Learning Communities

The American Association of Colleges and Universities names Learning Communities as a “high-impact practice,” noting that the students who participate in a learning community experience “significant educational benefits.” (AACU reference)

New students are encouraged to apply to one of four Learning Communities (LC) for the fall semester. Students in a Learning Community take two courses together and explore issues on a deeper, multi-disciplinary level.

All courses offered in the Learning Communities satisfy a general education requirement, so the LC’s are a great choice regardless of a student’s intended major.

Learning Communities receive funding from the Office of Student Success for out-of-classroom experiences ranging from field trips to suppers outside of Wofford. Because of this, the Learning Communities also provide new students with a greater opportunity to form meaningful relationships with their instructors and with other students.

All students accepted to participate in a learning community will be placed in the LC class sections before the first round of registration. Students will then be able to register for an additional five hours during the first part of registration on July 25, and then complete their schedules on July 27.

How do I participate in a Learning Community?
  • Choose one or more of the four LC’s that interest you.
  • Complete the brief application.
  • Applicants will be informed of their acceptance on a rolling basis beginning on July 1.

Learning Community Opportunities

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