Internships/Independent Study

On-Campus Courses

Discover a new world on campus! On-campus Interim courses offer a variety of subjects and experiences. Take a look at the 2020 on-campus courses.

Beyond the usual on-campus and travel interims, students may pursue two other avenues for their January study: independent research projects and internships. These two are different things, which is to say that internships do not fall under the independent study category.

The basic distinction between these two types of interims is as follows:

An independent study interim is one where a student pursues research of either a traditional academic type, or of a more experiential type (say, through travel), and at the end of the interim produces some capstone project that communicates what he/she has learned. This project is overseen, guided, and graded by a faculty member of the student’s choosing.

Meanwhile, an internship is a learning experience rooted in activities done in a selected workplace for the month of January. For internship interims, faculty members are already selected by the school to oversee the projects—unlike independent study interims, students do not get to select their professor for the internship interims. Wofford offers a variety of separtate, field-specific internship opportunities (like, say, pre-law). However, this portion of the website focuses on the one Wofford internship program that is not tied to any one specific career: namely, our Learning Work internship interim.

Please note: first-year students may do independent study or an internship, but it is expected that such work will be done on-campus or close by in the Spartanburg area.

With the fact in mind that independent study and internships are two different interim experiences, you can now learn more about each of these two types of interims, and the requirements and procedures associated with each, at the following links:


Internships help students integrate academic and experiential learning through a wide range of practical experiences.

Independent Study

Independent Interim projects give students an opportunity to develop their own course of study for a given January with the help of a faculty mentor.