Learning Work Internships

Learning Work enables students to build their professional network and enhance their resume while gaining firsthand experience in their desired field. With a commitment of 30-40 hours per week, students immerse themselves in a professional environment alongside peers exploring various career paths.

While students are responsible for arranging their own internships, Wofford offers assistance if needed. Whether entering the program with a specific internship or seeking help from the Career Center, applying early through the Learning Work portal is strongly recommended. Through this process, early applicants without internships get extra time to secure one and guarantee their spot in the program, while those already interning secure their place. 

Learning Work Interim: Application Process

The early decision deadline is October 7th, students are encouraged to continue working with Career Services to find a position up until the Nov. 15th final deadline. If your proposal is deemed to meet all of the expected requirements it will be accepted, but there is no guarantee that all submitted proposals will be accepted.

Upon securing an internship and gaining acceptance into a Learning Work Interim course, a Learning Work faculty member will communicate to the student the requirements and expectations associated with the internship.

The proposal form for learning work is here:


If you have questions, you can contact Dr. A.K. Anderson at andersonak@wofford.edu, director of Interim this semester.