At Wofford, a faculty team advises and guides interested students toward meeting the expectations and requirements of medical schools across the United States. The college is very successful at facilitating the development of students and their eventual entry into medical programs, with an average 78% acceptance rate for qualified students with a GPA above 3.3 and a competitive MCAT score.

No specific major is required for entry into medical and dental schools, but admission is highly competitive and usually requires successful completion of certain courses. Students must plan their curriculum carefully with the assistance of their advisor. If you are not majoring in biology or chemistry, you should still meet with an advisor from one of these departments because they have more experience working with students with your interests.

In addition, medical and dental school admissions committees place great emphasis on scores on the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), so study, study, study and practice, practice, practice!

Clinical experience is an important part of preparation for medical or dental school. All qualified students are strongly encouraged to participate in Wofford's clinical internship program during the January Interim. This program involves the participation of hospitals and health care professionals who offer Wofford students shadowing experience in all aspects of health care.