Papers of A. C. Holler

Holler, Adlai Cornwell, 1898-1981
Papers, 1920-1981
9.3 cubic feet, in 10 boxes
MSS Holler

Biographical note:  Adlai Cornwell Holler graduated from Wofford College in 1921, and following his graduation, he attended Harvard Law School.  He earned the LLB degree from the University of South Carolina in 1925 and studied for an MA the next year in education and sociology.  He was licensed to preach in May 1925 in Columbia, and earned his BD at Duke Divinity School in 1930.  He joined the Upper South Carolina Annual Conference on trial in October 1925, was ordained deacon and received into full connection in 1928, and was ordained elder in 1931. 

In his ministry, he served the following appointments: 

1926 - Edgewood, Columbia

1928 - Student, Duke University

1931 - Green Street, Union

1933 - Aiken and Williston

1937 - Buford Street, Gaffney

1939 - First Church, Laurens

1945 - Executive Secretary, Board of Education, member of the Trinity, Spartanburg Quarterly Conference

1948 - Myrtle Beach

1952 - St. George

1957 - Editor, South Carolina Methodist Advocate, Trenholm Road Quarterly Conference

1961 - St. Mark, Greenville

1965 - Spartanburg District Superintendent

1971 - Retired

1971 - Retired Supply at Central, Newberry

1972 - Retired Supply at Mill Creek, Richland County

Organization note: The collection is arranged into 3 series: Personal Papers; Official Papers; and Sermons and related materials.

Access note: Unrestricted

Summary note: The personal papers series includes his class notes from law school at Harvard and at the University of South Carolina, his notes from classes at the Duke Divinity School, correspondence and materials from the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, correspondence and materials from other social and civic organizations, materials relating to courses he taught at various Methodist Training Schools, and subject files. 

The official papers series includes materials that he produced while serving as the secretary of the Annual Conference, as a delegate to General and Jurisdictional Conferences, as a member of the Columbia College Board of Trustees, as a member of the conference Board of Pensions, as the Spartanburg District Superintendent, and as a minister in a number of local churches. 

The sermons and related materials series contains typed copies of pastoral prayers, bulletin materials, other liturgical materials, and copies of several hundred sermons and sermon notes.  These have been maintained in their original envelopes, with references to texts, hymns, and dates and locations where they were delivered.  Some sermons were delivered multiple times, and so no attempt has been made to arrange them by date.  These boxes also contain many of his calendars and pastor’s notebooks. 

Citation:  Cite as: Papers of Adlai Cornwell Holler, Archives, Sandor Teszler Library, Wofford College

Location:  Archives, Sandor Teszler Library, Wofford College, Spartanburg, SC 29303 

Administrative notes:  Received from Adlai Cornwell Holler, Jr., 2008.  Processed in 2011-2013 by Luther H. Rickenbaker, III and Phillip Stone. 

Finding Aid:  Box and Folder listing

Box 1

Series 1 – Personal Papers

10 Volumes of Law School notes

Duke alumni materials

Duke Divinity School notes

Duke Chapel Dedication Program


Box 2

Series 1 – Personal Papers (continued)


Sigma Alpha Epsilon materials (4 folders)

Theta Phi materials

American Bible Society

Lion’s Club

Confederate Centennial (2 folders)

Ecumenical Dialogue Address by Cardinal Suenens, Emory U., 1967

Evangelistic Missions Conference, 1953

Sesquicentennial Poster

Second Methodist Conference on Human Relations, 1963 (4 folders)

The Devil’s Advocate, n.d.

United Methodist Youth Movement (2 folders)

Teaching materials on Methodism (6 folders)

General teaching materials

Old Testament teaching materials

Life of Jesus teaching materials

Teaching resources on prayer

Understanding the Bible teaching materials (3 folders)

Church School administration (2 files)

Understanding adults

Young adult teaching materials

Training Schools

Berkeley County Training School

General teaching file

Evangelism teaching file

Alcoholics Anonymous

Counseling the Alcoholic

Alcoholism/Alston Wilkes Society

South Carolina Methodist Pastor’s School (3 folders)

Christian Action Council/Howard McClain


Box 3

Series 1 - Personal Papers, Continued


Human Relations file, 1950-61

Social Action publication 2-1-1936 “Will the Church Demand Racial Justice?”

Senior Citizen Correspondence, etc.

Soil Conservation

South Carolina Social Work Materials, 1942

Lake Junaluska Children’s Building Committee, 1947-52

Lake Junaluska Leadership School, 1948

Lake Junaluska Leadership Minutes, 1947-48

SC Fellowship of Churches- Organizational Correspondence, 1941-43

Lake Junaluska, General File

Lake Junaluska Material

World Council of Churches, 1940’s

National Council of Churches, 1950’s and 60’s

Photo Collection, People and Places

Personal Chicago Post Card Collection

General File, Letters, etc. 1930’s, 40’s 50’s, 60’s

Heptagon Club, Columbia, SC, 1958

Personal Correspondence Notes

Personal Correspondence, 1964

Letters of Appreciation

Personal (3 folders)

Holler on Robert E. Lee

Holler on Franklin D. Roosevelt, April 1945
Holler, Personal (family)

Personal expenses, 1929-1934

Personal “the Studebaker”

Correspondence, Bishop Costen J. Harrell, 1955

Correspondence,  Bishop Costen Harrell, 1956.

