Jeremy Powers ’21 says his interest in drones began a couple of years ago when a local real estate agent reached out and asked if he would edit video footage.

Realizing the market that this form of advertising could offer, Powers decided to purchase his own drone and explore the world of drone videography and photography, eventually creating his own small business.

“I've been able to create a business name, logo, website, Facebook and Instagram page, and set it up as an LLC,” says Powers of the business he continues to grow since joining Wofford and the Launch Program through The Space in the Mungo Center. “I also became licensed by the FAA last year, which was a big milestone for me.”

As director of entrepreneurial programs, Tyler Senecal has provided crucial support and guidance to Jeremy throughout the establishment of his small business.

Senecal has helped Powers define development goals and strategies without doing the work for him. According to Senecal, it's about encouraging students to be independent in the business environment.

“This approach teaches our students how to figure things out on their own in a safe environment. It’s so empowering for a student to be able to say that they did something like this on their own,” Senecal says. “Wofford students are incredibly bright, so with a little coaching they can figure out almost anything.”

Powers’ favorite part of his drone business is the freedom it gives him to capture photos that would not be possible otherwise. Because he was able to take something he was interested in and turn it into his own business, Powers encourages his peers to start their own businesses, especially while at Wofford.

“There's a great support network here to get started, and it's a lot less scary than you think,” says Powers. “You'll end up getting a lot of good experience along the way.”

Senecal agrees that Wofford is a great place to cultivate a business because of the resources the college offers.

“College is the best time to launch a new venture because you are surrounded by highly educated experts, resources and a strong community,” Senecal says. “You are in an environment where it is safe to take risks, experiment and even experience and learn from failure.”

By Hayley Younginer ’19