Dear Colleagues,

The college and the country are experiencing an unprecedented moment in our modern history. All of us are deeply concerned about the trajectory of COVID-19 and its impact on the well-being of our campus community and families.

I want to thank everyone for their commitment to ensuring the best for Wofford College during these extraordinary circumstances. The planning and consideration of the Emergency Preparedness Team, the tireless efforts of our Wellness Center staff, the staff who have remained calm and reassured their peers and our constituents, other staff who have gone about their duties with unfailing commitment to our students, the faculty who are rapidly developing new pedagogies that will allow us to continue our mission remotely, everyone on this campus who supports the mission of the college in so many ways — thank you for responding with energy, dedication and creativity to the challenge we all must address.

The response of the Wofford community is a reaffirmation of our resolve to face this crisis together; it is a validation of what it means to be a part of this community, one that cares for our students and for each other.

The path forward is uncertain, but I want to assure you of several things:

  • First, communication and transparency are essential. College leaders will strive to provide you with information and updates as they become available.
  • Second, our approach during this phase of the coronavirus is one of compassion and accommodation. I understand personal circumstances and work responsibilities are sometimes challenged by conditions beyond our control. We have outlined flexibility for staff, and the provost has communicated with faculty as well. Please share any concerns you still may have directly with your supervisors or with the staff in Human Resources.
  • Third, it is with pride that I know we must, and will, all act with integrity and a higher sense of purpose. That purpose is to ensure the well-being not only for our individual selves, but also for our students and colleagues across the institution.

I cannot adequately express my pride and appreciation in the response of our Wofford community at this difficult time. Thank you.



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