Correspondence, John J. Rudin III, Duke University


Secular Correspondence

Special Correspondence

Miscellaneous Letters

Correspondence, controversial

News Clippings

Collectibles, Miscellaneous

Local Preacher’s License, 1925, and photos

Correspondence, 1936-38

Correspondence, 1937-38

Correspondence, 1958

Correspondence, 1958-1961

Correspondence, Bishop Paul Hardin Jr.

Correspondence, Bishop Charles Wesley Flint

Correspondence, Bishop Nolan B. Harmon, 1957-68

Correspondence, Charles F. Marsh, 1968

Correspondence, Governor Donald Russell, 1962

Correspondence, Anonymous

Correspondence, South Carolina Conference Statistics, 1940, 1968, 1969

National Laity Conference, Purdue University, 1961

Correspondence, Allen H. Godbey, Duke University

Correspondence-Woodrow Ward controversy

Program Calendars, 1974, 1975, 1978



Box 4

Personal-Church Files


Columbia District, 1973-75

Charleston District

Greenville District

Lake City District-Finance File

Marion District

Rock Hill District

Spartanburg District, 1967-69

Spartanburg District, 1969-70

Spartanburg District,

Spartanburg District

Local Church Materials


Buford Street, Gaffney

Central, Newberry, 4 folders

Edgewood, NC

Graham, NC

Mill Creek Church

Laurens, First

St. George

St. John’s Aiken

St. Mark, Greenville

Holler – Information for Preachers

First Methodist, Myrtle Beach

Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference, 1952

Study Committee, Central and Southeastern Jurisdiction Merger, 1967-71 (three folders)

Southeastern Jurisdiction, Episcopal Message, 1964

General Conference, 1967-70

General Conference, 1968-70

Episcopal Addresses, 1964-72

Jurisdictional Conference, 1968

Interjurisdictional Relations, 1966-67

Delegates, Jurisdictional and General Conference, 1960



Box 5

Series 3-Official Files

Conference Board of Evangelism

Office of Ministerial Affairs, Audit, 1965

Conference Board of Pensions, Financial Statement, 1968

General Board of Pensions, Proposed Manual, 1966

General Board of Pensions

Widow’s Income Tax

Letter regarding salaries, 1939

Board of Pensions, Correspondence, 1940s (3 files)

Report, Adequate Support of the Ministry, 1945

Board of Pensions Correspondence, 1940s-1950s

Board of Pensions Correspondence, 1950s

Board of Pensions, 1950s

Board of Pensions Correspondence, 1953

Board of Pensions Correspondence, 1954

Pensions Statistics, 1961-63

Pensions Statistics, 1958-1966

Conference Board of Pensions, 1965-69

Board of Conference Claimants, 1948-51

Judicial Council Briefs on Pensions, 1969

Ministers Social Security Information

Conference Board of Pensions Correspondence, 1958-59 (2 folders)

Conference Board of Pensions Minutes, 1959-67

Institutional Pensions

Pensions, 1951-58 (3 folders)

Pensions, 1960s

Commission on Insurance, correspondence, 1968

Pension News (publication), 1948-56



Box 6

Series 3-Official Files, continued

Christian Higher Education

Columbia College-President’s Annual Report, May 1967

Columbia College-President’s Annual Report, May 1971

Columbia College-Trustee business, 1967-68

Columbia College-Investments, 1970-71

Columbia College-Trustee Minutes, 1964-70

Columbia College-Trustee Minutes, 1967-68

Columbia College-Trustee Minutes, 1970-71

Columbia College-Student Aid Correspondence

Columbia College-Financial Drives, 1978-79

Columbia College Bylaws

Columbia College-Bylaws Correspondence, M. L. Meadors

Emory University Information

Mayfields Campground-Board of Directors Minutes

Advocate-Changing Editors-Holler to Brabham

Advocate Annual Reports, 1954-60

Advocate Board of Trustees, Minutes, 1957-61

Methodist Credit Union, Annual Meeting Agendas, 1962-84

Methodist Credit Union, Board of Directors, Statistics, 1967

Methodist Credit Union, Correspondence, 1971-72

Methodist Credit Union, Statistics, 1980

Methodist Credit Union, Statistics, 1981 (2 folders)

Methodist Credit Union, Statistics, 1982

Methodist Credit Union, Minutes, 1979-80

Methodist Credit Union, Minutes and Statistics, 1981-82

Methodist Credit Union, Statistics, 1983 (2 files)

Methodist Credit Union, Minutes, 1984 (2 files)

Methodist Credit Union, Bylaws

South Carolina Annual Conference, Minutes and Resolutions, 1939-42

South Carolina Annual Conference, Journal, 1971

South Carolina Annual Conference Board of Trustees

Methodist and Evangelical United Brethren, Merger Statistics

Coordinating Council

Correspondence-Standing Rules, 1958-1962

Committee on Nominations-amendments to standing rules


Box 7

Sermons and related materials

Prayers at Mill Creek UMC (2 folders)

Outline of services, 1926-1928

Outline of services, First Church, Laurens, 1938-45

Prayers at St. Mark UMC

Bible reading typescripts (four folders)

Installation services

Bulletin resources

Bulletin collections (5 folders)

Funeral records

Marriage ceremonies

Sermons, lessons, etc

Sermon reference materials (two folders)

Special talks, messages (four folders)

Sermons and lectures

Lake Junaluska 1926, sermon and lecture notes

Early sermons, lecture notes, 1932?

Pastor’s Books, 1926 and after, several items


Boxes 8-9

Sermons and sermon notes, in individual envelopes, with text, hymn, and location references, unarranged


Box 10

Minister’s calendars, notebooks, etc.