Spartanburg District Records, 1870-1991

South Carolina Annual Conference.  Spartanburg District
Records of the Spartanburg District
15 cubic feet and 9 volumes

 The Spartanburg District of the South Carolina Annual Conference was organized in 1870, when the Methodist churches in North Carolina became part of an annual conference in that state.  For much of its history, Methodist churches in Spartanburg, Union, and after it was created, Cherokee Counties have been part of the Spartanburg District.  Occasionally, churches in the western edge of Spartanburg County have been part of the Greenville District. 

 Summary:  The records include bound journals containing the minutes of the district conference (1867-1948), presiding elder’s minute books (1932-35) charge conference records for most of the district’s pastoral charges (1960-1991), and office and program files from the district superintendent’s office. 

 Arrangement:  The records of the quarterly conferences and charge conferences make up the bulk of these records.  They were accessioned in October 2003 after they had been placed in a garbage dumpster, so they came to the archives in a somewhat disorganized state.  The records were effectively in two chronological series, one with all the records for the years 1960 to 1983 for each church in one folder, and the other with a file for each charge for each year, from 1984 to 1990.  In arranging the records, the archivist combined the two series, following the folder labels strictly, breaking up the large folder and combining the smaller folders to create sub-series for each church or charge from 1960 to 1990.  If a church changed its name during those years, the records were filed under whatever name the church used in that year, and name changes are reflected in the finding aid.  Churches that move from one charge to another are identified with whatever charge they were part of when the record was created.  Patrons are advised that they may have to examine several different folders if the church they are researching has moved from charge to charge frequently. Records from after 1990 were added in transfers to the archives in 2005 and 2010.  These records were incorporated into the existing file structure.  The third series, office files, represents program files, was processed in 2011.  

 Finding Aid:  Volume and Folder Listing

 Series One – District Conference Journals

Bound volumes, on shelf

Spartanburg District Conference Journal, 1867-1882bo

Spartanburg District Conference Journal, 1884-1899

Spartanburg District Conference Journal, 1900-1903

Spartanburg District Conference Journal, 1911-1927

Spartanburg District Conference Journal, 1928-1946

Spartanburg District Conference Journal, 1947-1966

Presiding Elder’s Minute Books, 1932-1935 (4 volumes)


Series Two – Charge Conference Records

Folder Listing

Box 1

Albert Chapel, 1987

            (Gaffney-Blacksburg Charge)

Aldersgate, 1965-1990

            (Inman Mills Charge)

Arcadia, 1960-1990



Ben Avon, 1960-87

Bethel, Spartanburg, 1959-1991

Bethel, Union

Bethlehem, Kelton, 1984-1990


Box 2

Bethlehem, 1994-2000
Bogansville, 1964-1970; 1984-1990

Buffalo, 1964-1970; 1984-1990

Buford Street, Gaffney

Campobello, 1967-1970; 1984-1990

Cannon’s Campground


            (Carlisle-St. John-Gilliam’s Chapel)

Central, Spartanburg

Cherokee Springs, 1960-1990

            (See also Liberty)

Chesnee, 1960-1996

            (Chesnee-Trinity Charge)

Box 3

Cornelius, 1962-1983

            (See also Roebuck)

Covenant, Church of the, 1984-1990

Cross Anchor

            (Cross Anchor Charge)

Drayton, 1960-1990

            (See also Skylyn)


Duncan Acres, 1970-1990

            (Formerly Green Street)

Duncan Memorial

El Bethel

Box 4


            (Trinity-Enoree Charge)


Fingerville, 1964-1990

            (See Valley Falls, Beaumont)

Florence Chapel, 1987-90

Foster’s Chapel, 1964-1990

            (Kelton Charge, see Kelton, Bethlehem)

Gaffney-Blacksburg Charge, 1984

            (Albert Chapel, Dunton, Stooping Pines)

Glendale, 1960-1990

            (See also Ben Avon, St. Andrew)

Golightly, 1964-1970

            (Golightly-Hebron, Golightly-Tabernacle)

Grace, Union, 1960-2000

Box 5

Gramling, 1960-2001

Gravely Memorial, 1960-1990

Green Street Union, 1960-1970

            (See Duncan Acres)

Hebron, 1961-1983

            (Golightly-Hebron, Cross Anchor Parish)

Immanuel, 1961-90

            (Immanuel-Loree; previously Jackson Mill or Jackson Methodist)

Inman, 1960-2000


Box 6

Jackson Grove, 1960-70


Jonesville, 1960-1990

            (Jonesville-New Hope)

Kelton Charge, 1960-1970

            (Foster’s Chapel, Bethlehem, Mesopotamia)

Landrum, 1960-1970

Liberty, 1960-1970

            (Cherokee Springs-Liberty; Lyman-Liberty)

Limestone Street, Gaffney, 1960-1990

Lockhart, 1967-90

            (Lockhart-Wesley Chapel)

Loree, 1960-1990



Box 7

Loree, 1994-2000

Lyman, 1967-2000

Montgomery Memorial, 1960-1990

New Hope, 1960-1990

            (Jonesville-New Hope)

Pacolet, 1960-1990

            (Pacolet-White Stone Charge)


Box 8

Pacolet, 1994-2000

 Pleasant Grove (discontinued)

            (Campobello-Landrum Charge)

Pleasant View, 1972-82

            (Cowpens Parish)

Rock Hill, 1982-85

            (Cowpens Parish)

