Papers of Joseph Marion Rogers

Rogers, Joseph Marion, 1862-1952  
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Biographical note:  Born in Marion County, SC in 1862, Joseph Marion Rogers was a member of the freshman class at Trinity College before enrolling at Wofford College.  He earned the A. B. degree at Wofford in 1887 and the A. M. degree in 1891.  Joining the South Carolina Methodist Conference in 1889, he was ordained a deacon in 1891 and an elder in 1091.  He taught high school and at Columbia College before embarking on his career in the ministry. 

Organization note: Original order was maintained, and each item has an individual listing in the finding aid by title. 

Access note: unrestricted

 Summary note: The collection consists largely of sermons with a few other types of addresses.  The sermons were delivered in various locations around South Carolina in the period 1890-1930.   

 Citation:  Cite as: Papers of Joseph Marion Rogers, Archives, Sandor Teszler Library, Wofford College

 Location:  Archives, Sandor Teszler Library, Wofford College, Spartanburg, SC 29303

 Administrative notes:  Processed October 2010 by Kate Conner and Phillip Stone

 Finding Aid:  item listing

 Folder 1:

“The Witness of the Spirit” Sermon

 Folder 2:

“The Choice of Moses” Sermon

 Folder 3:

“Justification by Faith” Sermon

 Folder 4:

“The Mission of Christianity to the World”. Speech read before the Rock Hill District Conference at Richburg.  March, 1904.

 Folder 5:


 Folder 6:

Collection of Sermons:

First Packet:  “Restoring the Lost Years”.  Salem, Dec. 28, 1930.  Conclusion attached at the end.

Second Packet:  “The Three Crosses”

Third Packet:  “The First Christmas Carol”

Fourth Packet:  “Zenas, The Lawyer”  Story of Zenas by Paul.

 Folder 7:

Collection of Sermons:

First Packet:  “Serpents in the Camp”

Second Packet:  “Not Weary in Well Doing” (?) – Prayer included (Folded page in middle)

Third Packet: “Such as I Have” – Personal Notes or a Sermon?

Fourth Packet:  “Mothers Day” Sermon  (1911?)

Fifth Packet:  “The Leaven” (?)

Sixth Packet:  “Sowing and Reaping”

Seventh Packet:  “The Profit in Godliness”

Folder 8:  
Collection of Sermons:

First Packet:  “The Farther Step” Sermon

Second Packet:  No Title; Notes on Mark 10:44

Third Packet:  “Christ the Living Water” Sermon- Two Sermons both Titled “Christ the Living Water”  
Fourth Packet:  “Bearing Our Own Burdens” Sermon- Several notes attached.

Folder 9:

Collection of Sermons:

First Packet:  “He Saved Others” Sermon

Second Packet:  Newspaper clippings- The Pentecostal Herald- The Herald Pulpit: “The Cross of Christ Article” by Rev. J.F. Harvey (Wednesday September 16, 1936)

Third Packet: No Title; Notes/Sermon on Galatians 6:14

Fourth Packet:  “Mothers Day” Sermon (1920) *Mothers Day Sermon also in Folder 7 Packet 4.

Fifth Packet:  No Title; Notes/Sermon on John 1:41,42

Folder 10:

Collection of Sermons:

First Packet:  “Paradise” Sermon

Second Packet:  “Paul and Felix” or “Paul before Felix” (Title on Back) Sermon

Third Packet:  “Pure and Undefiled Religion” Sermon

Fourth Packet:  “Lois and Eunice” Another Mothers Day Sermon

Fifth Packet:  “Yoke and Burden” Sermon

Folder 11:

Collection of Sermons:

First Packet:  (loose papers, not bound) “Wisdom Without God” Sermon (March 1917?)  
Second Packet:  (loose papers, not bound) “Zaccheus I” and “Zaccheus II” Sermons

Third Packet:  “Lydia’s Conversion” Sermon

Fourth Packet:  “Filled with the Holy Ghost and Witnessing” Sermon

Fifth Packet:  “Sin and Grace” Sermon

Sixth Packet:  “Sin” Notes

Seventh Packet:  “Losing and Finding Life” Sermon

Eighth Packet:  “Repentance” Sermon

*Loose pages in back: Notes on Matthew 28:20, no title/incomplete

Folder 12:

Newspaper Article Clippings- “The Mission of Christianity to the World” by Rev. J. Marion Rogers in The Southern Christian Advocate, Thursday March 31, 1904.  Accompanied by Notes from Rev. Rogers

Packet Two: Title not Legible; Matthew 21:19

Folder 13:

Collection of Sermons:

First Packet:  “The Coming Kingdom” Sermon

Second Packet:  “The (?) Entry?” Sermon

Third Packet:  “The Wedding Garment” Sermon

Fourth Packet:  “Where are the (?)” Sermon/  “The Ten Lepers” (back)

Fifth Packet:  “Apostasy” Sermon (loose papers, not bound)

Sixth Packet:  Not a Sermon, “Memorial Day at Denmark”

Folder 14:

Collection of Sermons:

First Packet:  “Help Those Women” Sermon

Second Packet:  “Playing the Game; or Living Life Successfully” Sermon

Third Packet:  “The Value of a Definite and Resolute Purpose in Life” Sermon

Fourth Packet:  “Books and Reading” Notes

Fifth Packet:  More “Reading” Notes- March 4 ‘87