Modern Language Placement


Wofford uses a personalized approach to advising and placement. The modern languages faculty review the previous academic work (high school transcript, AP/IB credit, transfer credit, dual enrollment credit, etc.) of each individual student. Students are placed in a language course based on the number of years associated with the language(s) they previously completed and the level of success achieved. During the first week of the semester, the faculty will make supplemental evaluations, including an online placement test, in class verbal exercises, and writing assignments. With these three data points and the high school transcript, placement is determined in a holistic way. If a student needs to move to a higher level or a lower level, those adjustments will be made in the first week. The Department strives to provide each student with a placement that is optimal for their skill level and enables them to be successful.

Initially you will be placed in the modern language you studied in high school. If Wofford does not offer the language you studied in high school you are eligible to take any language course we do offer with a placement at the 100-level. Your language placement will be available on June 6 through myWofford -> FYI -> New Student Guide -> June: First Steps -> Modern Language Placement

Arabic (ARBC) 101 and Chinese (CHIN) 101 are open to all students and do not require prior learning experience. Both of these courses are four credit hours and meet four times a week. You can register for either course without a specific placement or requesting a change.

Requesting a Change to Your Language Placement

If you want to change your language of study, you must meet one of two criteria. You are requesting to:

  1. Move to a higher level (i.e. from a 100-level to a 200-level course)
  2. Change the language of study (i.e. you studied Spanish in high school, but would like to study German now).

If you meet one of those two criteria, complete the Modern Language Change Request form, available on myWofford. Simply indicate the reason for the request and describe your motivation. You will be contacted once your request is reviewed. If approved, your placement will be updated to include the new course. If seats are available at the time of registration, you will be able to register for the requested course. The Change Request form is available from June 7 through July 1. You need to submit your request by July 1 in order for any updates to be made prior to registration. You can access the Change Request Form through myWofford -> FYI -> Student Checklist -> Modern Language Placement Change Request Form.

If you are not requesting a move to a higher-level course or a move to a new language, your language placement will remain the original placement. You will be able to register for the course into which you placed.

Changing Your Language Placement Once Classes Begin

Modern Languages faculty spend the first week of classes assessing student readiness. The assessment includes a first-day-of-class survey and oral and written evaluative exercises. Additionally, you will take an online placement test which is the final evaluation tool to determine the best course for the level of preparation each student possesses. If you place into a 200-level course and lack the preparation necessary to be successful at that level, you will be invited to move down to a lower level, usually during the first week of the semester. If this move is recommended, your shift to the 100-level class will not disrupt the rest of their schedule and you will still be on track in the 100-level class. You are required to attend the language class into which you placed for at least the first two class periods to complete the assessments.

If you understand the vast majority of what is happening in the 200-level course, have spent time abroad, are a heritage speaker and/or have outstanding academic preparation, you may be ready to move up to the 303 level. If you wish to move up, speak with your instructor in order to determine if the 303 course is appropriate for you. Students who move up to 303, and complete it with a grade of ‘C’ or better, will receive the six credit hours for the 201 and 202 courses, as well as the three credit hours for the 303 course. students who would like to continue their language study at Wofford at the 303 level to let us know; our faculty also contact those students whose records indicate 303 might be an appropriate level for them early in the summer prior to registration.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Students can utilize CLEP to receive credit for French, German and Spanish. CLEP exams must be completed and the scores reported to the Office of the Registrar prior to matriculation.

For more information, visit the AP, CLEP, Dual Enrollment, IB page on the Registrar’s site.

Placement Guidelines

Language Years Placement Notes
Arabic 0-2 ARBC 101 ARBC 101 is 4 credit hours and meets daily M-F
3+ ARBC 201 ARBC 201 is 4 credit hours and meets 4 times a week
Chinese 0-2 CHIN 101 CHIN 101 is 4 credit hours and meets daily M-F
3+ CHIN 201 CHIN 201 is 4 credit hours and meets daily M-F
French 0-2 FREN 101
3 FREN 201
4+ FREN 303 4+ years are invited to enroll in 303, but may take 201
German 0-2 GER 101
3 GER 201
4+ GER 303 4+ years are invited to enroll in 303, but may take 201
Spanish 0-1 SPAN 101
2 SPAN 200
3 SPAN 201
4+ SPAN 201 4+ years are invited to enroll in 303, but may take 201