How to request a copy of an obituary from the Southern Christian Advocate-South Carolina United Methodist Advocate

The archives is closed for renovations this summer. We are able to provide obituary scans on a limited basis. Without student help, we may not begin answering obituary requests again until the fall semester begins in September.

We do charge $5 per obituary request. We prefer to send invoices through PayPal to collect these fees. We only send an invoice when we have actually located the obituary and it's ready to send to you. But, in making the request, you are agreeing that you're willing to pay the fee.

Please include the following information for each obituary you'd like to request:

  • Name of the person whose obituary you are seeking
  • Date of publication in the Advocate (this is indicated as "OD" in the index).
  • Volume, number, page, and column number information from the index

This information helps us look up the obituary on the reels of microfilm more easily.

In the late 1950s and 1960s, the Advocate often published only one-line death notices for most lay persons. These only contain name, date of death, age, and hometown. We can still provide a transcription of the notice if requested.

Please use this form to Request Obituary copies. Please do not call with requests - we prefer not to try to take requests by phone.