What is the National Coalition Building Institute International (NCBI)?

The National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) is an international leadership organization that builds leadership for diversity resource teams and customized training in diversity, equity and inclusion skills for colleges, community organizations, schools, corporations and government agencies worldwide.

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The Wofford NCBI campus affiliate consists of students, faculty and administrators, who are trained by NCBI to provide diversity and inclusion programs on campus. The presence of an affiliate represents an institutional commitment to use NCBI programs across campuses in residential life, student orientation and with faculty throughout the year. The NCBI team offers workshops to create a more inclusive campus environment where participants acquire practical skills to examine their own prejudicial attitudes and learn how to become more effective allies for groups other than their own. The team can also assist with dialog when tough conflicts arise and assist with campus conversations to gauge campus feedback on certain issues. For more information about NCBI, see the NCBI national webpage.

Workshops offered on Wofford’s campus

Welcoming Leadership in Diversity & Respect (Foundations)

Wofford's National Coalition Building Initiative (NCBI) team offers an introductory NCBI workshop on diversity leadership skills. The NCBI workshop is collaborative, engaging and informative for all participants. Led by certified facilitators, NCBI workshops help participants identify various social identities and work through stereotypes, recognize internalized oppression and reclaim pride in one's own background while building bridges across differences. (2-3 hours)

Finding Common Ground (Controversial Issues)

The National Coalition Building Institute's award-winning Controversial Issues Process trains leaders to deal constructively with tough conflicts, enabling them to move disputing parties toward future cooperation. Participants learn to reframe controversial issues into a context where all parties can work toward a common solution. The skills taught in this workshop can be used by anyone in any conflict situation, from simple misunderstanding to heated debate. (2-2.5 hours)

Ally Building Workshop

The National Coalition Building Institute’s Ally Workshop builds upon its signature caucus group format to hear from groups directly on what support they are looking for from allies. Through an interactive series of group discussions and presentations, participants gain a better understanding of other group’s allyship needs and commit to actionable changes in their own allyship based on what they learn from those groups. (2.5 hours as stand-alone workshop; 1.5-2 hours as a follow up to a Foundations Workshop)

Workshop Request form

If you, your organization or department would like to participate in an NCBI workshop, please submit the workshop request form.

Workshop feedback form

In the spirit of NCBI principles, we are constantly looking to create more inclusive and effective workshops. If you have recently participated in an NCBI workshop, please help us continue to make improvements by taking a moment to fill out our workshop feedback form.

Upcoming Workshops

We will add upcoming workshops here as they are scheduled.

Register for an upcoming NCBI workshop

If you are planning to participate, please submit the NCBI workshop registration form. Registrations close three hours before workshops begin.

Wofford NCBI team and membership application

The Wofford NCBI team consists of a representative cross-section of students, faculty and administrators trained by NCBI, to provide diversity and inclusion programs across campus. We would welcome the opportunity to increase representation from across our campus.

If you would like to become a member of the NCBI team, please submit the NCBI membership application.

Meet the team leaders

  • Seth Flanagan - Co-Leader
  • Sara Milani - Co-Leader
  • Talicia Murphy - Co-Leader