Independent Study

Independent Interim projects give students an opportunity to develop their own course of study for a given Interim with the help of a faculty mentor. These projects are rigorous and require a high degree of independence, creativity and commitment on the part of the student. Such independent study does not include work at an internship. Rather, this independent work involves research, whether of a traditional academic or a more experiential nature, that then results in a final capstone project at the conclusion of Interim.

Please note the following restriction on independent study:

  • Students who are currently on disciplinary probation or who have been found guilty of academic dishonesty will not be allowed to propose an independent project.

Process for Proposing an Independent Project

  1. Finding a faculty sponsor for the project.
  2. Completing the proposal form by the deadline.
  3. Receiving approval of the proposed project by Wofford’s Interim Committee.

The student portion of the independent study proposal must be completed and submitted by September 22, in order to be considered by the Interim Committee.

The fall deadline is Friday, September 22. The summer deadline is Friday, April 26. No late proposals will be considered.

After the student portion of the form has been submitted, the faculty sponsor must complete his or her portion of the application.