Kappa Alpha Order

The Kappa Alpha Order chapter at Wofford was the fourth chapter founded nationally (Delta Chapter) and has been the longest continuously active chapter in the nation. We are the largest fraternity on campus and lead by example through our leadership positions in other campus organizations, our philanthropy and our outreach.

Chapter History

The Kappa Alpha Order was originally founded as Phi Kappa Chi on December 21, 1865 at Washington College (now Washington and Lee) by James Ward Wood, William Archibald Walsh, Stanhope McClelland Scott, and William Nelson Scott, who were all inspired by the ideals of the president of the college at the time, who was Robert E. Lee. In April 1966, the fraternity adopted the name Kappa Alpha, which would continue to this day. The next year, practical founder Samual Zenas Ammen expanded upon the rituals, providing KA with the rich traditions that we have, and distinguishing the fraternity as an order. The Kappa Alpha Order has since expanded throughout the south and into the west as far as California. To this day, there are 131 active chapters with more than 149,000 initiated members.

On February 23, 1869 the Delta chapter of Kappa Alpha Order was founded at Wofford College. Four men, Peebles, Haynes, Rogers, and Newton, were the founding fathers who signed our charter. The charter was presented and signed by Knight Commander William Wilson Collins. Delta Chapter is currently the longest running chapter in KA. The chapter is credited with having the oldest existing composite which now hangs in the national office. The original charter continues to hang in the dorm room of the current Number IV.

Delta's most famous alumni is William Henry Wallace. Wallace was born in Newberry, SC, in 1848 and initiated in 1869. Elected as Knight Commander on June 30, 1876, his term lasted just one year, since the laws required election of Knight Commander in odd years. Wallace was president of the Third Convention and was appointed by the Forth Convention to serve on the committee that considered merging with Northern Kappa Alpha Society. A resident of Newberry, he was editor of the Newberry Observer. Wallace died on May 16, 1924.

The Chapter's faculty advisor is Dr. Robert C. Jeffrey. Dr. Jeffrey has been much help and a great asset for the chapter. 

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