Greetings! We hope this email finds you safe and healthy. We all have been required to make many difficult decisions over the past month in response to COVID-19. Our lives have changed, and unfortunately Commencement will now join the long list of those changes. Please find information about Commencement below as well as an update on refunds and a plan for moving out of your residence hall or apartment.

Commencement postponed

In light of the projected spread of the pandemic and mandates for social distancing, college leaders have decided to postpone Commencement, originally scheduled for May 17, until later in the summer. Please know that the college will still confer degrees in May. Look for a date and details regarding a celebration of the Class of 2020 in the coming weeks.

Refunds being calculated

Many of you also have asked for details on refunds. Because each student’s financial aid package looks different — depending on combinations of federal, state and institutional aid — each refund must be calculated individually. The college hopes to have refund notices out before the end of April.

Move out procedures

We understand how important your belongings are and know that some of you are particularly anxious about clearing out your rooms. Please know that our staff is working tirelessly to arrange a smooth and healthy move-out process in this unique moment for our campus and community. With this in mind, and in order to adhere to directives from our local, state and national leadership, we have developed three options for moving out belongings (see below).


Each resident student has been assigned to one of four groups. Each group has been assigned several days during which they can return to campus to pack and collect things. Students will have time to pack their belongings and clean their rooms. Students also should report to the campus post office to collect mail and packages when they return to campus.

You will receive an email tomorrow with your group assignment and your designated move-out dates. The email will also include a link for you to confirm your registration.


This option is available to students who cannot return to campus on one of their assigned dates. Students may request an alternate move-out date using the link that will be provided tomorrow. Requests can be made through May 16 and should be submitted at least 72 hours in advance. These requests will be reviewed by the Office of Residence Life before they are confirmed. Students should have written approval from the Office of Residence Life before returning to campus.


Storage Scholars is Wofford College’s third-party moving and storage provider that can handle your entire moving experience. This option means that YOU AND YOUR FAMILY DO NOT RETURN TO CAMPUS. Storage Scholars provides an easy, safe and affordable solution, and they have agreed to waive the $250 packing fee for any students who take advantage of their storage services for the summer. Students can contract individually with this company, owned and operated by college students, to pack, move and store belongings. Pricing and other information is available on their website at

  1. Go online to and create an account. Pay the $50 deposit to lock in a spot that will later be removed from your final invoice.
  2. Fill out your room information and list all of the items you want to be packed for storage, all the items you want to ship home, and anything you want to be thrown away in the designated text boxes.
  3. Storage Scholars will enter your room at a predetermined time and pack everything up accordingly so you can save the drive and hassle and stay healthy!
  4. Items will be stored for the summer and returned right to your door upon your return. Students are only responsible for paying the cost of storage, which is based on the number of items being stored per month (in this case a period of 5 months for most). Visit for more information and rates for common items.
  5. If you prefer to pack up the items yourself but would like Storage Scholars to store the items, you must provide your own boxes, tape and packing supplies and label them according to instructions listed at Lock the items in your room and go home. Storage Scholars will do the rest.

ALL residential students MUST designate an option using the link that you will receive tomorrow with your assignment. To make preparation and organization smoother, we ask that you designate your choice and complete the information requested in the link by Wednesday, April 8.

Move-out health protocols

In order to protect the health and well-being of our campus community, everyone returning to campus should practice recommended social distancing measures. All students and guests must follow the guidelines below:

  • No more than two people may accompany the student back to campus.
  • Students and their guests should not return to campus if they (or anyone with whom they have had recent contact) has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or displayed flu-like symptoms in the previous 14 days.
  • Students will use “express checkout” procedures, turning in their room keys in envelopes to boxes set-up near the Campus Safety office. Students will not have to interact with staff during the check-out process, but staff will be available on campus to address questions or concerns.
  • Supervisory staff will remind students of social distancing measures and reminders will be posted on halls.
  • Student access to halls is limited to their assigned period.
  • Students and guests cannot spend the night on campus. The Marriott Hotel Downtown on North Church Street, just two blocks from campus, has offered a special rate of $109 per night for students and their families who need to spend the night before or after their assigned move-out times. The AC Hotel on West Main Street is also available, rates vary by day.

Students should not take undue risk to return to campus. Students living in states with stay-at-home orders or who are unable to return to campus for any reason are encouraged to contact Storage Scholars for information on packing, shipping and storage. We understand that this is a unique and fluid situation, and the college’s residence life staff will work to be flexible and accommodating. For specific questions or individual concerns, please email

We also ask that students go by the post office in the Burwell Building and pick up mail and packages. The post office is open during move-out times: Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays between 9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Students who will not be returning to campus to pick up their things may ask that their mail be delivered to their room for packaging and mailing or storage.

Please contact Campus Life and Student Development if you have any questions or concerns.