Dear Wofford community,

Less than a month ago, students were studying in the Great Oaks Hall and spring sports competitions and arts programming were in full swing. Today, I have the responsibility of informing you that beginning on April 6 Wofford College will move to remote learning for the remainder of the semester.

The decision comes after intense consideration. We especially weighed the impact this would have on the Class of 2020. No one knew that the semester would progress this way, and I am truly sorry to the students, faculty, staff and other members of the Wofford community who are bearing the many disappointments caused by COVID-19.

This letter will explain the college’s decision, and I’m asking for patience as we come up with the best solutions for questions about refunds, Commencement and the best way for students to collect their belongings. We will provide answers as soon as we have them.

This decision does several things:

  1. It protects the health and wellness of our campus and community. Public health experts and medical professional advise that the worst is yet to come in our area. Gov. Henry McMaster already has asked public colleges and universities to convert to online learning for the remainder of the semester. South Carolina public schools have been closed through the end of April. Our state also now has a policy of no public gatherings of over three people; that is impossible on a college campus.
  2. It takes a realistic look at local health care resources. One of the reasons for social distancing and self-quarantining is to flatten the curve so we do not overwhelm the health care system. If COVID-19 moves into the student population, it will increase the risk to those who are most vulnerable, including those with compromised immune systems or older individuals.
  3. It maintains academic integrity. If we continued the term on campus after April 6 and had an outbreak, we could have to cancel the semester suddenly, without continuity options. This decision protects the academic program and ensures that students gain full credit for the semester.
  4. It reduces travel difficulties and allows us all to better adapt to what’s next. By making the decision now to keep the residential campus closed, students and families no longer need to worry about travel to and from Wofford during a pandemic; fortunately, all of our students who were studying abroad are now home. Also, because of the uncertainty of the situation, students around the globe and with a myriad of different circumstances have more freedom to adapt their plans and schedules to governmental protocols and health recommendations.


Many of you implored us to reopen following spring break. We wanted that as well. Please know that faculty and staff are working to ensure the quality of the academic program. Unfortunately, there is little we can do to replace the missed performance of “Cabaret” or the baseball championship that we seemed to be headed toward or the missed fraternity or sorority formals. I’ve already heard that students are coming up with creative ways to stay connected to their friends. I’m inspired by the virtual events and meetings. I appreciate your resilience as we all do our part to keep our neighbors safe.

The college will be issuing refunds for room and board. The formula for these refunds will be based on individual student federal, state and institutional aid. Details on refunds, as well as information on the grading scale, Commencement and move-out procedures, will follow as soon as possible. Please wait for a plan before coming to campus for your belongings. We will communicate details as soon as possible.

There are student resources at If, however, you have issues with technology or remote learning requirements, please contact Boyce Lawton, dean of student success, at 864-597-5302 or


Thank you again for the efforts you are making to transfer the rigorous, personalized educational experience for which Wofford is known to an online forum. I apologize for the disruption, but I have complete confidence in your resolve and commitment to our students.


I sincerely appreciate your efforts to follow social distancing recommendations while ensuring the essential operations of the college. College functions are ongoing thanks to your loyalty, and many of you are even finding ways to improve processes and services so Wofford will come out of this pandemic better than ever before.


We have missed you on campus! Many of you have asked how you can help. Please consider becoming a mentor to a Wofford student through the MyMentor program at You may contact the Alumni Office at if you have other ideas for how you can help Wofford students during this difficult time.

As Wofford joins thousands of colleges and universities across the country that have made the decision to take their educational experience online, please know that these decisions were made with community health in mind. There will be considerable cost to our nation’s institutions of higher education, and while Wofford College has robust enrollment and strong fiscal management, closing the campus for the remainder of the semester will be a blow. Fortunately, Terriers are tenacious, energetic and intelligent. They are also loyal. Wofford is certainly about place, but first and foremost it has been and always will be about people. We will find ways to teach and learn and connect and even celebrate in spite of the chaos caused by COVID-19. We will because we are Wofford Terriers!



Nayef Samhat