The Old Gold and Black student newspaper does not usually publish over the summer, but this summer they will. This summer they have begun a “No Voice Unheard” project so students, faculty, staff and alumni can share their viewpoint on the current nationwide protests. The 2020-21 editorial staff — Allison Sherman, editor in chief; Jacob Hollifield, managing editor; and Eyon Brown, senior writer and copy editor — wrote this about the project: “As a representation of our student body, we would really like to use our platform to document how Wofford is responding to these protests.” Visit the student newspaper’s Instagram page @oldgandb to participate.

Also, again this year the Old Gold and Black student newspaper represented Wofford College well in the South Carolina Press Association Annual Awards, winning 10 awards. There are hundreds of submissions in Wofford’s division (less than 5,000 students, non-daily). Wofford College does not offer a journalism program but does well each year because critical thinking and writing are competencies shared across the curriculum.


NEWS STORY for “Drive to thee, our alma mater” (Eyon Brown and Jacob Hollifield)
FEATURE STORY for “Notes before going home” (Lydia Estes)
ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT STORY for “Toget’Her’ in Paris” (Lydia Estes)
SPORTS STORY for “The schedule of athletes who don’t wear jerseys” (Emily Washburn)
EDITORIAL WRITING for “Faculty concerns ignored” (Allison Sherman)




NEWS STORY for “Pete fills the pews” (Jacob Hollifield)
ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT STORY for “Siendo Mujer: Lydia Estes debuts her exhibition” (Mikala McBride)
EDITORIAL WRITING for “Keeping in touch with the information age” (Donner Rizzo-Banks)
COLUMN WRITING for “Don’t touch me” (Sadie Fink)