Registration FAQs


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Location: Dupré Administration Building, first floor

All students need to register for FYI 101, LIBA 101 and a foreign language. If you are planning to major in a natural science (biology, chemistry, environmental studies, physics, psychology) then you should register for a science course. Otherwise, select a course or two that is of interest to you or one from an area in which you are considering a major. This is the time to explore! The 100- and 200-level courses (anything marked with FYF on the schedule) are great options. One other resource you should consult is the College Catalog. The catalog contains all of the degree requirements, outline of general education courses, major/minor requirements and academic policies. If you are wondering how to get started in a particular major, consult the catalog and email

Contact the Office of the Registrar at

You can register using any device with an Internet connection. Your access to registration will open on Tuesday, July 25, at 11 a.m. and close on Friday, July 28 at 11:59 p.m. EDT. While you will be able to register for 5 hours on Tuesday and Wednesday and your remaining schedule on Thursday and Friday, you can register anytime during those four days. If you are still concerned about registration, you can have a family member or trusted friend login and register for you. That individual will need your password, CRNs and back-up CRNs,. After registration, you will want to change your password to re-establish secure access for yourself.

You need 120 total hours to graduate. That works out to earning 30 each academic year for four years. You will earn three credit hours each January during Interim so as long as you earn 14-15 credit hours each Fall and Spring, you will have no problem reaching the 120 total hour requirement. In order to be considered a full-time student for federal financial aid, scholarship and NCAA purposes, you need to be registered for a minimum of 12 hours. The maximum number of credit hours you can take without special permission is 18. However, for most first-year students we recommend not exceeding 16 credit hours.

You are only able to register for a language course in which you have been placed. Your initial placement is in the subject area that you completed in high school. Your level is dependent on the number of years you completed in high school. If you want to pursue a language different than your high school subject, just complete the Foreign Language Change Request available through myWofford. Your request will be reviewed by a member of the Modern Language faculty. You should be aware that there are a limited number of seats available and that your language skills will continue to be evaluated during the first week of class and adjusted to a higher or lower level if necessary. We want you to be successful and know that the appropriate placement is key to that success.

You need to go ahead and register for a different course. It may be that a seat will come available during the add/drop period (the first week of class), but you need to have a full schedule (at least 12 credit hours at the end of the initial registration period). Most classes will be offered again in a future semester so you will have another opportunity to take the course you want.

Add/drop will open for you on Tuesday, August 29 and remain open through Wednesday, September 6. You should discuss any changes you would like to make with your advisor. You will meet with your advisor on Monday, August 28, which will be the perfect time to chat about the courses you would like to drop and those you would like add. You can then make any changes you need to through myWofford the same way you registered.

Most health care fields require courses in biology, chemistry and statistics, among others. BIO 150, CHEM 123 or MATH 140 are appropriate options for first-year students. However, both BIO 150 and CHEM 123 are 4-credit-hour lab science courses. Only one lab science course should be taken in the first semester. College is different, and you need to give yourself at least one semester to adjust to the work load.

You can find this information in the College Catalog.