Records of the Annual Conference

South Carolina Annual Conference Papers

South Carolina Annual Conference, United Methodist Church. 
Records, 1960-2009
4.3 cubic feet, in 7 boxes

History note: The South Carolina Annual Conference dates to 1785. In 1972, the state’s historically white and historically African-American conferences merged into a new, integrated organization. All United Methodist local congregations in South Carolina are part of the South Carolina Annual Conference.  

Organization note: Arranged into 5 series: subject files; Committees; Clippings; Conference Sessions; and Accountant and Audit Reports.  

Access note: Unrestricted  

Summary note: The Conference Records contain materials relating to the sessions of Annual Conference, to legal and property issues, and from several conference boards and committees. The records include some materials about bishops Paul Hardin Jr., Edward L. Tullis, Roy C. Clark, Joseph B. Bethea, Robert H. Spain, and J. Lawrence McCleskey. The records address a few specific special topics, such as open itinerancy, cross-racial appointments, women in the clergy, and apportionment payments. These records also include a few smaller conference committee files, particularly those committees that have not deposited their full record collections with the archives. Some conference papers have the notation (85) or (66) which refers to the conference organized in 1785 or the African-American conference organized in 1866. The records also include clipping files maintained in the Conference Archives and the reports of the conference audit.  

Citation: Cite as: Records of the South Carolina Annual Conference, Archives, Sandor Teszler Library, Wofford College  

Location: Archives, Sandor Teszler Library, Wofford College, Spartanburg, SC 29303  

Related material: Records of the  Conference Council on Ministries; earlier records of the Conference, minutes of the Annual Conference.  

Administrative notes: Accessioned from the Conference Center in January 2005, processed November 2006 by Phillip Stone. Additional materials processed in July 2009 by Phillip Stone and Kristy Meehan.  

Finding Aid: Folder listing  

Folder Listing  

Box 1  

Series 1 – Subject Files  

Conference Papers- Anderson District  
Conference Papers- Appointment Process 1974-1975  
Conference Papers- Area Administrative Assistant Episcopacy Committee  
Installation Service- Bethea, Joseph B.  
SC Conference Papers- Equal Rights Amendment 1979-1980  
Conference Papers- Claflin Challenge  
Conference Papers- Clergy Women  
Conference Papers- Cross-Racial Appointments  
Conference Papers- SRC “Events at Orangeburg”  
Uniting General Conference, 1968  
General Conference, 1972  
Conference Papers- Greenville District  
Conference Papers- Hardin Statement on Racism and Sin, 1963  
Jurisdictional Conference, 1964  
Jurisdictional Conference, 1968  
Conference Papers- Paul Hardin-Billy Graham Golf Match  
Conference Papers- Hardin “State of the Church” rel.  
Installation Service- McCleskey, J. Lawrence  
Conference Papers- Hickory Groove- Fairview Churches  
Conference Papers- Legal- Francis Burns-St. Jude Merger  
Conference Papers- Legal Issues reuseat ME Church South Name, 1940-45  
Conference Papers- Lynnwood Church  

Box 2  

Merger evaluation, 1977  
Conference Papers-Open Itinerancy  
Conference Papers- Open Itinerancy  
Conference Papers- Open Itinerancy  
Conference Papers- Legal- Prospect Methodist Property Dispute  
Conference Papers- Consultation on Racial Inclusiveness  
Conference Papers- Rock Hill District  
Conference Papers- Tullis foreward to Curry book “Passionate Journey”  
Conference Papers- Waltersboro District  

Box 3  
Series 2 – Boards and Committees  

Apportionments Committee, 1995-96  
Committee to promote apportionment payment  
Committee on Clergy Dissatisfaction  
Conference Papers- Compensation Study Committee 1983-1989  
SC Conference Coordinating Council 1960-1962  
SC Conference Coordinating Council 1963  
Nominations Committee, Correspondence, 1991-92  
Nominations Committee, Correspondence, 1992-93  
SC Conference- Coordinating Council, 1968-72  
Council on Finance and Administration  
Conference Papers- Ethnic Local Church Concerns 1985-88  
Board of Health and Welfare Ministries  
Conference Papers- Committee on the Lay Worker, General  
Conference Papers- Committee on the Lay Worker, 1971-72  
Conference Papers- Committee on the Lay Worker, 1972- 76  
Conference Papers- Committee on the Lay Worker, 1976-78  
SC Conference- Special Task Force on Mental Retardation  
Committee on Merger  
Board of Ordained Ministries  
Board of Pensions  
Committee on Proportional Payments  
Conference Papers- Board of Missions Racial Unrest, 1969  
Commission on Religion and Race  
Trustees of the Annual Conference  
Conference Papers- Trustees- Methodist Center  
Conference Papers- Trustees- Methodist Center  

Box 4  
Series 3 – News Clippings and Ephemera  
Annual Conference Clippings 1862-1940  
Annual Conference Clippings 1951-1968  
Annual Conference Clippings 1971-1979  
Annual Conference Clippings 1980- 1983  
Annual Conference Clippings 1984-1986  
Annual Conference Clippings 1987- 1989  
Annual Conference Clippings 1990-2005  
Upper South Carolina Annual Conference  

Series 4 – Conference Session Records  

Conference Papers- 1969 Conference 85  
Conference Papers- 1969 Conference 66  
Conference Papers- 1970 Conference 66  
Conference Papers- 1971 Conference 66  
Conference Papers- 1971 Conference 85  
Conference Papers- Merger Documents 1968-74  
Conference Papers- 1972 October Special Session  
Conference Papers- 1974 Conference  
Annual Conference 1976  
Annual Conference 1980  
Annual Conference 1984  

Box 5  
Annual Conference 1986  
Annual Conference 1987  
Annual Conference 1988  
Annual Conference 1989  
Annual Conference 1999  
Annual Conference Clippings 1999  
Annual Conference 2001  
Annual Conference 2002 Folder 1  
Annual Conference 2002 Folder 2  
Annual Conference 2003 Folder 1  
Annual Conference 2003 Folder 2  
Annual Conference Clippings 2003  
Annual Conference- 2004 Folder 1  
Annual Conference- 2004 Folder 2  
Annual Conference- 2005 Folder 1  
Annual Conference- 2005 Folder 2  
Annual Conference- 2006 Folder 1  
Annual Conference- 2006 Folder 2  
2007 Annual Conference- Folder 1  
2007 Annual Conference- Folder 2  
Annual Conference 2009  

Box 6  
Series 5 – Accountant and Audit Reports  
Accountant’s Report S.C. Conference of the Methodist Church (SEJ) (S.D. Clarkson, Treasurer) Columbia, S.C.  
June 30, 1961- December 31, 1977 and 1978  

Box 7  

Financial Statements S.C. Conference of the United Methodist Church (Thad W. Herbert, Treasurer) Columbia, S.C.  
June 31, 1978 and 1979- December 31, 1992  

Minutes of the Board of Pensions of the S.C. Methodist Conference 1960-61 to 1962-63  

Accountants Report The Board of Pensions of the S.C. Conference of the Methodist Church (SEJ) S.D. Clarkson- Treasurer. Columbia, S.C.  
May 31, 1961- May 31, 1972