Zifan "Ivan" Gu

Year: Class of 2022

Country: Shanghai, China

Major: Computer Science


What attracted you to Wofford?

Going to high school in Spartanburg, Wofford hospitality from sponsored events before I was even part of this community attracted me. In addition, Wofford’s prodigious partnership with Columbia University in New York is really what brought me here. With this program, I will immerse in a liberal arts education at Wofford as well as in a STEM major specific university environment at Columbia.


What is your favorite Wofford memory?

Attending the Chinese Table bi-weekly on Friday. It is fascinating to see all the Wofford students interested in my culture. As a Chinese tutor and friends of two Chinese learning students, I am excited for them to see their development in verbal conversation and writing skills. These students expressed to me their enthusiasm to visit my country as one of their major requirements in Chinese.


What do you feel Wofford has done to help facilitate your future after Wofford?

Wofford’s diverse community gives me opportunity to interact with students all over the country and the world. These interactions allow me to enhance my personal communication skills and to develop strong connections to benefit me for the future after Wofford.