When Maddi Eberhardt studied abroad through the Moscow Art Theatre semester in Russia, she knew New York was the next step if she was going to pursue a career in acting.

“I knew that if I didn’t go for it, I’d regret it, and I’m not the kind of person who lives in the ‘what ifs,’” says Eberhardt. She found a job as a live-in nanny, signed up for acting classes, hired a vocal coach and found a weekend job teaching musical theatre to children through the Creatively Wild Art Studio in Brooklyn. She’s figuring out how to live cheaply in the city, taking in everything she can about the business, auditioning and building a resume.

“It’s a little intimidating, the city itself and the process of auditioning, but I trust my training,” says Eberhardt. “Wofford Theatre prepared me to face it all. No matter who I’m auditioning with, I feel prepared.”

According to Eberhardt, Wofford gave her the confidence to move to New York as a 22-year-old. “Wofford Theatre demanded so much of me, but I got so much because I gave so much,” she says. “Theatre represents real life, and real life isn’t simple. It’s complicated. Wofford Theatre taught me that. It taught me to be open and say yes. That’s the beauty of the craft. If you’re open to learning, you’re allowed so many more opportunities.”

A year into her experience, Eberhardt continues to work on her craft, audition and support herself. “Acting is all. I can’t picture myself doing anything else.”

By Jo Ann Mitchell Brasington ’89