Wofford College is welcoming its largest class in the college’s history to campus. The Class of 2027 consists of 511 students, and they are an impressive group of Terriers. 

Here’s an overview of the class:  

There are 281 women and 230 men. 

The class has 122 legacy students. 

Student-athletes total 129 (65 signed and 64 walk-on). 

Pell Grant recipients total 89 students. 

The class has 76 first-generation college students.

There are 70 Palmetto Fellows. 

Forty-six percent of the class is from outside of South Carolina. 

They’re from 27 states and 11 countries. 

International students hail from New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Egypt, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, Jamaica and Croatia. 

Their high school accomplishments:  

  • The class average GPA exceeds 4.0.
  • 178 team captains, including one person who captained four teams.
  • 77 were club presidents, including one who was president of four clubs.
  • 27 editors of high school publications.
  • 24 received Gold and Eagle Scout awards.
  • Nine were student body presidents.
  • Eight were valedictorians or salutatorians.
  • There are multiple AP Scholars with distinction. 

Fun facts about the class:  

There’s a finalist from the Women’s Croatian basketball league.

There’s a captain of the under-17 Egyptian national men’s basketball team. 

The class has skydivers, rock climbers, cliff divers, hikers, skiers and snowboarders. 

A tennis player ranked in the top 10 players in the United Kingdom under 18 years old. 

One is the recipient of the top attorney award for the National High School Mock Trial Tournament. 

The class has a member of the National Guard who recent completed boot camp. 

One ziplined through the jungles of Belize during the summer. 

A student started a business over the summer and was approved for an LLC. 

One had a 300-mile backpacking trip that spanned three states and took 19 days to complete. 

A writer has had five pieces published in literary magazines. 

Another writer has self-published a book of short stories. 

The class has the author of a novel. 

One student is trilingual. 

There’s a chess player with an 1850 rating, which is better than 90% of all rated players. 

The first chair flautist for South Carolina is in the class. 

One signed a second contract with a professional soccer team, Memphis 901 FC. 

One founded the first independent student film studio in the country and produced a documentary featured in three film festivals. 

There’s a student who started a sneaker consignment business in eighth grade that generated over $12,000 in profit.