she will receive a fixed scholarship amount of $1,500/semester.
  • Up to $5,500 per summer (plus free, on-campus housing for those who choose to stay in Spartanburg) to support summer Bonner work.
  • First year Bonners move into campus a few days early to participate in a Bonner Orientation at no cost to them.
  • First year Bonners take the same January Interim class together including a trip – usually to Washington, DC – at no cost to them.
  • Rising and current senior Bonner Scholars can access up to $500 to support their after-graduation plans – e.g., to support another summer internship, attend a conference, pay graduate admission or test fees, purchase interview clothing, etc.
  • Access to the Bonner Community Fund, where Bonner Scholars can apply for mini-grants on behalf of their nonprofit partners.
  • A host of other less quantifiable, but incredibly valuable, benefits.