Greetings from Spartanburg!

We are providing this message to our community for informational purposes. Residential students have received emails unique to their situations, and we encourage you to talk with your student about the options available for move out.

We are offering several options for students to clear their rooms and retrieve their belongings:

  1. Honoring scheduled reservations after May 1.

Students who previously submitted requests on the original move-out designation form for dates after May 1 received confirmation today that they can proceed with their originally planned date. These students also were given the opportunity to modify this request by completing a form included in their email.

  1. Schedule a date/time to return to move out.

This option is available to students who would like to return to campus to personally collect their things and check out. Students should complete the form linked in their email to request a specific date for move out. These requests should be made at least three business days in advance of the date requested. Students will receive a response within one business day to confirm or modify the request.

Requests may be denied in order to limit the number of people in each building and encourage appropriate social distancing. Students should receive written confirmation from the Office of Residence Life before returning to campus.

  1. Partner with Storage Scholars to have things packed and/or stored.

Storage Scholars is Wofford College’s third-party moving and storage provider that can handle your entire moving experience. This option means that YOU AND YOUR FAMILY DO NOT RETURN TO CAMPUS. Storage Scholars provides an easy, safe and affordable solution, and they have agreed to waive the $250 packing fee for any students who take advantage of their storage services for the summer. Students can contract individually with this company, owned and operated by college students, to pack, move and store belongings. Because they are designated as an essential business, they also are still operating through the months of April and May. Pricing and other information is available on their website at Storage Scholars also will deliver your items back to campus before you return for the fall semester.

To use Storage Scholars, follow these instructions:

  1. Students should complete the form linked in their email.
  2. Go online to and create an account. Pay the $50 deposit to lock in a spot that later will be removed from your final invoice.
  3. Fill out your room information and list all of the items you want to be packed for storage, all the items you want to ship home and anything you want to be thrown away in the designated text boxes.
  4. Storage Scholars will enter your room at a predetermined time and pack everything up accordingly so you can save the drive and hassle and stay healthy!
  5. Items will be stored for the summer and returned right to your door upon your return. Students are responsible only for paying the cost of storage, which is based on the number of items being stored per month (in this case a period of five months for most). Visit more information and rates for common items.
  6. If you prefer to pack up the items yourself but would like Storage Scholars to store the items, you must provide your own boxes, tape and packing supplies and label them according to instructions listed at Lock the items in your room and go home. Storage Scholars will do the rest.

All students should designate their chosen option using the link provided in their email by May 8. Students who already have cleared their rooms also should note that in the form above.


As we restart the move out process, please know that your health and that of our staff are our top concern. In order to protect our campus community, we are limiting the number of people who may return to campus and may be in individual buildings at any given time. In addition, we have established the following guidelines to maintain the health of our campus:

  • No more than two people may accompany a student back to campus.
  • Students and their guests may not return to campus if they (or anyone with whom they have had recent contact) have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or have displayed symptoms of the flu or respiratory illness in the previous 14 days.
  • Students will use “express checkout” procedures, turning in their room keys in envelopes to boxes set-up near the Campus Safety office. Students will not have to interact with staff during the check-out process, but staff will be available to address questions or concerns. Students should continue to practice appropriate social distancing when interacting with college staff.
  • Students may only return to campus on their date (after receiving written confirmation from the Office of Residence Life) and their residence hall access is limited only to their assigned building/room.
  • Students and guests cannot spend the night on campus.
  • All individuals returning to campus are strongly encouraged to follow CDC recommendations by wearing face coverings, maintaining a social distance of at least six feet and regularly washing their hands.

To protect our students, their guests, and the staff on campus, it is important that students and their guests follow all of these guidelines and return only on their designated day. Students who choose to endanger the health and well-being of our campus community by not following the guidelines above may jeopardize their on-campus housing status for future academic terms.

Additionally, we encourage students to visit the campus post office to retrieve any mail or packages. The post office is open until 1:30 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If students return outside of open hours for the post office, they may contact the post office to explore options for retrieving mail.

In order to complete the check-out process, we ask that you do the following:

  • Ensure that your room has been cleared of your belongings (double check common areas, bathrooms, etc. for anything you may have forgotten).
  • Take out any trash and place it in one of the campus garbage bins.
  • Turn off the lights (even those in cubes, bathrooms, etc.).
  • Lock your door as you leave.
  • Return your key to the designated box in the Campus Safety office.

We continue to work to be as flexible and as accommodating as possible while proceeding responsibly and protecting the health of our campus community, and we appreciate your patience.

Questions regarding move out dates, requests or other related issues should be sent to Allen Lollis, associate director for residence life, at