Common Registration Error Messages

Message Definition What Do I Do?
Closed Section Section is at maximum capacity. Register for another course.
Course Restriction Course/section is restricted to students in particular classification (first-year, sophomore, junior, senior) or a specific field of study (major/ minor). Register for another course.
Duplicate Course Course is the same as another registered course. Register for a different course.
Instructor Permission Permission of the instructor is required to register. Seek permission of instructor or register for a different course.
Link Error Course is linked to another (like a lecture and lab in the sciences). Enter both CRNs at the same time.
Maximum Hours Exceeded Maximum hours for that registration round will be exceeded with addition of the class. Make adjustments to schedule. Cannot exceed the limit established for the registration round.
Missing Prerequisite and/ or Test Score Prerequisite or placement test score is missing or insufficient to register for the course. Prerequisites are listed in the course description in the Catalog. Make sure all AP/IB and prior college credits have been received by Wofford.
Repeat Count Exceeds 0 Previously earned credit for the course. Contact the Registrar’s Office.
Time Conflict Course conflicts with another registered class. Find another class that meets at a different time.