SPARTANBURG, SOUTH CAROLINA—Wofford College’s Board of Trustees recently approved tenure for four faculty members and voted to promote four to associate professor and one to full professor.

“Each of Wofford’s recently tenured and promoted faculty have demonstrated significant leadership and commitment to the college,” says Dr. Mike Sosulski, provost. “They are making a tremendous difference in students’ lives alongside valuable contributions to knowledge in their academic fields of study. Their distinguished work as teachers and scholars forms the sturdy foundation of excellence for the overall educational experience at Wofford College.”

The college has made four faculty newly tenured:
Dr. Beau Christ, assistant professor of computer science.
Dr. Rhiannon Leebrick, assistant professor of sociology and anthropology.
Jessica Scott-Felder, assistant professor of studio art.
Dr. Amy Telligman, assistant professor of environmental studies.

Four faculty members were promoted to associate professor:
Dr. Heidi Bostic to associate professor of chemistry.
Dr. Courtney Dorroll to associate professor of religion.
Dr. Amanda Matousek to associate professor of Spanish.
Dr. Brian Pigott to associate professor of mathematics.

One faculty member was promoted to full professor:
Dr. Matt Cathey to full professor of mathematics.