By Indiya Clarke ’26

Traveling is usually a bad thing in basketball. Michael Henson ’25 spent his entire summer doing it and didn’t draw a single whistle.

Henson moved between several power five colleges teaching children and youth basketball while creating connections with coaches for his future in the sport.

Starting the first week of June, he worked at four different basketball camps focused on developing and teaching kids how to play the game.

“I tried to network with coaches and meet as many people as possible,” says Henson, an art history major from Spartanburg, South Carolina. “Working those camps was a way to network.”

Along with working at Wofford men’s basketball’s kids camp, Henson also worked camps at the University of Kansas, Brigham Young University and Marquette University. He was named the coach of the week at the BYU camp.

“At most colleges I was able to talk with coaches and watch their teams practice,” Henson says. “I wanted to learn as much as possible throughout the evening.”

Henson has worked as a manager for the Wofford men’s basketball team since he arrived on campus as a first-year student.  

“Our coaches have been really great at setting me up with people that they know, or think are good coaches,” says Henson. “Just being around the team is the perfect way to get into coaching. My goal is to one day be a Division I head coach.”

Henson also worked the NCAA Basketball Academy. The academy was held in Memphis, Tennessee, and collegiate and high school coaches from all levels were in attendance.