Campus Union Committees

Ad-Hoc Committee

The purpose of the Ad-Hoc Committee revise the Campus Union Constitution and Bylaws.

Campus Relations Committee

The purpose of this committee is to bring the students, faculty and staff of Wofford College, as well as the Spartanburg community, together. The committee sponsors events such as the Faculty/Student Football Game and Winter Lighting. The Campus Relations Committee is the marketing arm of Campus Union.

Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-racism Committee

The purpose of this committee is to encourage a more diverse and inclusive environment on campus. This committee will work regularly with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion staff and the Office of Admissions staff.

Facility and Sustainabilty Affairs Committee

The Facility and Sustainabilty Affairs Committee is designed to inform students of changes around campus, while addressing their suggestions and complaints with college leaders. This committee works closely with the physical plant and culinary services.

Financial Affairs Committee

Financial Affairs Committee analyzes and reports the financial position of the Campus Union Assembly. The members are primarily responsible for hearing and making recommendations on all proposals pertinent to the allocation of Campus Union funds to chartered organizations on campus and various projects.

Wellness and Safety Committee

The committee shall encourage and promote awareness of the Department of Campus Safety and Wellness Center initiatives, programs and services, as well as expand and share the responsibility of promoting and sustaining a healthy and crime-free community. This committee shall meet and work regularly with faculty, the Department of Campus Safety and the Wellness Center to promote programs and services to the student body. The committee shall create a schedule of programs at the beginning of each semester that is flexible to changes. This committee shall compile and submit an itemized budget each year for approval by the Financial Affairs Committee.

Wofford Activities Council

The Wofford Activities Council is the student-led social programming committee of Campus Union. Everything that goes into making W.A.C. events fantastic — from marketing and booking performers to setting up dressing rooms and coordinating audio and staging requests — is all orchestrated by Wofford students. W.A.C. members do it all!

Wofford Athletics and Recreation Committee

The Wofford Athletics and Recreation Committee works to increase the attendance and support of Wofford College’s student-athletes and athletics programs.

Wofford Live Committee

The Wofford Live events committee organizes and allocates funding to individuals and groups planning inclusive and fun student events.

Faculty-led committees include:

  • Career Services Committee

    • Luke Lovell
    • Andrew Haley
  • Cultural Affairs Committee

    • Alicia Jones
    • Chandler McMillan
  • Interim Committee

    • Sera Guerry
    • Drew Reynolds
  • Student Publications Committee

    • Rik Ujaan
    • Hallie Dudley
  • Student Life Committee

    • Naya Taylor
    • Mary Baxter Harlow
    • Calhoun Cheek
    • Rom Lewis