Registration Instructions

Quick Overview

In order to register for Fall classes, you need to:

Date To Do
July 15 Create and submit your Class Schedule Plan
Check your email to verify your Class Schedule Plan was approved, if not, make the necessary edits and resubmit
July 21 Verify your advising hold has been released through myWofford -> Student -> Student Tools -> Registration -> Prepare for Registration
July 25-26 Register for your top priority course and up to 5 credit hours
July 27-28 Register for your remaining courses up to 16 credit hours

Before Registration

It is a good idea to verify that everything is in order BEFORE registration opens. You can do this by accessing Registration through myWofford -> Student -> Student Tools -> Registration -> Prepare for Registration. There you will see information regarding your holds, overrides, and registration time. If your advising hold has not been released then your Class Schedule Plan as not been approved and you should email Please use your email.


Once registration opens you should register for the courses that you chose as part of your Class Schedule Plan. However, there will be courses that fill and you may have to choose a different time or course in order to get a complete schedule. You may encounter registration error messages that prevent you from adding a specific course to your schedule. View the Common Registration Error Messages and Solutions.

How to Register

Your Class Schedule Plan must be submitted and approved before your advising hold will be released. Once your advising hold is released you will be ready for registration. Watch the short videos that walk you through how to register for each phase, how to manage registration errors, and what to do if the courses you planned for are full.


Review your class schedule. Verify that you have a complete schedule for your first semester. Your schedule should have the following:
  • LIBA 101, First-Year Seminar in Liberal Arts (various topics)
  • FYI 101, First Year Interaction Seminar
  • Language course that matches your placement
  • All of your courses are the 100- and 200-level (with the exception of language, if applicable
  • 12-16 credit hours

Your academic advisor will also review your schedule after registration. If there is an issue (i.e. not registered for enough credit hours, not registered for the 3 required courses, etc.), you will be contacted via your Wofford email. Please check your Wofford email daily so those issues can be resolved before Move-In. Once you arrive on campus you will have the opportunity to meet with your advisor and discuss your schedule in person. If you need to make adjustments, registration add/drop will open to allow you to make those changes before the first day of class.