St. Andrews, 1960-1990

            (St. Andrews-Salem, Glendale-St. Andrews)

St. James (1960-1990)

St. John’s, 1972-1990

            (Blacksburg Charge, St. John’s-Sardis)

St. Luke, 1960-1965


Box 9

St. Luke, 1965-2000

St. Mark, 1960-83; 1990-1996

St. Paul, 1960-2000

Salem, 1960-2000

            (Cowpens Circuit)


Box 10

Sardis, Blacksburg [Sardis, Gaffney],1960-1990

            (Blacksburg Charge, Sardis-St. John, Sardis-Trinity)

Sardis, Chesnee, 1978-1990

            (Became Friends in Christ UMC)

Sardis, Union, 1958-1990

            (Union Lane Circuit through 1977)

Saxon, 1960-1990

            (Arcadia-Saxon Charge)

Silver Hill, 1972-1990

 Sims Chapel

 Startex, 1960-1990

 Stooping Pines, 1987

            (Gaffney-Blacksburg Charge)


Box 11

Tabernacle, 1960-1990


 Trinity, Chesnee, 1960-1990


 Trinity, Cross Anchor, 1960-1990


 Trinity, Gaffney

 Trinity, Spartanburg, 1960-2000


Box 12

Trinity, Spartanburg, 2001-2004

Unity, Union, 1960-1990

            (Union Lane Charge through 1977)

Valley Falls

            (Valley Falls-Fingerville)

Walnut Grove

Wesley Chapel

            (Wesley Chapel-Lockhart)

Whitestone, 1960-1990


Whitmire Charge, 1986-1990

            (Whitmire, Carlisle, Gilliam’s Chapel)

            (Transferred from the Greenwood District)

Whitney, 1960-1990

            (Whitney-Beaumont Charge, Whitney-Saxon Charge)

Yarborough’s Chapel

(Cross Anchor)


Series Three – office files

Box 13  

Office Files

Annual Conference, 1989

Annual Conference, 1990

Appointments, 1990

Apportionment Explanatory Notes, 1979

Associate Pastors (Procedures, etc.) 1986-

Cabinet, 1990

Cabinet Workbook, 1989

Charge Conference Schedule, 1987-

Church Extension

Cross Racial Appointments

Deaths, 1987-

Directory, 1988-1989

Directory, 1990-1991

District Boards

District Building and Location Board

District Board of Church Location and Building, 1986

District Board for Congregational Development

Board of Trustees, 1987

Board of Trustees, 1988

Board of Trustees, 1988-89

District Conference, 1960-1961

District Conference, 1962-1963

District Conference, 1963-1964

District Conference, 1965

District Conference, 1966

District Conference, 1967

District Conference, 1968

District Conference, 1987

District Conference, 1989

District Council on Ministries

“The District Lines”

District Superintendency Committee

Committee on District Superintendency, 1987-1988

District Volunteers in Mission, 1989

Equitable Salary, 1990


Membership of the Charge Conference, Council on Ministries & Administrative Board      Form


Office Budget, 1987

Parsonage Study, 1986

Pastor’s Roster, 1989

PPRC Salary Support Sheet


Racial Inclusiveness Task Group


Service for the Receiving of a New Pastor

Stewardship Emphasis, 1987

Sub District 1-6 Churches, 1986

United Methodist Fellowship


District Committees

Committee on Ordained Ministry, 1988

Committee on Ordained Ministry, 1989

Committee on Pastor-Parish Relations

Council on Ministries, 1974

Council on Ministries, 1975

Council on Ministries, 1976

Council on Ministries, 1977

Council on Ministries, 1978

Council on Ministries, 1979

Council on Ministries-Officers, 1979-1980


Box 14

Council on Ministries, 1988-1989

Council on Ministries, 1990

Council on Youth Ministries

Council on Youth Ministries, 1986

Council on Youth Ministries, 1987

Sub-District Council on Ministries



Appointment Correspondence, 1979

Appointment Process, 1985

To Bishop Clark Regarding Concerning U.M. Liberal Causes Funding

Bishop Joseph Bethea

Correspondence 1976-1985

Mailings to Ministers

Outgoing Correspondence, 1986-1987

Correspondence 1985

Outgoing Correspondence, 1988

Outgoing Correspondence, 1990

Racial Inclusiveness

Bethlehem Center

Board Meeting Minutes, 1968-1969

Board Meeting Minutes, 1969-1975

Board Meeting Minutes, 1976-1982

Board Meeting Minutes, 1983-1988

Minister Meetings

Setup Meeting, 1979-1981

Setup Meeting, 1986

Minister’s Meeting, 1973

Minister’s Meeting, 1977-1979

Minister’s Meeting, 1980-1981









Box 15

Wives’ Club

District Minister’s Wives, 1986-1987

Minister’s Retreat, 1980

Ministers and Wives Meeting Minutes

Spartanburg Ministerial Association


Spartanburg District Newsletters

District Lines, 1986

District Lines, 1987







Resource File


Status and Role of Women



Community Outreach Project

Domestic Violence Training Seminar, 1987

Greater Spartanburg Ministries

Methodist Bicentennial

Wesley Tricentennial

JP Stevens

Boycott [1]

Boycott [2]



1973 1 st Quarter Reports Councils on Ministries, Local Church

Model Cities

1975 Parsonage Surveys

Spartanburg County Inter-Faith Survey, 1963

Whitlock Estate-New Hope, Jonesville