It’s Interim at Wofford College and that means Terriers are exploring, experimenting and trying new approaches. The college’s original proposal for Interim recommended that it be a time to run risks “that cannot be run during the regular semester when the emphasis is different.”

Wofford began offering an Interim in 1968. It’s usually a four-week period between the fall and spring semesters that allows students and faculty to focus on a single topic. Students can participate in professional internships, including pre-law, pre-dentistry and time in clinical medical settings. There are also opportunities to intern on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

Study abroad opportunities are popular during Interim. This year, 195 Wofford students registered for such programs. They’re studying in Belize, the British Isles, the Arabian Peninsula, Bonaire, Germany, Spain, France, the Galapagos Islands, South Africa, Italy, the Czech Republic and Mexico.

“Interim allows our students to be challenged in environments that extend beyond the traditional classroom,” says Dr. Tim Schmitz, Wofford’s interim provost. “During Interim, our students problem-solve in the real world and have unique opportunities to develop both new skills and those typically associated with a college education.”

In all, Wofford is offering 95 Interim courses in 2022.

Some of the Interim 2022 course offerings include:

Courses preparing students for careers in medicine and the necessary postgraduate education, including one focused on medical terminology, which is being taught by Dr. Bob Moss, Larry H. McCalla Professor of Biology, and “An Introduction to Dental Medicine” taught by Dr. Charlie Bass, the chemistry department’s Dr. and Mrs. Larry Hearn McCalla Professor. Dr. Katherine Valde, assistant professor of philosophy, is teaching “Mock Trial,” a competitive trial simulation allowing students to play the roles of lawyers and witnesses involved in trying a fictional court case.

Dr. Yongfang Zhang, associate professor of Chinese, is teaching Enchanting Facts About East Asia, a course that will discuss the region’s cultural beliefs and values, entertainment, martial arts films and etiquette.

Students taking “Build an Affordable House-Save the Environment-Transform a Community” will participate in the construction of a house with Habitat for Humanity with Dr. William DeMars, professor of government and international affairs. They’ll learn about the “environmental footprint” of houses while seeing how energy-efficient houses are designed and constructed, and studying the problem of energy conservation in new and remodeled buildings. The course also will study affordable housing in Spartanburg and the United States.

There are courses studying the impact the television shows “Star Trek,” “A Different World” and “The Wire” had on culture and how “Game of Thrones” can inform today’s world.

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