Effective for the fall 2018 admission cycle, Wofford College joins more than 900 four-year colleges and universities nationwide that are test optional. Wofford no longer will require standardized test scores — SAT or ACT — to complete an application for students pursuing admission to the college. The new policy was endorsed unanimously by the faculty enrollment committee with overwhelming support from the campus community. More than half of U.S. News & World Report’s Top 100 national liberal arts colleges are now test optional; Wofford is 77th on the Top 100 list.

“We hope this change will encourage more students to apply to Wofford,” says Brand Stille ’86, vice president for enrollment. “We consider a number of factors when students apply for admission to Wofford. These factors include high school grades, academic rigor, extracurricular activities, an essay and recommendations. Consistently, a student’s high school GPA has been the best predictor of academic success at Wofford. We remain confident we can continue to make sound admission decisions without standardized test scores.”

Wofford considers the following components to make an admission decision:

  • Common application
  • High school transcript
  • High school report form
  • Essay
  • Activities
  • Recommendations (optional)

If test scores are submitted, they will be considered as well. The Office of Admission still will collect SAT and ACT test scores after all admission and financial aid decisions for the purposes of research on the correlation between test scores and first-year student success.

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by Leigh Ann Miller ’13