Rooted in the liberal arts, XW will support up to 20 fellows as they develop and refine purposeful, ambitious, experiential projects that engage with global issues. Fellows may apply now, and the first cohort will be announced by the end of April 2023, following a review/interview process. Faculty and staff are encouraged to nominate students. Support for these fellows will include:

  • Cohort building.
  • Discernment work.
  • General and project-specific reading lists.
  • Alumni/faculty/staff mentoring.
  • Targeted educational modules.

Through this process, students will be encouraged to connect their passions and ambitions to broader global themes and develop a project that reflects the fullest expression of that intersection.

Projects will generally fall into one of four categories. (These categories are suggestions. If you are unsure if your proposal will fit, contact Dr. Mark Ferguson at It’s also OK if you are unsure of the type of project that you would like to pursue.)

  • Social justice or community engagement.
  • Entrepreneurial problem solving.
  • Artistic or creative undertakings.
  • Scientific research.

Accepted students will participate in intensive summer reading and a late summer/early fall weekend retreat in 2023, weekly meetings during the fall 2023 semester and the completion of a project plan by the end of that semester. Projects will generally be completed during spring or summer 2024. Returning fellows will present at the XWFellows Symposium during Family Weekend in the fall of 2024 and will serve as reciprocal mentors for subsequent cohorts.

Note: While the cohort selection will be need-blind; financial need will be one of several factors in determining the level of support for individual projects. Fellows will not generally receive academic credit for the completion of their projects.

Please submit your application to by 5 p.m., March 31.

Direct questions to Dr. Mark Ferguson, program director,

Planned major(s)/minor(s):

Please provide written answers to the following questions.

List your favorite class (or classes) at Wofford so far. Why?

If there were no barriers or financial considerations, what three careers would you most like to pursue professionally? Why?

How do you hope to change Wofford while you are here or the world after you leave Wofford?

How does a liberal arts education help you engage with, understand, and/or solve global issues? (By “liberal arts” we mean cross-disciplinary problem solving characterized by breadth of thought, coursework, influence and experience.)

Please answer the following question via audio recording.

Tell us a story about an eye-opening experience that you have had. This could be anything you have seen, experienced or encountered that has changed how you think about or understand the world or your place in it.