Wofford College's Fine Arts Collection consists of approximately 1,300 artworks, many of which are of historical and cultural import. Acquired from the College's foundational days in the mid-nineteenth century to the present, it has served as a valuable resource to enhance scholarly research and cross-disciplinary teaching at Wofford College and beyond. The collection includes an almost complete collection of American Southern artist Julia Elizabeth Tolbert (1911-1978), East Asian decorative arts objects, portrait paintings, Eastern European paintings, and other items, all providing various pedagogical uses.

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Julie Elizabeth Tolbert
Wash Line and Skyline, 1945
oil on canvas
27 x 37 inches
Gift of the Tolbert Family
Allegory of Charity in Flower Garland, 17th century
oil on canvas
46.5 x 33.25 inches
Gift of the Robicsek Family
Thousand Character Classic (Qianzi wen),
stele erected in 965
ink rubbing
93 x 39.3 inches
Gift of Falser Family Archive