Dear Wofford family,

At Wofford College, diversity, equity and inclusion are core values, and our community is stronger for our differences. Thus, it is imperative at this time of pain and dissension throughout our country that we recommit ourselves to these values as well as a culture of mutual respect and civil discourse.

Wofford’s mission calls for each of us to make positive contributions to a global society, fostering commitment to excellence in character, performance, leadership, service to others and lifelong learning. Let us use this moment to respond to current events as our mission instructs us. Listen to the concerns and frustrations of our neighbors. Develop the courage to speak against racism, bigotry and hate. Engage with respect, civility and empathy.

The past several months have revealed much about our nation and world. And while we look forward to returning to some kind of normal after this pandemic, the lives of those who have been killed or wrongfully accused, the families who continue to seek justice and the communities that continue to suffer remind us that we collectively have a responsibility to pursue a normal that reflects the values of our nation: justice, liberty and equality for all.

Let us strive together to achieve these ends, for we must not tolerate anything less as a nation and world.

Stay well.